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Monday, June 30, 2008

And I was the "BANDWIDTH THIEF"! I couldn't believe it, but IT WAS TRUE!

As a learner, there are a lot of things I do not know yet in this blogging world. One of it is being a theft! Specifically, a bandwidth theft. I actually left a message in the tagboard of the owner about me looking for that specific photo but the owner, who is the webmaster at Static Brain located my blog and told that what I did was not too good. Although I was unaware of it being a bad act (or theft), ignorance of the law as stated, excuses no one, right?But wait! Don't think that the whole thing totally made me bad and turned all to worse. Technorati icon

The good news? I learned a lot from it and I was pardoned. It even turned better. I apologized of course and removed the image that I copied the link and just pasted to link to the original one. I never knew it was so bad. IT WAS A BANDWIDTH THEFT!.. and I committed it.

The image that you can see HERE is the image in question, which was originally taken from Static Brain, a very good site with great contents. Cick HERE to see the website of Static Brain.

Below is the explanation by Static Brain's Webmaster about the whole thing. In fact the original versions are all in the comments section of my posts entitled Banned from Adsense? You Need Not Worry! You Can Still Earn that Bucks! and Now We Have PR 5. So What Now? Shall We have it Forever?. Just click those links and look at the comments section if you have the curiosity to see them.

The following are some portion of the explanation on Bandwith Theft and the subsequent settlement of the issue. I do hope it can educate you as well and this bandwidth theft be lessen:

Hey, heard of bandwidth theft? You need to copy any images you are trying to use from someone else's server to your own. Did you notice it disappeared from your page? My hotlink protection was messed up but it is working again. I don't appreciate you trying to hotlink to my images, because then I wind up paying for bandwidth you are stealing from me, by making my site serve images for you.

Many webmasters don't mind if you use some of the images on their site, within reason, assuming that they are not copyrighted and that you give credit. However, it is very important that you do not direct link to images on someone else's server (site). This is called bandwidth theft, and it can cost the webmaster in question money.

What is direct linking? Direct linking is when you display an image from one site on a different site (such as on your own site, or on a forum or blog). If the site you are direct linking to is yours, there is nothing wrong with this.

But if you are direct linking to a site that is not yours, it is bandwith theft (also called hot linking, hotlinking, remote linking, remote loading, or leeching).

For example, if you post one of my images like you did — that's direct linking.

Basically, if staticbrain.com appears in the image URL in your html, you're direct linking to an image on my server.

What should you do instead of direct linking? This depends on whether you have your own webspace or not.

If you have your own website or webspace: The key is saving the image to your own computer, and then uploading it to your own site.

If you want to use an image on your website, you first need to save the image to your computer. You can do this by right-clicking on the image and choosing "Save Picture As" (Explorer) or "Save Image As" (Firefox). Then, you'll need to upload the image to your website, in the same way that you upload your other pages and files. Finally, include the image on your page as you normally would, but using your own address

If you do not have your own website or webspace: You have two choices - get some free web space to host pictures on, or link to the page the image is on instead of directly to the image itself.

Get some web space of your own to host images on:
photobucket.com and flickr.com will allow you to store photos and link to them directly.

Why is direct linking such a no-no? There are a few reasons. Some of them are more important from your point of view, and some are more important from the point of view of the site owner you're stealing from.

Bandwidth Theft is the big reason for the person you're stealing from. Bandwidth is basically data transferred from one computer to the next. When you loaded this page, it used some bandwidth by sending the data from my server to your computer. It's sort of like electricity — when you turn on a light, it uses electricity. When you view a web page or image, download a sound file, or access any other file on the internet, it uses bandwidth. (Click here for further explanation on what bandwidth is.)

For some sites, bandwidth is free. Many sites on the internet are small, and are hosted by free web hosts. These hosts do limit the amount of bandwidth the sites can use, but most sites don't use enough bandwidth to ever exceed this limit, so they never have to pay for bandwidth. So, your theft of their bandwidth won't cost them money, but if other sites direct link to their files, they might go over their bandwidth limit, and get kicked off their host!

Moreover, large/busy sites cannot be hosted by free web hosts — these webmasters have to pay for web hosting. Generally, they pay a set amount per month which will include a set amount of bandwidth. (The more bandwidth your account allows, the more your monthly fee will be.) Plus, if a site uses more than the allowed amount of bandwidth in any given month, they have to pay extra fees, which can be very high. So, sites direct linking to their files will cause their total bandwidth to go up, and may cost them money!

If your neighbor secretly ran an extension cord to your electric outlet to run his appliances, this would be stealing your electricity, and your electric bill would go up — you'd be paying to keep his house running, and you would NOT be pleased. This is much like bandwidth theft — if you direct link to an image on my server, it uses my bandwidth, and I have to pay the bill for your site! This is obviously not okay. And it's actually pointless, since most of the sites that direct link are small sites on free hosts, so it's not as if they need to save bandwidth — for them, it's free, but for some of us, it's very expensive!

Broken Images (or worse) is a reason not to direct link from your point of view. You have no control over files hosted on someone else's server, so you never know when your page might suddenly be full of broken images! The site you're linking from might move, or their server might go down, or they might delete/move/rename their images. Sometimes webmasters will even replace the stolen image with a different one to intentionally make you look silly/bad. (For example, they might replace an image of Britney Spears with one of a pig or of something pornographic, or they might replace it with an image stating "Bandwidth Thief!") If you save the files to your own server, nobody but you can touch them!

Longer Download Times is another reason. Telling a web browser to draw files from multiple servers can make your page take ages to load. When you link to servers other than your own, web browsers have to waste time that could have been spent downloading looking for the new server. This can really slow down or even halt the loading time of your own web page.

Consequences! If your misuse of the internet is costing someone else money, you can bet they're going to take issue with you! They may contact you demanding that you remove the files, they may delete or replace the files as mentioned above, they may go straight to your web host and have your site shut down, or they could even sue you. Why take the chance? Technorati icon
I accept your apology about the bandwidth theft. I assumed you did not know what you were doing or you would not have done it. That is why I tried to explain it to you. I did delete your comment on my site like you asked also.

If you want to publish an article using my comments about bandwidth theft like you said, it is okay with me to do that. Hopefully you can make more people aware of the issue. I do not think a lot of people know what they are doing when they hot link. Hopefully you can change that by writing about it.

Also you can use any image of mine you want to, as long as you store it on your own server, or a place like photo bucket. It is also okay if you copy my words too. The only thing I would like is if you link back to my main site www.staticbrain.com and not to the image location when you credit me when you use my stuff.

I apologize if I appeared to be grouchy or angry when I notified you of the problem, but I have been having a big problem with bandwidth theft, and I have to pay for my web hosting. It is not a free site. staticbrain.com is a registered paid domain.


I understand the concern of that person. It then challenged my negotiation skills. I could have reacted negatively but since I acknowledged my mistake, admitted it and apologized, I got the better side of things. Moreover, if I was on that person's side, I would have reacted worse. To be ignorant is not an excuse, thus, I am the Webloglearner! Technorati icon

Friday, June 27, 2008

Quality Traffic Circle, Who Wants to Be In?

I ahve to admit EntreCard has boosted my trafic making my Alexa jump from 9 millionth place to 1 millionth place. in fact, I expect it to be less than a millionth place when i turn one month with Entrecard. Why I say so? My weekly traffic per Alexa is in 200,000 range and I expect it to further improve as i work hard with EntreCard and other means of improving my traffic. Technorati icon

What makes me sad about this stuff is the fact that what i get is only the "COUNT" of traffic and not the "WEIGHT" of traffic that I get. What I want to say is, my reach in a daily basis ranges from 180 to 250 or even better. Reach is similar to what we call unique hits but my page views is so little, from 250 - 350. This is a sad reality that despite the amount of traffic, there is no quality of traffic.

What i do to make it better? I try to encourage fellow EC members to click on the title of my posts and I promise to transfer to them some corresponding amount of EC credits. Or, encourage them to make some comments to at least click one internal link from my blog. Of course, for a minimum of 50 EC credits to be transfered to those who are kind enough to respond to th call.

Now here i am, with my quest to quality traffic, and to those who have the same aspirations as me, i wish to create a small group. What we do? Help each others' blog by making quality traffic. As of now, I will be e-mailing those fellow members I already have encoutered or have acquainted with if they are interested. For now, I need fivemore members and that makes us six in total, but if anyone else is interested, feel free to post your intention below as I will be looking for others to make you complete a small circle and later on, we can shuffle the circle to make other circles members bw with other members who have the same aspirations as them.

What are required of the circle member?

1. A blog registered with EntreCard.
2. A zeal to have quality traffic
3. A selfless aim to help fellow bloggers who have the same zeal as him/her.
4. A time to make quality comments and participation.
5. An intention to be in the circle
6. Honestly and respect to and from each other
7. have a sense of commitment

What are the benefits?
1. Reciprocated effort
2. Quality traffic
3. Minimum of fifteen (15) page views everyday from other fellow circle member (3 each)
4. Minimum of fifteen (15) comments everyday
5. Reciprocated acts such as stumbles, diggs, technorati favorites, etc.
6. if you have technorati, this can improve your authority and this generally improve your backlinks.

What to do to be in?
1. this is a new idea and for now, i have not made anyone to pledge to join yet but when i do, it will be in this post.

2. Members will not be more than six (6) thus, it is controllable (although I stated above that i can help others make their own circles)

3. Every day, each member MUST visit/click at least three internal links and making relevant comments/reactions both to the post and reactons of other commenters

4. If you wish a certain post to be commented, simply e-mail the other mmebers about it or if you want some of your posts be favorited or stumbled or digged, simply ask others and make a reciprocated act at he same time.

5. I have my comments tracker as well as -mail notification for comments but for other potential members who do not have, i suggest you make at least an e-mail notification to easily respond to the favor done to you.

This little idea has nothing in purpose but to be of mutual benefit of each member. i do hope this will be a success. We all make efforts and these efforts are reciprocated. It does not hurt, right?

"Do unto others what you want others to do unto you!" Technorati icon
EDIT 1. Participants Data/Profile
June 28, 2008 18:29 GMT + 1

1. http://entrecard.com/details/50781
That is me of course. Call me Rogue. My blog's url is

I am just trying my best to co-exist in the blog world and to give and take to and from fellow bloggers.

That is Chris (well, he commented here as Christopher Reed actually). He is the livewire news guy at
I met this webmaster few days back and I have noting to say except that I am a trying member of his site. Please do join. I met this blogger at entrecard.

3, http://entrecard.com/details/51454
This blogger prefers to be called Soccerfire. This person's blog is at
No comments except that he made a reasonable number of participation int his blog even weeks back. I met this blogger at entrecard.

4. http://entrecard.com/details/33630
That is Liza and the blog url is at

I know Liz months back and when it comes to commenting, there is no question. She is an earning blogger. She is also a nominated blogger for blog of the week, so if you visit her site, i suggest voting her blog in the poll.

Happy hopping guys. Technorati icon

Edit/Update 2: June 30, 2008, 16:39 GMT + 1

Our fifth memebr added:
5. http://entrecard.com/details/45973
Mario of "FOOTBALL: Just Love The Game" and the blog's url is:

He is a Spain fan in the European Championships and although I am with Italy, we are still blog buddies. Click here to see Mario's Soccer Blog

Moreover, Liza cannot be that activ these days due to reasons I sent you in e-mails. Technorati icon

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

LiveWire News Dot Net is Another Way to Drive Traffic to Sites and Blogs! Hop In Now!

The other day, I discovered a great site to further drive traffic to this blog that I have. This promising site is called Livewire News, a great Social Community for bloggers, webmasters, and anyone who wishes to promote their articles or blog posts.. I was able to browse around the site and participate such as submitting an article, commenting, and most of all, I had to register to be a member.

Why I said it’s a promising site? It is because as I see it, it is still fresh in the web and members are just starting to be in. It is not saturated yet and I advice everyone to be part of Livewire News for we all have nothing to lose and be the pioneers. Why do you have to join? For a lot of reasons and I specify some of them: Technorati icon

1. It is a free site that you can submit your own site articles making your articles/site popular.

2. Once your article is published, expect a good deal of traffic to rush in to your site.

3. Make your site/blog be featured for free both in the top users area as well as in the articles you submitted or in the Latest Comments section.

4. Socialization and site/blog hopping among members are possible especially for those who submitted the article from their own blog or site and not from other sources.

5. Free traffic to your/our sites/blogs

6. And a lot more.. I suggest you visit and discover the benefits yourselves. Just click Here to Discover More of Livewire News Social Community.

As a new part of the site, I am still learning and I have seen that not all articles submitted are approved. Thus, I had concluded that only relevant and useful articles and/or news are up there.

Submitting an article takes only three little steps. After submission, it is automatically queued in the ‘Upcoming News’ section and if it gets approved, it goes to the ‘Hottest News’ area. The arrangement as I see it is based on the popularity or voting by other members and readers.

How I submitted mine and with some notations are presented in the following images. Click each of them to see clearly in real size format:

So what are you waiting for? Click any of the links and images mentioned/presented and increase your traffic! The url? www.livewirenews.net! Technorati icon

Mutual Fund Ideas? Visit the Pegasus Letter Then!

Do you want to know more about Mutual Funds and related stuffs? Why don't you visit the The Path to the Pegasus Letter? Today, I just read from the site about the Mutual Fund Being a Game where the ones who do not know how to paly it well, will definitely be played by the mutual fund back instead, especially by its managers whom the author of this article entitled "This is exactly the reason…" stated that only serve two good purposes:

1.They take a piss-poor product and sell it to the masses as something of quality which is even more idiotic than to assume that a stone can replace your daughter’s dead hamster as a pet.

2.Constant and consistent portfolio mismanagement and wealth destruction which the mutual fund mismanagers execute to perfection.

I find the site very good to those who have plans about their liquid assets (cash) if it's wise to invest them or what. To know better about these things, simply visit The Path to the Pegasus Letter page or start at the article I suggest you read,This is exactly the reason…"

More excerpts from the pot include the following:
Here are two reports written by individuals who have a lower IQ than that of a dead fly:

1. ‘My Financial Advisor Is Losing Me Money!’ (Money on CNN.Money.Com)

2. ‘Seven Ways to Simplify Your Investment Life’ (Yahoo! Personal Finance)

The compilation of compressed shit offered in those reports is not even worth to be printed on paper to wipe your ass with. Heck, even the time wasted to write that total piece of a brown substance found in the digestive track which is expelled through the anus is a total abuse of time itself.

Time is not a luxury and should not be viewed as abundant but rather as a high priced commodity which is irreplaceable. Each unit wasted is gone forever and just to make the game a bit more complicated no player knows how many units are available.

One has to really wonder how much crap you can pile up into one single human being (with the exception of the biggest amassment of feces the ‘Septic Tank’ himself and his BFF the ‘International Beggar’ who both have a crap-storage capability which exceeds the average semi-intelligent human five fold)?

Read More of the Mutual Fund Huicy Thoughts by Clicking Here...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Now We Have PR 5. So What Now? Shall We have it Forever?

Technorati iconI have to admit i am no expert. i am a "mere" learner. thus, when I posted about Google PageRank (PR), I was struck with the reality that people, or bloggers, once they have had the PR, they sometimes lost it. And now here I am, discovering how to maintain the PR once one earned it. As you can see i don't even have my own PageRank yet yet, I find searching about it and knowing its ups and downs in a site for future reference and if I can have it later, it wont hurt keeping it. I know the same is tru for all of the bloggers out there.

So, How Do We Avoid Losing Page Rank?

Again, I have to admit that currently, I don't even have PR myself. This is because PR is not gained overnight and when we have it, it is not easy to maintain as well. And as a rule of thumb, a good content for a site or blog is always one strong factor in having a PR in the process. This is one part of the "hard work" in order to have a good Page rank. And when you have this PR thing, can you celebrate now? Not yet! That is only the beginning! You have the task to maintain it and not to lose it.

And the question now comes in. How do we maintain a PR? Or, the better question of: "How do I make my PR better?" If all of us can answer these question very well then we have nothing to worry about but if we cannot then there are a lot of things we should worry about.

In connection with my preceding post, which is about Google PageRank , I have a considerable number of responses about PR, especially thos who have losthem. Thus, as a learner and in the process of sharing my learnings with you, I tried to search fo things making it safe for a webmaster not to lose the PR or, even better, to maintain and increase it..Many webmasters are already aware of this and as you all know, I am a learner but in case you read this, at least I share the hows in keeping the PR once we have it.

"...when I decided to redesign our web site. I wanted to make major changes in page structure etc and I knew what was going to happen when I do that.All of our site's pages had 4 PR which was better than what they have now because now they all have 0 PR. So I redesigned the site and ignored the tips I have covered in this article because there is always an exception of everything and there was one. I have to say am not an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert but I keep learning and as you learn something you slowly become experienced and expert." (Abdillahi Abdillahi) I quoted that person's statement because he has the authority when it comes about PR. Abdillahi Abdillahi is a web designer and a founder of a web hosting and design solutions company.

Like a football team, they can be the champion but onc they stop practicing and improving, they might lose. The same is true for the PRs. The following are some of the tips applicable in maintaining and/or increasing the Google Page rank.

Do not rename files

Whenever the webmasters/bloggers rename a file that is a part of the existing web site, those webmasters/bloggers increase the change to lose that file's Page Rank. There are many reasons which can make webmasters/bloggers rename the site files including (but not limited to) to add some dynamic features a to a certain page which has an .html file extension and the script webmasters/bloggers are going to use is a server side such as PHP. After webmasters/bloggers decide to add the feature to that page they will have to rename it to .hp file extension and that will result the lost of the page's PR because when any search engine spider comes to their respective sites in order to index it, the search engine will look for the old file and it would nott find it because it is no longer available or accessible to anyone.

Sometimes this causes the search engine spider to leaver the site or get stack into no where. But there is a way which you can keep the .html file and add the feature you want it to have in the same time make the server read it as a php file. That will be the use of .htaccess/ mod _rewrite. I'm not going to cover about those two as the article is not about them but you can search the web and find many great tutorials about them. So try to avoid renaming any file that is a part of your web site.

Do not change the domain name of the site

Lets suppose the webmaster/blogger has a domain name which has an 8 PR but later he/she wanted to change it for another domain that he/she thinks suits the site better. By changing it he/she completely lose the PR of the site and all the sub pages. He/she can still have the old domain and redirect it to the new one and move the old pages to the new one BUT THIS IS NOT A SOLUTION TO RETAIN THE PR as well.

It is a new work all over for the PT because it goes back to zero with the new domain. A practical advice then, to all webmasters/bloggers is to not change the domain name of the site unless it is very necessary especially when it already established a very good (or at least good) PR.

Do not redirect pages or the domain name

Page redirection or domain redirection will result the lost of the PR of the site and its pages. We are mostly aware that this happens more often than not when we tranfer hosts and or we decided to have a custom domain frem a free account. One example is this webloglearner page being redirected to a custom domain (like what I bought www.webloglearner.com that did not function).This is only one reason for redirection. For sure there are still a lot more other reasons.

With redirection, the search engine spiders will (sooner or later) realize what a webmaster/blogger is doing (redirecting all the time) and these search engines might "punish" the site and remove it from the index.Simply stated, redirection is not very healthy for those who are aiming for a google PR or any other PR for that matter.

One good advice given by Abdillahi Abdillahi is: "If you get a new file and design it is better to delete all the old files from your site and use the 404 file not found page which will contain a site map of the new design's links and an error message telling the visitors what happened to that page they followed, whether they followed it from a site or a search engine.In that way you don't lose visitors and search engine spiders don't get stack into that page which doesn't exist anymore instead they follow the links in the site map and index the new files. Therefore, avoid using any kind of page or domain redirection."

And the easiest way to lose the PR? To be against google I think such as losing the adsense or something like that? I will still have to look for it if there is relevance between adsense and gppgle PR but at this moment, it is safe to assume so. It is better to be prudent, right? So take good care of your adsense accounts as well.

Another? I read many accounts or posts when I searched about this topic that those who make paid reviews such as PPP (you know what this stands for, right?) have assumed that this is one reason why they lost the PT because the search engines do not like to index these kinds of pages.

How to improve the PR?

Simply stated, hard work and perseverance. Again, obtaining a PR does not happen overnight and it needs hard work. A good content is a must again. I have tried this and I am sure that a "very good" content is above all. Why? I posted a very comprehensive essay in one of my sites because i am a technical writer and when one customer cancelled the order, I posted the write up that I did so that customer will not take advantage of my work. I even posted in a blogspot without a very good PR or something but when I tried searching about it, it was the first result that google gave. That was three or two weeks ago and I just tried a few seconds back and it still the first. Do you want to try? Just search for "the nation of islam and the muslim brotherhood" in the search engine because you will be seeing a post from my Opinionated Philippines Blog. If you will try this, you will see that this ceratin post is full of facts and heavily referenced. It has proper citations and comprehensive discussions. It has references at the bottom as well to point to the original sources.

With the above experience, I was able to affirm that content is still the best way to get to he readers. Why? How many established sites the Nation of Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood have? Many and even in the news they came out. Yet, my very new post came out atop of all those establised (and also related) sites.

Updated Content

Another way is to update the contents of the site. For serious and constant bloggers, this is not a very new idea. However, to thos new ones and are aspiring a PR, they should also know that updating the site's content is very important. The webmaster/bloggers should provide fresh content and try to update it daily or every two days. No matter what kind of site one has he/she must have a great content because they say "content is king" (Abdillahi Abdillahi). If you can't provide that content by yourself then get content from similar site or get articles of other authors which write about what your site is or even hire someone to write it for you. That is why the "guest blogger" stuff became popular. As you update it daily you will see your PR getting better but be patient because it won't happen overnight. Be careful not to just copy the contents though because it is not a good indication as well to simply copy and paste!

Quality back links

Quality back links are very important considerations is having/maintaining some PR. Bloggers/webmasters should have links with sites similar to theirs. We all know about link exchange and I have already explained in my google PR post the importance of linking and exchanging links is not done for something without purpose. Backlinking/exchanging links will help you and the other site increase your Page Rank. BE CAREFUL THOUGH! "Make sure you don't link back to sites that are not similar to yours as this would decrease your current page PR." (Abdillahi Abdillahi) There are many ways you can increase it but try to use the legitimate way and not anything that might hurt you later. The more you have manu quality back links the more your site's PR gets better. Technorati icon
I have mentioned references to Abdillahi Abdillahi. He is a web designer, founder and president of http://kooshin.com , a company providing affordable web hosting and web design solutions to small to medium sized businesses and individuals. For more information , please visit http://kooshin.com and the exact page of my reference is here. Technorati icon

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Google Page Rank: I Want to Improve in It!

Saturday again and in the last couple of days, I was not able to update this blog. This is because it’s summer time and most of the time, going out is among the top listed activities. In short, I was out! Although I had the laptop and the connection with me, I was not even able to open that laptop from the bag. I had a great time that is why.

Going back to the topic, I want to understand about this google page rank thing. I have been amaze by the power of google and I am sure, everyone else is. I have received the other week about google pagerank explanation from Submit Eaze and I was not free enough to explore what is this “powerful” google page rank. Thus, I searched from my gmail about this thing and I am lucky enough to still locate it and that I have not emptied my trash mails yet.

So I am going to share with you what I have received from e-mail about google page rank. I have learned and if you are interested, you may learn as well.

What is Google Page Rank?
As explained from Submit Eaze, “the whole concept behind the Internet is the ability for documents to provide hyperlinks to other documents. Google was the first search engine that defined how popular a particular website or document (web page) was by looking at how many other websites linked to it. It then ranked how popular this web site/page is by giving it a rating between 0-10, 10 being the most popular.” We all know about that the higher the PR, the better. But how do we attain it? All of us, I am sure, want to have an improved or at least a good deal of PR, right? I have seen the great opportunities to have it. Actually, in my case, I am zero with PR yet, I will be working to improve it this week (that is, if I don’t need to go to another place again!) together with my traffic.

How PR is Increased?
Now we are here in the most important aspect: improving our PR. Taking from the idea of my source again, there is only one way to increase the PageRank of the website: this is to get more inbound links. Before dashing off and start trying to get more links to the website however, there a few things that a webmaster should know about how PR is calculated. PR is not calculated based on a simple count of the number of the links that point to one website, it also takes into consideration the PR of the web page that provides the link to a website (like yours and mine) and how many other outbound links there are on that webpage. So the higher PR-rated web page a website/blog obtain the link from, the more PageRank will be transferred to your website! So for example, a single link from a PR6 website might be worth 30 links from PR1 websites...

Heard about Dilution?
The table is not the absolute measure howver. There's even more to it! Not only does Google take into consideration the PR of the web page that provides the link to your website, it also looks at the number of other links on the web page that provide the link, in effect the more links the page provides the more the PageRank is diluted. So, if one manage to get a link from a PR5 website then that's great, but if that web page also provides links to hundreds of other websites, then it might actually be as effective as a link from a PR1 or PR2 website.

Now I am more educated about PRs. Maybe I will download that google toolbar? Hmm.. but I do not think it is necessary. People or webmasters who have an appreciable PR are more happy to display them actually so what’s the deal of downloading that toolbar anyway? It’s a great learning about PR. I do hope people who read it or are interested in PR can find this post at least of a little help.

For the table and other related information, I acknowledge my source, What is google Pagerank by SubmitEaze.

But wait! One more thing. I quote one critic of the PR and I see the plain truth in it:

"And this is a problem. In a pure sense, the PR of a website is no indication of the quality of a website. PR can be manipulated, PR can be bought and sold and website owners, particularly bloggers run the danger of forgetting that what really draws people to the website is the quality of the content there. PR is no measure of “value” that a website brings to the Internet, it’s simply Google’s internal metric which it uses to tailor it’s search results." See for more thoughs on this PR thing. Technorati icon

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Banned from Adsense? You Need Not Worry! You Can Still Earn that Bucks!

I remembered stumbling upon the problogger site before and I read a lot of responses in a post. In fact, a hundred or a couple of hundreds responses! Well, you know that problogger guy how good he is. As I read through, there were many who were testimonizing having lost their “adsense license” as I may call it. They have been banned out of adsense for short, yet they never gave up from blogging and with the aim to earn from it.

Adsense is really great as I heard it. Although I never received any paychecks yet as I only tried to be a little focused just a few days ago when I started to join Entrecard and also tried to take a few days rest from working, I have acknowledged the power of this advertising scheme as it is powered by google itself. But what you will do if you lost it?

Indeed adsense is the leading one. Yet, we are all aware that there are alternatives that are available around, right? Actually, even with my little blogs before, just a passive posting with them, I was able to receive a paypal payment from advertising. And no matter how small it was, I was happy to know that this advertising stuff online is true. Actually, I am talking about BidVertiser

I was able to receive $16++ since the minimum it requires is only $10 and the publisher can have the earnings. To have adsense is great and to have an alternative is even better, right?

One more advertising affiliation that I have encountered is Adbrite. In fact, that image ad (but sometimes it turns into a text as well) you see in my right sidebar at the top right is by Adbrite. What I like about this company is its interesting images that can call some attention and will be subconsciously clicked. It does not pay much however and as I have seen it, I have many many clicks in my profile yet I have very little earnings. I have not studied adbrite yet but maybe it depends on my CTR and CPC as well (See Here what are CTR and CPC). But no rush, I will be learning about them in few days and I will be sharing the knowledge with you here as well.

I have also tried widgetbucks but I do not have the faintest idea how it works and most of the time, I cannot see the adverts showing in my page (for my prior blogs). Or maybe it is my connection? Or maybe they are region based because when I have had the screen shots of my pages (like those you see in Alexa, blogcatalog, etc. when you check your rank or when you joined in), I have seen those widgetbucks ads showing! So I supposed that there is no much advertising that targets Europe since I stay here (not UK). I have not checked my account lately though.

My point in posting here is, only for the alternative and add-ons in case you may want them. I still trust adsense the most, though I have not earned from them yet. Well, the world is telling the truth how good it is, right? And a lot of you fellow bloggers are telling it. And in fact, one fellow blogger commented on my post about adsense here that she already received three checks. Since adsense pays a minimum of one hundred dollars ($100), this would mean she already received at least three hundred $300). Isn’t that great to earn from doing what you enjoy which is blogging? If you want some alternatives though, you can try those advertising companies that I have mentioned. Just click those banners and you will be redirected to their sites. For BidVertiser, make sure to register as a “PUBLISHER” and NOT as an “ADVERTISER”. Good luck and keep on earning.

Image taken from Static Brain. Technorati icon
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Monday, June 16, 2008

The Freebie Reporter Dot Com and My Second Review

It was yesterday when I first made my review of a fellow bloggers’ site. See Featuring this Blog of Omar:The Spring of Life and My First Ever Blog Review. Today, I am making my second review of the site. I love sharing my views, actually, honest views and if you want me to tell you something about it, you are obliged to accept it. The site I am talking about at the moment is The Freebie Reporter, the readers’ daily dose of freebies. What I see upon this site?

First, slogan wise, I like it. “Your Daily Dose of Freebies”. Moreover, I like the organization where the tabs are headed by their respective relevant header topics (with proper CNAMES) that readers can go/click/navigate if they want, namely the Freebies, Coupons, Deals, Contests, Resources, and Requests, among others.

blog review, freebie reporter
What do you get in the freebies section? You can actually denote it from the titles of the posts such as "Sample of Beyond Seven Condoms” while one post that is a bit “empty” is the announcement of coupons entitled Shaw’s Printable Coupons Info in the Coupons area. For the Contests, the brief information are very useful and I have tried the links and were working efficiently.. I can get back maybe from time to time and see what I can get from those rewarding contests. The site is not very cluttered and the ads are at the right side, a good placement rather than the left sidebar area.

reviews, blog reviews, freebie reporter, webbiestuffs blog review
Overall, it was a great navigating experience that made me finish this review for quite some hours. I love to learn around as well and see what other fellow bloggers are offering and learn from them. From The Freebie Reporter I learned the importance of past loading site. This blog that i have here, The WebbieStuffs does not have this great quality of "fast loading" and it feels great to navigate without waiting. One more suggestion: It’s better if the title at the top stands out because the posts’ titles are even larger: it’s quite awkward to look at.

See the blogs is Freebies and enjoy. Take note that the above review is my personal opinion. Please feel free to add yours in the comments section.

Note: Image are clickable to see their real size but they are not linked to the reviewed blog. To see the blog, please click any of the links mentioned or Click the Freebie Reporter Here.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Featuring this Blog of Omar: The Spring of Life and My First Ever Blog Review

One good thing a discovered about entrecard is, I discovered and really interacted with a lot of bloggers from all over the world. Before I joined in, my cluster maps in the left are not so scattered unlike now. I am a new member though.

Along the way, I stumbled upon this blog called Spring of Life which one can easily locate at http://omar-abid.blogspot.com/. What I like about this page is, it loads in few seconds without giving a lot of trouble. Another thing is, it looks very simple not distracting the viewers’ vision with a lot of widgety widge around. And I guess, this is the reason why it loads very fast. Definitely, it is a blog helping out bloggers to improve their blogs, either through subscription or through technorati or anything else. Some of the recent posts include The Technorati Improvement program at http://omar-abid.blogspot.com/2008/06/technorati-improvement-program.html, the technique guide on creating the icon bar and creating and getting an adsense account
blog review, reviews, spring of life, reviews at webbiestuffs
However, there are setbacks as well. It is true that it is not disturbing to the eyes, but the simplicity that it has make Spring of Life a bit boring to the eyes. At least for my own opinion. Moreover, it uses a two-column, very narrow layout, which makes you scroll scroll scroll more down before you see what you want. Additionally, which I don't like the worst is, where is that Entrecard? I cannot really locate it. I suggest you that the Spring of Life Blog to give some considerations to those who visit the blog.

This is my first ever review of a blog and I said it all. I said it honestly what I like and I don't like. You want yours be reviewed honestly? Just drop me a line.
Visit the Spring of Life Blog to confirm and see what I have reviewed and to make it as a basis if I review good or not.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Adsense Analysis Day and My Scary CTR with $5.32 Earning

As how my blog is entitled, I am in the constant learning process. I cannot fathom someone doing something successfully without doing and discovering the basics. When I opened by adsense account today, I have a zero dollar earning (but anymore as the day ends). I do not check my account regularly unless I want to have a new code setup for my ads or to check for help on what to do. Thus, every time I open it, which has at least a 4-day interval, I look at all, from daily earnings report to the details. I was really surprised to see that yesterday, June 13, 2008 I got 11 clicks for my ads! This has meant an earning of $5.32 to be exact.

The idea that I had an 8.21% CTR for that day scares me to be honest! This was the highest I ever get and I know that too high CTR may endanger the account. This is an honest observation for me. I have read it once in the adsense forum that too high CTR is not healthy for an adsense account. But what is CTR anyway? I got curious of all the stuffs I found in the report heading so I learned all of them. Today is Saturday and it is adsense learning day for me. So I viewed and searched around from adsense help regarding “Page Impression”, “CTR” and “eCPM”. Let’s see what adsense tell about them and I will also display for you my own June report. It is not too impressive but it is not too bad either, at least for a beginner like me.

First we find the date in the adsense report and date is not alien to us. It is the daily records, the “date” (don’t laugh at my explanation please!)

Then We see the Page Impression. What are page impressions now. According to the adsense help center, is the count of execution of Adsense’s JavaScript. Quoting adsense, it states that:

“We count a page impression when our AdSense JavaScript is actually executed by a user's browser and ads are displayed. This is generally the equivalent to a page view.”

However, during instances when the page view is not equal to the page impression, Adsense help further explained that “there are instances that wouldn't execute the ad code and that would cause a discrepancy between the page impressions you register and the page impressions that appear in one’s AdSense account.”

Moreover, as a further explanation of the page impression and its difference from ads impression, adsense help guide explained that “page impressions differ from ad unit impressions. If multiple ad units are present on a page, multiple ad unit impressions will be logged for that page view, but only a single page impression will appear in your reports.”
For example, a user viewing a page with 3 ad units and 1 link unit will log 4 ad unit impressions, but only 1 page impression. You may see further information on this Google Adsense Help Regarding Page Impressions.

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CTR or the Click Through Rate
CTR is the number of ad clicks divided by the number of impressions for the page of ads that appears when a link unit is clicked. This means that if you have eleven (11) clicks like my June 13 data, and you have 134 page impressions, your CTR will be 8.21%. I have found out from reading around that the higher this rate, the higher the rate of suspicion as to the validity of those clicks then. The best thing to do? Improve the traffic which means improved Impressions and not very high CTR. My June 13 transactions is not very healthy. The CTR is actually higher. My aim is to not exceed 5% actually, thus, I am trying to improve my traffic in case some people or my website visitor click some ads, my account will not be in danger or will not be suspected. Check your traffic rank by clicking the Alexa bar below if you want to know yours.

eCPM (effective cost per thousand (mille) impressions)
The name says it all. The cost of 1,000 impressions on one’s website. It is calculated by dividing total earnings by the number of impressions in thousands. For example, if a publisher earned $180 from 45,000 impressions, the eCPM would equal $180/45, or $4.00. As for my June 13 transaction records, it would be my $5.32/0.134 = $39.70. The 0.134 is derived by dividing 134 page impressions over 1000. Then, as you see in the table of my adsense earnings, the eCPM is actually $39.68, with a slight difference to my computation due to rounding off difference. It’s just my impression that the lower the cost, the better. This means a site must have a higher impression, Please keep in mind that eCPM is only a reporting feature that does not represent the actual amount paid to a publisher.

One thing I learned from today’s little research. Drive, drive and drive traffic! Why? Even if it’s only a single ad click for a day if the traffic is great, I think it is worth it, than to have ten people visiting the site and get five clicks. This 5 clicks over ten visitors is really scary…believe me! I am even scared to death with that 11 click for mine last June 13. Jeez!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Paid Exchange Link to Webloglearner

Simply link to www.webloglearner.com and name it as 123 Webloglearner in your list. What do you get?

1. A free link of your site in this web site (This is the www.webloglearner domain for this blog but still in transition)
2. and ten entrecard (EC) credits
3. Free drop to your EC

What's the catch? Your blog must have an alexa traffic rank of not more than 1,500,000th place.
To see your rank, if you are not aware of it yet just see the and click the bar below. It will also help you know.

Only the first 25 linkers will be entertained today. Offer expires in 24 hours and will be reposted. Please leave comments here after you have linked stating your url to be linked and the Name you want me to identify it in my list here. Please post in EC the forum as well to facilitate transfer. Multiple blogs from one owner as long as it is qualified is acceptable.

Thank you folks.

Entrecard Business Here

Answer this for 20 EC Credits.

I need your answers to all of the following questions. Please be honest because I will be buying credits and making promos here thus, I want to know your opinions. Please copy and paste in the comments section for answers. 20 EC credits will be transferred to you within 24 hours. Thank you. Maimum participants is 20, only first 20 answers will win the credits.

1. Would you sell me entry your EC credits?
2. How much each? What is the minimum buyout?
3. Would you like to earn 50EC credit for each first comment for my posts?
4. Would you like to exchange feeds and subscriptions with this blog?
5. Would you like to exchange links with me? If YES, Leave your links and link name then and I will add it within 24 hours. Add mine as well, NOW. If NO, please indicate.

The answers must be honest. I will be visiting you blog for it. Thank you for participating. If you would like that I subscribe to your feeds and through e-mails, please do the same to mine. Other favors are all right, reciprocally given and taken. Just send me a message at my entrecard account. Thanks.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

An Independence Day Tribute to Fellow Pinoys, Win Php 1000 for a Single Post!

This is just an idea that popped up in my mind. Since today is Philippine Independence Day, I want to give a thank you to all my fellow bloggers around, especially the Filipino community. I am giving out Php 1,000 for a deserving participant on this little contest I have came up to. This contest runs for a month from June 12, 2008 until July 13, 2008.

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What do you need to do and to have to qualify and grab the Php 1,000?

1. You must have a blog of any kind with a traffic ranking of Alexa of at least 8,000th. If you don’t know how and what it is, simply refer and/or click to my Alexa widget to measure your current rank. This is a very lax qualification. Check at the banner below for your rank. (If you are not qualified at the moment, you can improve your rank and join later, this is a month-long contest). You may also see my post regarding Alexa.

2. You must be Filipino or a Filipina. Residence does not matter.

3. You have to make a post on your blog about this contest and link to this specific page AND to the main blog url (http://abc-bloglearning.blogspot.com/www.webloglearner.blogspot.com, whatever you see in your adrress bar). You may post both in Filipino or English, it’s up to you.

4. Post your entry (ies) link in the comments section of this post and your nickname. One comment per entry please. Since participants are allowed multiple entries, please indicate if it is first entry, second entry, etc.

5. And lastly, add my link to your blog as ABC Bloglearner (http://abc-bloglearning.blogspot.com and/or www.webloglearner.com) whatever you see in your address bar as this blog's url (I just bought this domain and I am currently in transition period). If you add the two links, it would be appreciated more.

Simple as that right? You are blogging anyway and blogging for a fee/a little gift is not that bad, right? Or if not, if you don’t need money. You may as well inform your friends for it who you think might appreciate it and who may be in need of a little cash for snacks.

Important Notes:
I will be putting a subscription/feed widget and it’s up to you to subscribe otr not. You may subscribe at your own choice if you want to win future contests.

Winners will be selected through my own and my Italian buddies' judging criteria:

1 accuracy of following the above instructions (35%)
2. creativity (30%)
3. appeal to readers (especially to me) (35%)

The payment will be through paypal and the Php 1,000 will be through paypal conversion rate of dollars.( I have dollar/Euro?GBP accounts only. Sorry.) It will be Php 1000 but might arrive in your account as dollars and if you convert later, the dollar can either appreciate or depreciate. Winnings may be converted to 2000 entrecard credits as well, if the winner opts to. Moreover, if you want to join and you have no paypal account, you may ask me to convert it into something that we can both find feasible (i.e., phone cards that can be paid by paypal at ebay or any goods). It can always be arranged. Don’t worry for I am a negotiable person.

Although the contest ends on July 13, 2008 I still have to read all the entries and decide thus, announcement of winners will be seven days after it, which means will be on July 20. Please bear in mind that after the winner is announced on that date and after I have posted on his/her latest blog entry, he/she has 48 hours to acknowledge it from the time of my post (July 20).

Powered by FeedBurner

This makes it practical to subscribe then to not lose the winnings. If that winner cannot acknowledge the winning in the comments section within the specified time, it will be given to another winner and the same 48-hour rule applies. The winning entry/blog/person will coordinate with me regarding the winnings, how to send it, where, etc.

Multiple entries for a person is allowed as long as the blog qualifies as mentioned above. The more entries, the more referrals you may make and the more chances to win. Good luck everyone. The earlier you join, the more referrals, resulting to a greater winning chance.

For any questions and/or suggestions, please post in the comment section. All questions and suggestions will be answered in the comments section as well. Watch out for more cash contests to come. You may start posting now. Please suggest on how to make this contest easier if you have ideas. thanks.

Please bear in mind that this contest will only be valid if there are at least twelve (12) participants. This will encourage everyone to share the info here and share the opportunity. The winning contestant/blogger will still win Php 300 though if this contest is invalidated. So you have the choice to either keep it to yourself or invite fellow Pinoy bloggers.

In Few days, This Weblog Will Have a Custom Domain. But Help Me First, Please…

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I paid for a domain name for this account yesterday. I want it to be customized but I don’t have any idea on what to do yet. As per the advice of blogger, it’s better to buy the domain from them so it will be less complicated for my current .blogspot blog. And I did so.

As noted, the domain will work within 72 hours and until this amount of time expires, I cannot comprehend yet whether it would be functioning good or not. I have been reading stuffs about it since yesterday but until now, nothing has registered to my brain! I just cannot concentrate ion this! I have so many things popping up my mind!

To those who bought their domains from blogger before and with an existing blogspot account to link/forward/redirect/whatever to that domain, what did you do?

I am just curious. Or should I say, I do need your advice on this to keep me going. It is still not up (obviously by now) but I do hope in 24 hours time. That is, if I can perform the required processes (if ever there is/are). I am asking your help folks..

Any advice on this please? Thank you in advance.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

2000 Entrecard Credit for s Single Post? You Must Be Kidding Me! And another 75,000 credits at stake & new features? Indeed it’s a BIG JOKE! But wait.

You read it right! You may have the 2000 Entrecard (EC) credits in a very easy way. This is open to everyone and if you want to have this credit too, keep on reading. I have joined entercard a week ago with the advice of Liza. I have to thank her for all the additional traffic and dropping buddies I gained and additional learning from EC. I have to say that EC is a weblogger toll that gives a win-win situation to who do good to their blogs and join EC.

The best of the best of news came up lately. As I read from www.bloggerbuster.com, the blog that really makes me gaga at the moment for all the tips it gives, courtesy of the great author, Amanda, I learned that EC is holding a contest of giving out 2000 EC for everyone! Yes FOR EVERYONE! You heard it right! For me, 2000 EC is like $2000, it can buy stuffs such as ad space and can be used as a monetary equivalent in the web. It is not the usual contest where winners can be drawn, all bloggers have to do is post and inform its readers about the following information, or simply stated, about the truth:

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1.Entrecard is holding this contest for 2000 EC credits together with other contest giving an additional of 75,000 credits to EC members.
2.EC has a new ebook that would help every blogger attain their blogging success and how to utilize the EC service.
3.EC has a new feature of “ADD NEW BLOG” in a single account or merge multiple accounts giving a lot more convenience to the blogger member.
4.To let everyone know that indeed, EC is rocking good!
5.The contest is until the 25th of June 2008. So hurry up!

Additionally, the EC Website has the following lately:
1. A new Homepage
2. New Campaign page tabs
3. Top droppers RSS feed

So you want to have at least 2000 credits, right? You need not worry; you have a week more left. I do find this as a blessing because I am new to EC and I am gaining dropper buddies from the site, a relationship that is long-term, which is a good investment for bloggers. I am very glad I have joined EC. Now even it is still low but I am maintaining 60 unique visits each day and around 1/3 of it are from EC.

Don’t waste time, don’t let this opportunity run off your hand, visit www.entrecard.com or for the specific contest instructions, visit
http://entrecard.com/blog/?p=325. And to join, simply click the “Get one” below from that entrecard you see. Or, you can simply download the very informational ebook that the EC community just released by CLICKING HERE

Monday, June 9, 2008

Alexa helps, but is it the best? Well, there is always the "Compete" as an alternative..

From my very post prior to this, I have featured about the service that Alexa (www.alexa.com) is giving. However, I stumbled upon a criticism about the site (of Alexa) that it is not the ultimate measure to traffic and to analyse a site even though it is relatively popular. As you may know, this is a “learner” here so I continued reading through until I came up with the idea of the commentor that www.compete.com would be a better alternative. Thus, I ventured through this istle and with an inquisitive mind, and enjoying the freedom of time, particularly today, which I decide not to take any work, I looked and learned what the site can offer.

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Maybe not anyone has heard of compete, because I myself was surprised to know there are other services similar to what Alexa is offering. I quote here what the site says about itself: “Compete is a new breed of web analytics company. We have a diverse sample of 2,000,000+ U.S. Internet users that have given us permission to analyse the web pages they visit and ask them questions via surveys. We're betting that the insights we create from consumers' online behaviour - whether they're watching, searching, shopping or socializing - is valuable for companies who are looking to radically improve their marketing.” (Compete, About Us 2008)

Actually what Compete does is not only to rank and give out numbers. Similar to that of Alexa, it shows graphical presentation of information as well as in numerical form. As the website claims, it “provides free information for every site on the Internet including site traffic history and competitive analytics; a list of available promotional codes across thousands of online retailers; and site-specific trust scores based on up-to-the-minute data from Compete and third party security services.”

The analytics as I have played and discovered today is really useful and looks very sophisticated. One may compare up to three sites and see how they fared in a given period of time. However, if one wants to compare up to five (5) sites in a single graph, Compete is offering free trial at the moment. Just click www.compete.com.

Actually, to see the real picture and to see the kind of service and the kind of analytics the site offers, I have signed in various leading sites or popular sites that may have interest upon all of us, bloggers, or to whoever is reading this post.

The following is the comparison I logged/generated for the popular search engines in the name of www.google.com, www.yahoo.com and www.msn.com. I though there was a very wide gap between yahoo and goggle but it is not the case after all. I was surprised of what I saw and what I have learned. Although it is only in this graphical presentation, one look can give the viewer a clear idea of the facts. (Click image to enlarge)

Actually, I never ended with the search engines. I searched through technorati (www.technorati.com) of what is the top three blogger in its list and I entered their sites as well and thereby, the Compete (www.compete.com) has generated a graph. Just see how those blogger pops generate traffic and see how many guests/visitors they have for a month. These three are www.huffingtonpost.com, www.techcrunch.com, and www.gizmodo.com.

As I have told you, I am inquisitive. I tried to generate an analytical graph for various news media, the famous (or the infamous???) ones and have it analysed by compete’s (www.compete.com) technology. Well, see the graph! BBC (www.bbc.co.uk) is very far behind the CNN (www.cnn.com). And the sun? For some people who are not acquainted with this media, just see what kind of news/articles this site has. Just click www.thesun.co.uk. At least it makes me thing that sensible people still dominate the world with the rank of CNN and BBC over the Sun, yet, it also make me think that there are at least 1 million people interested in gossips and scandals each month! Am I counted? I have to admit, sometimes! Whewww!

And lastly? I use free service of blogger, yet our urls are in blogspot. I don’t actually have an idea at the moment what this means. All I know is, aside from blogger (www.blogger.com or www.blogspot.com), there is the wrodpress (www.wordpress.com), the bravenet journal (www.bravenet.com) and the typepad (www.typepad.com). I see them when I blog hop. I can only compare three though because I was lazy for the meantime to try the free offer to sign up. Thus, I generated a comparison between www.blogspot.com, www.wordpress.com, and www.bravenet.com. See the following reports.

I also tried to analyse this site’s traffic but I have to admit that I can even count it myself and it automatically reverts to blogspot. Maybe after I buy my own domain, I can make it. Who knows, someday I can compete with google? A dream is a dream. ^_^ You may try for your own sites as well. Just visit www.complete.com.

My Second Chance to Meet Alexa

I can say that Alexa is a wonderful being. I used to be with her months back before I started this new set of blogs. I think if you are “relative old” in the blogging word, I am very sure that you have known Alexa.by heart. So, who is Alexa? What is her work? How she helps bloggers? What can a blogger do improve his/her Alexa?

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This is my new blog and I feel a bit of shame to show how I fared in Alexa. As of today, it is between the eighth and ninth million place. I really want to be ranked better because a better rank means a better opportunity. Yesterday, I have browsed and read every useful information that I could read from Alexa’s website and if someone of you reads this, I’m gonna post what I have learned. After all, this is Bloglearning blog. Feel free to share your experiences, your suggestions or questions. If someone may pass into this, they might have answers to questions and ideas to share as well.

Personally, all I know about Alexa. is, she does give a traffic rank. But now let’s all discover that she has more to offer. In order to serve millions of webmasters and its clients, Alexa. has built an unparalleled database of information about sites that includes statistics, related links and more. In order to see the information regarding the site, one must simply type/encode the url of the desired site and loo! – the related information will be shown. The following is my own traffic information and if you go to the Alexa’s website site and search for http://abc-bloglearning.com, you will definitely finnd the same information.

Where bloggers like me are concerned, traffic ranking is the concern when Alexa is being talked about. Alexa computes traffic rankings by analyzing the Web usage of millions of Alexa Toolbar users and data obtained from other, diverse traffic data sources. The information is sorted, sifted, anonymized, counted, and computed, until, finally, Alexa gets the traffic rankings shown in the Alexa service.

What is a traffic rank anyway?
According to Alexa, she computes the traffic rank based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data from millions of Alexa. Toolbar users and data obtained from other, diverse traffic data sources, and is a combined measure of page views and users (reach). As a first step, Alexa computes the reach and number of page views two quantities averaged over time (so that the rank of a site reflects both the number of users who visit that site as well as the number of pages on the site viewed by those users). The three-month change is determined by comparing the site's current rank with its rank from three months ago. For example, on July 1, the three-month change would show the difference between the rank based on traffic during the first quarter of the year and the rank based on traffic during the second quarter. Actually, I never knew that there are this term like “reach” only now I am able to understand it.

What is the so-called “reach”?
Reach measures the number of users. It is typically expressed as the percentage of all Internet users who visit a given site. As an example, if a site like yahoo.com has a reach of 28%, this means that of all global Internet users measured byAlexa, 28% of them visit yahoo.com. Alexa's one-week and three-month average reach are measures of daily reach, averaged over the specified time period. The three-month change is determined by comparing a site's current reach with its values from three months ago. Another trivia for me is the difference between the reach and the “page views”

The “Page Views”
According to Alexa. herself, “page views” measure the number of pages viewed by site visitors. Multiple page views of the same page made by the same user on the same day are counted only once. The page views per user numbers are the average numbers of unique pages viewed per user per day by the visitors to the site. The three-month change is determined by comparing a site's current page view numbers with those from three months ago

Alexa. Explained the “Traffic Trend Graph”
The Trend graph shows viewers a three-day moving average of the site's daily traffic rank, charted over time. The daily traffic rank reflects the traffic to the site based on data for a single day. In contrast, the main traffic rank shown in the Alexa Toolbar and elsewhere in the service is calculated from three months of aggregate traffic data.

Daily traffic rankings will sometimes benefit sites with sporadically high traffic, while the three-month traffic ranking benefits sites with consistent traffic over time. SinceAlexa feels that consistent traffic is a better indication of a site's value, she’ve chosen to use the three-month traffic rank to represent the site's overall popularity. Alexa uses the daily traffic rank in the Trend graphs because it allows viewers to see short-term fluctuations in traffic much more clearly.

It is possible for a site's three-month traffic rank to be higher than any single daily rank shown in the Trend graph. On any given day there may be many sites that temporarily shoot up in the rankings. But if a site has consistent traffic performance, it may end up with the best ranking when the traffic data are aggregated into the three-month average. A good analogy is the current European Football Championships: if a different team comes in first at each match, but you come in second at all eight matches (for example), the team can end up winning the cup.
Unfortunately, I cannot display my graph because I am very far from the minimum traffic the graph requires, which is at least within the 100,000th rank.

So what’s the best way to increase the ranking? Simple rule: greater traffic. However, I also overheard from somewhere that if your widget is clicked, or if someone visits Alexa from your site, you are being rewarded for it, of course, by a little raise in the rank. I am not sure about this though, maybe if someone can shed a light? And if you wanna have your own Alexa. widget to currently monitor your traffic rank, simply click here at click here at Alexa. or click the banner to have your own. The size is actually in various sizes, it has also a widget like the one in my left side bar.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Another Call to Experts. I need Your Help on These Stuffs Please. Link Not Working Good!

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It’s not only once I received feedback that the links I have or the links I make are not working. Aside from Reena (http://reenashwina.blogspot.com/ ) (no more links coz not working at the mo) there is Azure islands informing me the links I make are not correct. I do not have any idea what is with blogger or what is with the setting of my html that caused this problem. I have solved the mystery of my popup that mica Watson has been complaining about and this time, it is this darn link not working.

I have been working with links from my previous blogs and I know how to make it. I memorized the entire trick and I even tried clicking them back for trial. As for these previous posts, I have to admit that they provide wrong links. I actually put the link, the correct one, even before Reena has informed me. I actually make it this way <[a href]=[the http or www address here dot com]”> [The Name Desired] without all the brackets, of course. I have been suspecting all the while that it was from my MS because I make my articles in a .doc type before transferring to blogs, but even I retyped the blog, there is still no way to make the links right. Why? Why? Why? And Why?

Links are very important for me because I have been planning to have changes in this blog and without link, I will really have a difficulty. Another suspect that I have come up in mid is the fact that I removed the pop here yesterday. I have been looking for the script that caused the pop-ups and I saw it. I remove it from my html.. And now, Mica Watson (www.micawatson.com) have confirmed that ended the posp are gone. But here I am, with this new problem on links.
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What can I do guys? I will also research on this but if any of you have any idea on what I can do, please help me. It would be greatly appreciated.

The Bloglearner
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