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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Adsense Analysis Day and My Scary CTR with $5.32 Earning

As how my blog is entitled, I am in the constant learning process. I cannot fathom someone doing something successfully without doing and discovering the basics. When I opened by adsense account today, I have a zero dollar earning (but anymore as the day ends). I do not check my account regularly unless I want to have a new code setup for my ads or to check for help on what to do. Thus, every time I open it, which has at least a 4-day interval, I look at all, from daily earnings report to the details. I was really surprised to see that yesterday, June 13, 2008 I got 11 clicks for my ads! This has meant an earning of $5.32 to be exact.

The idea that I had an 8.21% CTR for that day scares me to be honest! This was the highest I ever get and I know that too high CTR may endanger the account. This is an honest observation for me. I have read it once in the adsense forum that too high CTR is not healthy for an adsense account. But what is CTR anyway? I got curious of all the stuffs I found in the report heading so I learned all of them. Today is Saturday and it is adsense learning day for me. So I viewed and searched around from adsense help regarding “Page Impression”, “CTR” and “eCPM”. Let’s see what adsense tell about them and I will also display for you my own June report. It is not too impressive but it is not too bad either, at least for a beginner like me.

First we find the date in the adsense report and date is not alien to us. It is the daily records, the “date” (don’t laugh at my explanation please!)

Then We see the Page Impression. What are page impressions now. According to the adsense help center, is the count of execution of Adsense’s JavaScript. Quoting adsense, it states that:

“We count a page impression when our AdSense JavaScript is actually executed by a user's browser and ads are displayed. This is generally the equivalent to a page view.”

However, during instances when the page view is not equal to the page impression, Adsense help further explained that “there are instances that wouldn't execute the ad code and that would cause a discrepancy between the page impressions you register and the page impressions that appear in one’s AdSense account.”

Moreover, as a further explanation of the page impression and its difference from ads impression, adsense help guide explained that “page impressions differ from ad unit impressions. If multiple ad units are present on a page, multiple ad unit impressions will be logged for that page view, but only a single page impression will appear in your reports.”
For example, a user viewing a page with 3 ad units and 1 link unit will log 4 ad unit impressions, but only 1 page impression. You may see further information on this Google Adsense Help Regarding Page Impressions.

Your Ad Here
CTR or the Click Through Rate
CTR is the number of ad clicks divided by the number of impressions for the page of ads that appears when a link unit is clicked. This means that if you have eleven (11) clicks like my June 13 data, and you have 134 page impressions, your CTR will be 8.21%. I have found out from reading around that the higher this rate, the higher the rate of suspicion as to the validity of those clicks then. The best thing to do? Improve the traffic which means improved Impressions and not very high CTR. My June 13 transactions is not very healthy. The CTR is actually higher. My aim is to not exceed 5% actually, thus, I am trying to improve my traffic in case some people or my website visitor click some ads, my account will not be in danger or will not be suspected. Check your traffic rank by clicking the Alexa bar below if you want to know yours.

eCPM (effective cost per thousand (mille) impressions)
The name says it all. The cost of 1,000 impressions on one’s website. It is calculated by dividing total earnings by the number of impressions in thousands. For example, if a publisher earned $180 from 45,000 impressions, the eCPM would equal $180/45, or $4.00. As for my June 13 transaction records, it would be my $5.32/0.134 = $39.70. The 0.134 is derived by dividing 134 page impressions over 1000. Then, as you see in the table of my adsense earnings, the eCPM is actually $39.68, with a slight difference to my computation due to rounding off difference. It’s just my impression that the lower the cost, the better. This means a site must have a higher impression, Please keep in mind that eCPM is only a reporting feature that does not represent the actual amount paid to a publisher.

One thing I learned from today’s little research. Drive, drive and drive traffic! Why? Even if it’s only a single ad click for a day if the traffic is great, I think it is worth it, than to have ten people visiting the site and get five clicks. This 5 clicks over ten visitors is really scary…believe me! I am even scared to death with that 11 click for mine last June 13. Jeez!


  1. happy weekend! Hope everything are alright w/ u...

  2. I really do not understand adsense...

  3. it's against Adsense's TOS to publicly announced what your CTR and CPM is.

    ic0ver mo na lang yung CTR & CPM. Ako i received na may 3rd pay from them i love Adsense :)

  4. Actually it depends on the content. If you have so much related content you will have naturally higher CTR. Don't worry much. CTR isn't the most important factor and you are safe up to 20% because I had blogs for almost a year going on that rates with Adwords ads supported and nothing terrible happened.. yet :)

  5. i never think about CTR and CPM. I let it be natural.jsxv

  6. Nice post. I know what you mean. Having a high CTR is indeed scary.

  7. my overall CTR is a whopping 2%.

  8. Getting us to read several posts and comment will be a great way to keep your bounce rates down

  9. I am not with Adsense but just joined Chikita so I hope I get some clicks soon. I often hear of people in Adsense getting these surges in revenue when they leat expect it. Congratulations. I know some days people complain of a very low clcik thru rate and other days getting over a buck for one click so it is relative I think to the bidding and keywords.

  10. From personal experience, I feel there are other and better ways to earn money than adsense. It's not worth...small $$$...

    Write a paid review, using clickbank or commission junction is better (I might be wrong...but it works for me)

    Good luck!

  11. $5.32 for 11 clicks. thats great.. Keep up the adsense. it's surely working for you.

  12. I've heard from a lot of people having high CTR, and they never got banned. I think you'll earn some money with adsense on this blog. Too bad that Adsense payout is a 100$, in my opinion they should lower it a little bit.


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