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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

2000 Entrecard Credit for s Single Post? You Must Be Kidding Me! And another 75,000 credits at stake & new features? Indeed it’s a BIG JOKE! But wait.

You read it right! You may have the 2000 Entrecard (EC) credits in a very easy way. This is open to everyone and if you want to have this credit too, keep on reading. I have joined entercard a week ago with the advice of Liza. I have to thank her for all the additional traffic and dropping buddies I gained and additional learning from EC. I have to say that EC is a weblogger toll that gives a win-win situation to who do good to their blogs and join EC.

The best of the best of news came up lately. As I read from www.bloggerbuster.com, the blog that really makes me gaga at the moment for all the tips it gives, courtesy of the great author, Amanda, I learned that EC is holding a contest of giving out 2000 EC for everyone! Yes FOR EVERYONE! You heard it right! For me, 2000 EC is like $2000, it can buy stuffs such as ad space and can be used as a monetary equivalent in the web. It is not the usual contest where winners can be drawn, all bloggers have to do is post and inform its readers about the following information, or simply stated, about the truth:

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1.Entrecard is holding this contest for 2000 EC credits together with other contest giving an additional of 75,000 credits to EC members.
2.EC has a new ebook that would help every blogger attain their blogging success and how to utilize the EC service.
3.EC has a new feature of “ADD NEW BLOG” in a single account or merge multiple accounts giving a lot more convenience to the blogger member.
4.To let everyone know that indeed, EC is rocking good!
5.The contest is until the 25th of June 2008. So hurry up!

Additionally, the EC Website has the following lately:
1. A new Homepage
2. New Campaign page tabs
3. Top droppers RSS feed

So you want to have at least 2000 credits, right? You need not worry; you have a week more left. I do find this as a blessing because I am new to EC and I am gaining dropper buddies from the site, a relationship that is long-term, which is a good investment for bloggers. I am very glad I have joined EC. Now even it is still low but I am maintaining 60 unique visits each day and around 1/3 of it are from EC.

Don’t waste time, don’t let this opportunity run off your hand, visit www.entrecard.com or for the specific contest instructions, visit
http://entrecard.com/blog/?p=325. And to join, simply click the “Get one” below from that entrecard you see. Or, you can simply download the very informational ebook that the EC community just released by CLICKING HERE


  1. I read that ads...but ur article is more convincing..hehehhe//thinking to post on my blog too..

  2. Do you have URL problems in this page? Let me know the page in which you have the problems.
    Please post your problems in http://desktopgirls.bravejournal.com/ where I have questions and answers relating to this. Also, it is easy for me to edit comments there.

  3. He who begun the good works in you, He is faithful to complete it. Have a great day!

  4. hehe, you seem to be enjoying EC a lot, that's good ;)

    btw, i have a tag for you


    happy thursday.

  5. I have now become and entre addict and junkie thanks to my lovely friends here lol. I still don't quite know how to enter the contest though as I am a bit thick ahahha.


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