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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Good News for American Students $2 Million at Stake!

samsung, american students, samsung's legacy, samsung promotions, hope for education, education support by samsung, samsung for americansI was just caught by the ads from my questia account. I thought I could be qualified but when I visited it, I am not qualified in any way. It was an essay contest that gives out fun stuff. Not just any fun stuff but electronic fun stuff! It is a contest by Samsung and we know how wonderful Samsung gadgets are!
This contest I am referring here is called Hope for Education . Simply click here if you want to refer someone from the US to join. It is only 100 word essay by the way. Not that difficult! Who knows? New gadgets from Samsung and Microsoft would be fun and great to be won!
Quoting from the site, it says:
As a global technology leader, Samsung Electronics America believes in good corporate citizenship. Our worldwide charitable efforts to give back to the communities that nurture us reflect this ideal. Our Hope for Education program illustrates this belief. Hope for Education was created by Samsung in 2004 to support U.S. schools K-12 with the latest technology products to assist in the educational process. Each year the program challenges students, teachers, parents or anyone who knows of a school in need to write an essay regarding the importance of technology in education, and how it can benefit a school in their community. Essays are evaluated by an independent judging committee, and winners earn various awards of Samsung products for their designated school. In the four years since its inception, the program has awarded more than 250 U.S. schools with over $7,000,000 in Samsung electronics and Microsoft software.

Your Ad HereEach year, Samsung's Hope for Education holds a contest where students from schools nationwide can write a 100-word essay about how technology benefits and helps education. In 2008, the top winner receives a grand prize of over $200,000 worth of Samsung technology, Microsoft software and cash grants from DIRECTV, as well as the SCHOOL CHOICE® educational television programming package. Entries are open now. Contest will run until August 31, 2008.
  • Click Here to Join Contest
  • Click Here for the Detailed Contest Rules
  • Click Here to See the Prizes

  • But I think it is worth posting here what the prizes can be. It’s really amazing!
    1 Grand Prize Winning School receives:
    $100,000 awarded in the form of Samsung Merchandise
    $100,000 awarded in the form of Microsoft software
    $5000 (awarded in the form of a check)
    one(1) Classroom Assistant Dog and the DIRECTV GOES TO SCHOOL® package.

    30 First Prize winning schools receive:
    $30,000 awarded in the form of Samsung merchandise and
    $30,000 awarded in the form of Microsoft Software, $1,000 (awarded in the form of a check) and the DIRECTV GOES TO SCHOOL® package.

    31 Nominators:
    Each Nominator whose entry is determined to be a Grand or First Prize winning entry will receive (1) Samsung Ultra Mobile PC (Model NP-Q1U)
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    For more detailes, I am giving you the links again:
  • Click Here to the Info Page
  • Click Here to Join Contest
  • Click Here for the Detailed Contest Rules
  • Click Here to See the Prizes

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