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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Where and How I Earn a Little from Blogging?

First, I earn with bidvertiser. The good thing about this site/company is that they pay for as low as $10 for paypal users. As I post this, I have $15.52 earnings. It's not so bad for one like me who just started blogging this January.

I suggest you try this too. Just click the bidvertiser flashing widget you see here and you are on the right way.

Second, with friendfinder referrals. Since I am a Filipina, I chose the filipinofriendfinder site to promote and the millionairemate. You can check them out here. Or can be one of the members as well.

However, if you want to earn as well (and I suggest you better do), just click in the widget below. It will guide you to the registration page.

And who can deny the power of google? Google adsense is giving bloggers a big boost in earning from their blogs. There are hundreds of thousands of testimonies how true adsense is. As for me, I have not earned much yet.. No traffic eh and I am not so frequent in my blogs and today I have earned 76cents of a dollar! Very far away from 100 dollar minimum payout!


  1. 2 Original Comments:

    Liza said...
    Wow! It's nice to hear that you're earning with bidvertiser. Ako yata parang $2 something pa lang.

    February 26, 2008 11:33 PM

    ABC said...
    Hi Liza! I don't know. Maybe because I have multiple sites. At the moment I have $16.52 so I guess a little earning from each site add up together.

    Also it depends on the kinds of ads. Others pay more up to $20 per click while others as low as few cents.
    March 1, 2008 5:20 PM

  2. hello! good to know you're back!

    have a nice time blogging!

  3. hello... Nice story of yours.. atleast mabilis tumaas un Earnings mo.. But Just keep on posting lng..
    ganun talaga pg umpisa... actually my first Payout n marereceive ko from June-March.

  4. $15 is okay,, i still don't have any earning in bidvertiser

  5. Hello, thats nice that you're earning from bidvertiser, I haven't tried it yet. but good luck to you hey.

  6. @Mummy Sheng,
    Thanks for welcoming me back...

    Looking back, since this post has been here when I began this blog but now it is almost a year, indeed, posting is the key to blog's success and earnings.

    Indeed.. In fact my current earnings from this ad site is $28...

    Yup, why don't you try now? They have also referral program both for advertisers and publishers/bloggers.


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