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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Banned from Adsense? You Need Not Worry! You Can Still Earn that Bucks!

I remembered stumbling upon the problogger site before and I read a lot of responses in a post. In fact, a hundred or a couple of hundreds responses! Well, you know that problogger guy how good he is. As I read through, there were many who were testimonizing having lost their “adsense license” as I may call it. They have been banned out of adsense for short, yet they never gave up from blogging and with the aim to earn from it.

Adsense is really great as I heard it. Although I never received any paychecks yet as I only tried to be a little focused just a few days ago when I started to join Entrecard and also tried to take a few days rest from working, I have acknowledged the power of this advertising scheme as it is powered by google itself. But what you will do if you lost it?

Indeed adsense is the leading one. Yet, we are all aware that there are alternatives that are available around, right? Actually, even with my little blogs before, just a passive posting with them, I was able to receive a paypal payment from advertising. And no matter how small it was, I was happy to know that this advertising stuff online is true. Actually, I am talking about BidVertiser

I was able to receive $16++ since the minimum it requires is only $10 and the publisher can have the earnings. To have adsense is great and to have an alternative is even better, right?

One more advertising affiliation that I have encountered is Adbrite. In fact, that image ad (but sometimes it turns into a text as well) you see in my right sidebar at the top right is by Adbrite. What I like about this company is its interesting images that can call some attention and will be subconsciously clicked. It does not pay much however and as I have seen it, I have many many clicks in my profile yet I have very little earnings. I have not studied adbrite yet but maybe it depends on my CTR and CPC as well (See Here what are CTR and CPC). But no rush, I will be learning about them in few days and I will be sharing the knowledge with you here as well.

I have also tried widgetbucks but I do not have the faintest idea how it works and most of the time, I cannot see the adverts showing in my page (for my prior blogs). Or maybe it is my connection? Or maybe they are region based because when I have had the screen shots of my pages (like those you see in Alexa, blogcatalog, etc. when you check your rank or when you joined in), I have seen those widgetbucks ads showing! So I supposed that there is no much advertising that targets Europe since I stay here (not UK). I have not checked my account lately though.

My point in posting here is, only for the alternative and add-ons in case you may want them. I still trust adsense the most, though I have not earned from them yet. Well, the world is telling the truth how good it is, right? And a lot of you fellow bloggers are telling it. And in fact, one fellow blogger commented on my post about adsense here that she already received three checks. Since adsense pays a minimum of one hundred dollars ($100), this would mean she already received at least three hundred $300). Isn’t that great to earn from doing what you enjoy which is blogging? If you want some alternatives though, you can try those advertising companies that I have mentioned. Just click those banners and you will be redirected to their sites. For BidVertiser, make sure to register as a “PUBLISHER” and NOT as an “ADVERTISER”. Good luck and keep on earning.

Image taken from Static Brain. Technorati icon
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  1. I don't like ADS. A hold over from when I had Geocities and spent so much time trying to figure out how to keep the banners from popping up. BUT "real" websites have ads. And sites without ads don' look as "official". So, I've added Adsense to ONE blog (so far). I like the "professional" look it gives the site. And I was accepted in the same day (I was surprised)! 999 TRANSFIGURE

  2. Hi gurl...hope ur ads make a good money...

  3. I am here today..Have a wonderful day!!

  4. Hey, heard of bandwidth theft? You need to copy any images you are trying to use from someone else's server to your own. Did you notice it disappeared from your page? My hotlink protection was messed up but it is working again. I don't appreciate you trying to hotlink to my images, because then I wind up paying for bandwidth you are stealing from me, by making my site serve images for you.

  5. Many webmasters don't mind if you use some of the images on their site, within reason, assuming that they are not copyrighted and that you give credit. However, it is very important that you do not direct link to images on someone else's server (site). This is called bandwidth theft, and it can cost the webmaster in question money.

    What is direct linking? Direct linking is when you display an image from one site on a different site (such as on your own site, or on a forum or blog). If the site you are direct linking to is yours, there is nothing wrong with this.

    But if you are direct linking to a site that is not yours, it is bandwith theft (also called hot linking, hotlinking, remote linking, remote loading, or leeching).

    For example, if you post one of my images like you did — that's direct linking.

    Basically, if staticbrain.com appears in the image URL in your html, you're direct linking to an image on my server.

    What should you do instead of direct linking? This depends on whether you have your own webspace or not.

    If you have your own website or webspace: The key is saving the image to your own computer, and then uploading it to your own site.

    If you want to use an image on your website, you first need to save the image to your computer. You can do this by right-clicking on the image and choosing "Save Picture As" (Explorer) or "Save Image As" (Firefox). Then, you'll need to upload the image to your website, in the same way that you upload your other pages and files. Finally, include the image on your page as you normally would, but using your own address

    If you do not have your own website or webspace: You have two choices - get some free web space to host pictures on, or link to the page the image is on instead of directly to the image itself.

    Get some web space of your own to host images on:
    photobucket.com and flickr.com will allow you to store photos and link to them directly.

    Why is direct linking such a no-no? There are a few reasons. Some of them are more important from your point of view, and some are more important from the point of view of the site owner you're stealing from.

    Bandwidth Theft is the big reason for the person you're stealing from. Bandwidth is basically data transferred from one computer to the next. When you loaded this page, it used some bandwidth by sending the data from my server to your computer. It's sort of like electricity — when you turn on a light, it uses electricity. When you view a web page or image, download a sound file, or access any other file on the internet, it uses bandwidth. (Click here for further explanation on what bandwidth is.)

    For some sites, bandwidth is free. Many sites on the internet are small, and are hosted by free web hosts. These hosts do limit the amount of bandwidth the sites can use, but most sites don't use enough bandwidth to ever exceed this limit, so they never have to pay for bandwidth. So, your theft of their bandwidth won't cost them money, but if other sites direct link to their files, they might go over their bandwidth limit, and get kicked off their host!

    Moreover, large/busy sites cannot be hosted by free web hosts — these webmasters have to pay for web hosting. Generally, they pay a set amount per month which will include a set amount of bandwidth. (The more bandwidth your account allows, the more your monthly fee will be.) Plus, if a site uses more than the allowed amount of bandwidth in any given month, they have to pay extra fees, which can be very high. So, sites direct linking to their files will cause their total bandwidth to go up, and may cost them money!

    If your neighbor secretly ran an extension cord to your electric outlet to run his appliances, this would be stealing your electricity, and your electric bill would go up — you'd be paying to keep his house running, and you would NOT be pleased. This is much like bandwidth theft — if you direct link to an image on my server, it uses my bandwidth, and I have to pay the bill for your site! This is obviously not okay. And it's actually pointless, since most of the sites that direct link are small sites on free hosts, so it's not as if they need to save bandwidth — for them, it's free, but for some of us, it's very expensive!

    Broken Images (or worse) is a reason not to direct link from your point of view. You have no control over files hosted on someone else's server, so you never know when your page might suddenly be full of broken images! The site you're linking from might move, or their server might go down, or they might delete/move/rename their images. Sometimes webmasters will even replace the stolen image with a different one to intentionally make you look silly/bad. (For example, they might replace an image of Britney Spears with one of a pig or of something pornographic, or they might replace it with an image stating "Bandwidth Thief!") If you save the files to your own server, nobody but you can touch them!

    Longer Download Times is another reason. Telling a web browser to draw files from multiple servers can make your page take ages to load. When you link to servers other than your own, web browsers have to waste time that could have been spent downloading looking for the new server. This can really slow down or even halt the loading time of your own web page.

    Consequences! If your misuse of the internet is costing someone else money, you can bet they're going to take issue with you! They may contact you demanding that you remove the files, they may delete or replace the files as mentioned above, they may go straight to your web host and have your site shut down, or they could even sue you. Why take the chance?

  6. Yeah there so many reason why advertisers banned the bloggers...i got banned for taknng the opps that required PR 4..lol, it was offered to me though my blog hasn't PR so i take it...anyway, it's up to the advertiser to offer opps again..

  7. I Don't like adbrite, it's slow in giving us income...But after reading your post, I'm looking forward joining bidvertiser... thanks for posting this

  8. I hope I never get banned...how else would i make 7 cents a day?

  9. I myself use AdBrite. Quite slow income, right know my income rate is from 12-17 cents per week. but maybe it's just because my blog traffic isn't high enough.

  10. I'd suggest reading turnip's blog through Entrecard. He usually has good ideas on making money.

  11. There are tons of alternatives for Adsense, but people just don't give them a try.

  12. My boy got banned for having a 9 percent click through rate. That stuff is wild.

  13. But we need to be carefull about Adsense bcoz my frnd got banned at reaching 98$ saying that his blog is threat to add publishers.
    I have a very low revenue through adsense. But it good that u mentioned some alternatives.
    Please do post how to increase revenue through adsense

  14. I am not using adsense because they are very funny about where you can put your blog about and I want my alexa ranking to go up and my page views. I have opted for bidvertiser, adbrite and chikita minimails, I think the minimails are cute.

  15. Can you please let me know some information regarding how to utilize Adsense to more extent. Right now my hitcount on Ads is very low.

  16. Well thanks for sharing, other options besides Adsense

    but personally I believe get ads directly from Advertisers is much much more efficient

    I use Adsense only when I dont have Advertisers. Advertising on my page

    - The Hideaway

  17. don't forget to mention that the min is $50 for those who don't have PayPal ! (I was trapped, the amount is so low, but after registering i discovered the check amount)

  18. Adsense is good for those with high pageviews. I was using google adsense but stopped as my pageviwes were less. My current template will look messy with adsense.

  19. I like adsense, Its a good reward for bloghopping i guess.. Its not much but in time it will get bigger (i hope)..

    Have a nice day!



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