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Friday, June 6, 2008

Another Call to Experts. I need Your Help on These Stuffs Please. Link Not Working Good!

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It’s not only once I received feedback that the links I have or the links I make are not working. Aside from Reena (http://reenashwina.blogspot.com/ ) (no more links coz not working at the mo) there is Azure islands informing me the links I make are not correct. I do not have any idea what is with blogger or what is with the setting of my html that caused this problem. I have solved the mystery of my popup that mica Watson has been complaining about and this time, it is this darn link not working.

I have been working with links from my previous blogs and I know how to make it. I memorized the entire trick and I even tried clicking them back for trial. As for these previous posts, I have to admit that they provide wrong links. I actually put the link, the correct one, even before Reena has informed me. I actually make it this way <[a href]=[the http or www address here dot com]”> [The Name Desired] without all the brackets, of course. I have been suspecting all the while that it was from my MS because I make my articles in a .doc type before transferring to blogs, but even I retyped the blog, there is still no way to make the links right. Why? Why? Why? And Why?

Links are very important for me because I have been planning to have changes in this blog and without link, I will really have a difficulty. Another suspect that I have come up in mid is the fact that I removed the pop here yesterday. I have been looking for the script that caused the pop-ups and I saw it. I remove it from my html.. And now, Mica Watson (www.micawatson.com) have confirmed that ended the posp are gone. But here I am, with this new problem on links.
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What can I do guys? I will also research on this but if any of you have any idea on what I can do, please help me. It would be greatly appreciated.

The Bloglearner


  1. Hi, try putting links as follows:
    Your HTML code: <a href="http://beautiful-females.blogspot.com/"> beautiful girls</a>
    This will appear as beautiful girls to the viewers.
    If you like to add rel="nofollow", place your code as, <a href="http://beautiful-females.blogspot.com/" rel="nofollow"> beautiful girls</a>
    This will also appear as beautiful girls to the viewers.
    If you like you can use a title tag in your code to describe your site,  use the code,
    <a title="This blog shows beautiful girls/ladies from worldwide" href="http://beautiful-females.blogspot.com/" rel="nofollow"> .
    This will also appear as, beautiful girls .
    Feel free to tag me at any of my sites/blogs to solve your problems. Happy weekend!

  2. That should do it (Krishna's tips). Try to see your link code by clicking on the Edit HTML tab.

    Delete any extra characters (other than what krishna indicated) between the tags ==> "<" and ">".

    Another tip. Don't use MSword to write you links, sometimes the quotations marks are different from the ones used by HTML. Use notepad instead.

    I don't use MSword to write articles for my blogs. AbiWord is lighter,free, and better.

    BTW, Blogger templates are usually nofollow by default. But I've got to warn you, I'm no expert too. :D


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