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Monday, June 2, 2008

Awarding the Commenters Flicks

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Get Your Entrecards: The Three Lucky Commenters and 3 Monthly Commenter Bloggers

List your EC Name/Account name to indicate that you are joining the "First Commenter Flicks." Non enrolment will disqualify the commenter and will not gain the prize. The comments must be relevant to the topic. The following are the prizes for every post from today onwards:

First Relevant Commenter : 50 EC Credits
Second Relevant Commenter : 20 EC Credits
Third Relevant Commenter : 10 EC Credits

It's up to you how you can win this contest. As long as you are enrolled here, you will get it and as long as you comment in my succeeding posts. I post at least once each day and you will definitely get at least 50 if you are attentive. Game? This starts today with my current post for June 15, entitled” Featuring this Blog of Omar: The Spring of Life and My First Ever Blog Review" found in this link: http://abc-bloglearning.blogspot.com/2008/06/featuring-this-blog-of-omar-spring-of.html and are in effect up to the succeeding posts.

Just a suggestion is to subscribe but it's actually up to you if you want to grab these prices.

Another good thing to make you feel good? At the end of the month, you can claim a 300 EC credit points if you are the “Top Commenter” (disregard the 123 Commenter at the Top Commenter List because that is me).

The second and third commenter will get a 50 EC Credit each at the end of the month. You have double way of winning actually. Claiming of price is every second day of the month after the month of contest. This means if you are the highest commenter at the end of June, I will post it here in the comments section. Claim your winnings by acknowledging it here too (it’s only once a month, Dude) Telling me which EC account you want me to send the winnings (this is advantageous if you have multiple accounts)

Again, monthly winnings are:
First Relevant Commenter : 300 EC Credits
Second Relevant Commenter : 50 EC Credits
Third Relevant Commenter : 50 EC Credits

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If you don't like to join the second part of the contest, it's up to you. You always have the chance for that fifty, twenty or ten in the individual post level, (50, 20, or 10) right?

To know that you are enrolled in either of the two contests, simply write 999 in each comment you make and indicate your EC account so I can give you the credits for the individual post level.

I hope all is clear. If not, just comment, please. Just check this post from time to time for all EC contests and promos or updates, as well as EC related stuffs. Note that he comment is not regulated so the first to make it, is the actual one who really made it. Game?


  1. Wow. that was quick. You prove what you said in your poll before. You're trustworthy fellow.
    Keep it that way, friend!

  2. What a cool comment contest. It's one the best ways to attract bloggers to leave a word or two here. All the best to you.


  3. This is a good contest. It should attract many viewers......

  4. Subscribe me to this contest as TRANSFIGURE!

  5. sure you can try mine. it's at:


    cheers and thanks!

  6. Please comment at: http://www.kushmoney.com/2008/06/16/blogspot-bloggers/

  7. Damn...my head still couldn't connect with ur post..LOL.. I think i'm still sick here.. TT_TT

  8. That was an interesting post. Gotta Subscribe!

  9. I read your article with great pleasure. You have very good information sharing. thanks


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