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Monday, June 9, 2008

Alexa helps, but is it the best? Well, there is always the "Compete" as an alternative..

From my very post prior to this, I have featured about the service that Alexa (www.alexa.com) is giving. However, I stumbled upon a criticism about the site (of Alexa) that it is not the ultimate measure to traffic and to analyse a site even though it is relatively popular. As you may know, this is a “learner” here so I continued reading through until I came up with the idea of the commentor that www.compete.com would be a better alternative. Thus, I ventured through this istle and with an inquisitive mind, and enjoying the freedom of time, particularly today, which I decide not to take any work, I looked and learned what the site can offer.

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Maybe not anyone has heard of compete, because I myself was surprised to know there are other services similar to what Alexa is offering. I quote here what the site says about itself: “Compete is a new breed of web analytics company. We have a diverse sample of 2,000,000+ U.S. Internet users that have given us permission to analyse the web pages they visit and ask them questions via surveys. We're betting that the insights we create from consumers' online behaviour - whether they're watching, searching, shopping or socializing - is valuable for companies who are looking to radically improve their marketing.” (Compete, About Us 2008)

Actually what Compete does is not only to rank and give out numbers. Similar to that of Alexa, it shows graphical presentation of information as well as in numerical form. As the website claims, it “provides free information for every site on the Internet including site traffic history and competitive analytics; a list of available promotional codes across thousands of online retailers; and site-specific trust scores based on up-to-the-minute data from Compete and third party security services.”

The analytics as I have played and discovered today is really useful and looks very sophisticated. One may compare up to three sites and see how they fared in a given period of time. However, if one wants to compare up to five (5) sites in a single graph, Compete is offering free trial at the moment. Just click www.compete.com.

Actually, to see the real picture and to see the kind of service and the kind of analytics the site offers, I have signed in various leading sites or popular sites that may have interest upon all of us, bloggers, or to whoever is reading this post.

The following is the comparison I logged/generated for the popular search engines in the name of www.google.com, www.yahoo.com and www.msn.com. I though there was a very wide gap between yahoo and goggle but it is not the case after all. I was surprised of what I saw and what I have learned. Although it is only in this graphical presentation, one look can give the viewer a clear idea of the facts. (Click image to enlarge)

Actually, I never ended with the search engines. I searched through technorati (www.technorati.com) of what is the top three blogger in its list and I entered their sites as well and thereby, the Compete (www.compete.com) has generated a graph. Just see how those blogger pops generate traffic and see how many guests/visitors they have for a month. These three are www.huffingtonpost.com, www.techcrunch.com, and www.gizmodo.com.

As I have told you, I am inquisitive. I tried to generate an analytical graph for various news media, the famous (or the infamous???) ones and have it analysed by compete’s (www.compete.com) technology. Well, see the graph! BBC (www.bbc.co.uk) is very far behind the CNN (www.cnn.com). And the sun? For some people who are not acquainted with this media, just see what kind of news/articles this site has. Just click www.thesun.co.uk. At least it makes me thing that sensible people still dominate the world with the rank of CNN and BBC over the Sun, yet, it also make me think that there are at least 1 million people interested in gossips and scandals each month! Am I counted? I have to admit, sometimes! Whewww!

And lastly? I use free service of blogger, yet our urls are in blogspot. I don’t actually have an idea at the moment what this means. All I know is, aside from blogger (www.blogger.com or www.blogspot.com), there is the wrodpress (www.wordpress.com), the bravenet journal (www.bravenet.com) and the typepad (www.typepad.com). I see them when I blog hop. I can only compare three though because I was lazy for the meantime to try the free offer to sign up. Thus, I generated a comparison between www.blogspot.com, www.wordpress.com, and www.bravenet.com. See the following reports.

I also tried to analyse this site’s traffic but I have to admit that I can even count it myself and it automatically reverts to blogspot. Maybe after I buy my own domain, I can make it. Who knows, someday I can compete with google? A dream is a dream. ^_^ You may try for your own sites as well. Just visit www.complete.com.


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