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Saturday, April 12, 2008

The WebLogLearner: Your WebbieGurl

Honestly, I am not that old in blogging. I started blogging a bit seriously, or I should mean, more active in blogging only last December of last year (2007). I have been searching on how to improve Alexa rank and google page rank, as well as technorati, among others. I have also tried and is still monetizing my blogs. I am also an online earner in various ways. If you want to know what are those, simply watchout for this blog.

I love learning and sharing what I have read and learned. Sharing them with anyone who may stumble this page or blog would not be bad, that is why I have this certain web site aside from my other themed blogs and web sites dedicated only for blogging. It may benefit me in the future when I get back and read and review what I have previously written and/or learned as well as may help others if I post relevant and useful information in this page.

I love to interact and learn from others as well so welcome my potential online acquaintances! Let us all enjoy the freedom that the internet offers.
As an edit to what I have previously written above, I would like to thank all my online buddies for making this blog a success. Currently, not only little learnings and sharings your WebbieGurl has done because in a long learning process, knowledge have been conquered and in fact, some of the later posts in this blog are on tips and tricks to beautify and improve blogs and online experience.
As of this posting (editing) date, there are also currently 57 feed readers for this blog without promoting the feed subscription and the WebbieGurl is specially happy for that fact.
To all who might read this, I wish you a happy blogging and earning experience. It is a fun webbie world!


  1. Hi there..thanks for visiting my blog :) am a newbie blogger myself and still on very much on the learning stage..it's good to know that you got a blog like this.will visit here often. do visit mine too :)

  2. oops..by the way, my active blog is http://marites1034.bravejournal.com


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