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Friday, May 30, 2008

TournamentsPro Limited is A Scam! Anyone Behind it is a Scammer!

SCAM! TournamentsPro.com is a scam! What is my authority in telling these stuff? I have all the evidence and a friend happened to be a victim of this site who pretends to be a company or something that it is not actually is. To those who may read this, I just want to inform you that whatever you plan to do or transact with this site, never give a single fiber of trust on them! TournamentsPro.com is a BIG SCAM!

TournamentsPro, Ltd does not exist and is a SCAM!.. Again and again! Or TOURNAMENTSPRO DOT COM IS A HUGE SCAMI am blogging about this to warn other people who might be fooled by these crooks. When a friend of mine complained about the money-solicitations and pretensions of this crooked organization of pathetic individuals, and acting to have hired him, he made everything including but not limited to the following:

Please repost this to help the world and the possible victims!

1. Submitting personal information
2. submitting an identification document
3. submitting bank records
4. wasting time with it
5. And many others, let alone the useless hope they give!

Thus, if you are one among those who believed in some ficks of these people out there, try to examine first what are they. Try to analyze what their site tells. My friend was regretting why he acted so stupidly without examining things first. But if you happen to read here, I give you the evidence a techie friend gave. Why TournamentsPro dot com is a scam?

First, if you open their site at TournamentsPro.com here, they claim to have existed since 2002. the truth is, the site is very new and only existed since 2008 in the month of April. See the following proof obtained from www.whois.net in the following sections.

Second, Why TournamentsPro scam does not have FAQ page although it has a pretense that it has at this address: http://www.tournamentspro.com/faq.html. This is empty or error page! What does this mean? They have no one to answer to anyway, they do not exist!

Third, try to look at Tournamentspro dot com scam “About us” page which they called instead as COMPANY OVERVIEW. It’s like the page is saying “WE ARE A SCAM.” Look at the contents, especially in the link where it says, “Reviews” either they were copied or composed without care. Just to put something there to make something inside a $10 one year domain! The domain registration as checked from www.whois.net shows the following:

Registration Service Provided By: Rustelekom
Contact: info@rustelekom.biz
Domain name: tournamentspro.com
Registrant Contact:
Viviana Milano (VivianaMilano@fontdrift.com)
Via Adua, 109
Borgomasino, 10031
Creation date: 01 Apr 2008 00:50:12
Expiration date: 01 Apr 2009 00:50:12

Fourth, Tournamentspro scammer tries to pretend they are looking for fraud specialist making those people who want to ally with them not to suspect that TournamentsPro.com is itself a scam. Just look at their site here at scammers www.tournamentspro.com

Fifth, the IP address, when a police friend of that friend tried to look at the files and exchange of conversation, it was found out that the IP address of the one trying to transact originates from Central America. Tournamentspro dot com is a scam! This is the only explanation. They collect your data and will be using it for their advantage.

Never be scammed by them and you will regret at the end.. How to help? If you have pity to those who may be scammed, into their future victims, please repost this blog. Tournamentspro dot com is a scam! There a thousand more reasons why they should be counted as scammers and be reported. But I cannot elaborate anymore. Just of these thousands include the fact that their company founder, claimed to have this success since 2002 but when searched online, the name of this founder only match with the name of an actor and the name of the contact is another name of an actor. They just baptized themselves in one moment. In short, www.tournamentspro.com is a SCAM! NEVER GIVE YOUR MONEY, NEVER GIVE YOUR INFORMATION! No money how small the money is. They pretend to be an English Company but they are based on Central America!

This scammer pretend to be hiring people and ask for their information. Help the world be free, or at least minimize the scammers. Inform the world that this www.tournamentspro.com os a scam. Inform the world they fool people. Please repost this article. TOURNAMENTSPRO.COM is a SCAM!


  1. thanks for spreading this, nakakainis ano, ang daming mga walang magawa kundi manloko.

    have a blessed weekend ;)

  2. oh dear, so many scammers...anywhere at all times. hay,thanks for the info!

    and thanks for passing by at my site.much appreciated!enjoy your weekend!

  3. ABC Bloglearner

    Hi Liz. Thanks for dropping by. I hope you can help me spread this out. So if searched online, people will be warned about it.
    is really a scam that needs to be prevented.

    ABC Bloglearner

  4. ABC Bloglearner says...

    Hi pril...Thanks a lot. Don't worry, i always hit people back .. I hit the link i mean, not the person..hehehe.. Thanks.

    Yup, people are really..well, i dunno.

    All I can say is TOURNAMENTSPRO.COM is really a BIG SCAM!...

    Thanks for the visit dear, expect me in your site.
    ABC Bloglearner

  5. Hi, just stopping by. Have a great weekend

  6. Hi. If you send me all your other links to your different blogs I will link those also. thanks http://indemandopinions.com

  7. Hi Bryan. thank you for the kindness. I'll be informing you soon in your page. thanks a bunch.

    ABC Bloglearner

  8. http://www.cinema.beniculturali.it/cinema.html


  9. hi there thanks for coming across into my blog. yep scammers are everywhere.

  10. Oh yeah, our little girl's name Luna Biscuit means Moon Pie =)

  11. Hi Avee!

    What a name indeed! Yup, how you happened to get that otalian name? Luna is an italian word...

  12. hi there thanks for visiting back. Ohh my hubby said Luna Biscuit is a French (am sorry, i thought italian)of moon pie. His great grandparents are Italian but he couldn't speak the language. We are in Washington DC anyway. Before we got her he wants to name her either Luna Biscuit or Luningning (a filipina dancer) but we picked Luna instead.

    Have a great Sunday to you.

  13. ABC Bloglearner says...
    Hi Avee! Thanks for visiting back as well. Actually, the word is Latin, thus all Latin based words are somewhat related but Luna is Italian and
    Spanish...And since maarte ang French, they call it Lune...hehehe.. as in Lyun..

    Anyways, free language lesson ba ito? Just happen to know these stuffs because of the days in a week...Lunes, Lunedi (Lunes we have the same in Spanish and Lunedi is Italian)...and all are MOON day...hehehe

    ABC Bloglearner.

  14. Thanks for the info on this

  15. Dear Fellow Bloggers,

    What is the use of blogging if we don't help each other and help those who might be scammed?

    I have been buying SUs over the market to spread the news but I just realize that appealing to all of you might help better. I hope I am right.

    I have been fighting a certain site ever since I discovered they are scammers and now they are back. They are trying to scam people from Germany now I suppose as I get hits from a German forum refering to my post about it. I used to complain to the domain provider of this site and they were temporarily banned/closed/suspended but now that I see hits in my post from forums, I know that they are hitting the innocents again to scam. It's a money mule game they play. I got the evidence one needs and I even posted some in my second post about them

    What I ask of you, I appeal to you, is if you may help me "CRUSH" them... or at least "spank" them hard enough by spreading the news.

    You need not visit my site, so as not to suspect that I am doing this for traffic or whatever reasons. I just hate people who atke advanatge of the others. I provide you here the url and if you may submit them to digg, SU, or whatever social network you may find useful to spread the news. You are also much welcome to copy and post them in your own site to diseminate the news further.

    Here are the links:



    If you may put a comment/review in the network, you may copy the following:
    TournamentsPro or tournaments pro is a scammer. See the evidence here and judge for yourself. If you want more information, the author can forwad to your emails such details. Please spread the news as they are hitting the internet again. Don't let these scammers scam more people.
    Possible tags, you may copy and paste them:
    tournamentspro, tournaments pro, tournamnets pro scammer, scammers, swindlers, online scammers, money mule scam, tournaments pro money mule scam
    I am just trying my best to limit the victims of this modus operandi tournaments pro is making. I hope you respond to this positively and any favor you made, just enlist yourself and I make it my responsibility to return in any small way I can.

    Thanks to all of you.

    Yours truly,


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