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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Free or a Dollar and a Half Electronic Plagiarism Checker Here

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The title says it all. If you want a plagiarism checker for free or cheap, just read along…

Yes, it’s true. You may have it for a dollar and a half. And why not $1 dollar only? It’s because I spend Euro from where I stay and at least $1.5 can be 1 euro (although dollar is really sinking against euro) and this amount is still lower than the market where they charge at least $112 for annual subscription to plagiarism checker or in some sites, $5 per document.

I am writing stuffs actually which made me subscribe to it, thus, I am sharing it with anyone who is interested of checking their works for electronic plagiarism. And since I am not sure if I can renew the next year, I am offering this until April 30, 2009. This is how it goes….
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Since this is the cheapest you can find, the checking is not as fast as you subscribe. All you need to do is indicate in the comments section that you want to avail of the service. The following are the rules in case you are interested:

1. You will indicate your e-mail down and I will be contacting you within twelve hours from the moment you post your intention.

2. You will send me your document in .doc or .rtf format and I will be processing it using my personal account in plagiarism checking. No limit of pages as long as it is in a single file.

3. For payment purposes, you can just donate a euro or $1.5 dollar in my paypal account which will be the same as the e-mail I use to send and transact with you.

4. Your reports will be sent to you within 24 hours after you send me the file and it will be in .html format.

5. To view a sample report, just click here in one of my uploaded and checked works. JSee this address/link to see a sample report:

6. You can pay after you receive the report. Don’t worry, it’s a little amount of money and it’s no big deal. If you don’t pay, it’s your problem. But be careful for not paying because there are consequences (hahaha… don’t be scared!)

7. Maximum request per person per day is five (5) documents only. In case I cannot do it, I inform you ASAP.

If you think you cannot pay, but you badly need an e-plagiarism check and report, you can follow the same process but just indicate the reasons that you don’t want or you cannot pay. If my uploads are in slack, I can always do a favor to you.

I am just sharing this with all who may find this helpful to them. If not, there would be no problem. So are we game? Don’t hesitate to post a comment here or anything you want to share. It automatically goes to my e-mail.

Looking forward to hear from you. Well, where can you find a free or cheap plagiarism checker as this? And with a friendly person offering? I am always here if you need. Just give me a buzz.
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ABC Bloglearner


  1. Well, the link of sample work is:


    The link I gave above just doesn’t work even though I tried fixing out many times. I am trying again here to make the link. I hope it works here..

    ABC Bloglearner

  2. Well, it's still broken, i don't know how I can give a sample.. If you are still interested, just comment here so i receive it in e-mail and i can give you samples. All right?
    ABC Bloglearner

  3. Thanks for the compliments...For commenting too...

  4. hehe, chesca is my anak here in cyberspace ;)

  5. ABC Bloglearner said...

    Hi Genny! Thanks for visiting over.... No compliments...you deserve it.

    Take care and best regards,
    ABC Bloglearner

  6. ABC Bloglearner says...

    Hi Liza! I thought she is your real daughter...hahaha. Okies! Thanks for dropping by.

    ABC Bloglearner


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