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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Call to Entrecard Experts or Any Blog Expert Who May Help Me Out

Hello folks! I have to admit I am a newbie. A newbie for all stuff going around here online. What I mean is, I just started web logging, or should I say constantly logging posts on the blogs I have since the last two months of November when I resigned from my Philippine work and went out of the country.

To cut the long story short, I have read, read and still continue reading on the benefits of online activities, transactions, events or whatever proper financially or politically correct word it may suit them. I became interested in many things: from adsense to bidvertiser; from page ranking to SEO; from linking and tagging and all other similar stuffs. And last night, I tried to be a member of Entrecard. Well, I have that letter “E”- card now in my left side bar but I don’t have the faintest idea how it really works.
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I have to admit that, maybe my mind and heart is not into it. But only maybe because I still feel a gread deal of interest over it and to make something to make it succeed and to, of course, take all opportunities that may pass my way. In fact, I want to thank LIZA the great mom blogger for advising me joining EC. I have taken a look at how it works through the “virtual tour” but still I don’t get it. What puzzles me more is the fact that I never see myself logged: every time I click into something, the space to log is still open advising me to log. No acknowledgment whatsoever whether I am logged or not. Thus, to all who have idea regarding these ecards, or the entire ecards biz for that matter, I hope you can shed light on this matter.

1. How does entrecard benefit me as a blogger?
2. How can I have credits?
3. Aside from “dropping” and taking the cards “dropped” on me, how can I earn credits?
4. Who are selling? Can I buy for cash instead? How?
5. Would you personally allow me a space in your blog/site if I buy Entrecards?
6. How I upload an image to my own card? Shout it be exactly 125 x 125? Because I tried even smaller .jpeg pixels but it says 125x125.
7. Any advise you may give?

I acknowledge your answer or anything posted in response to this. I want to maximize online opportunity. For me my current online earning (not blogging or something but online) of $1000 is very little. I live in Europe and dollar here is very small. I need more money (as my personal earning, not gift, not allowance not given, etc.) because I just love earning money myself and I love independence, and I do love seeing my paypal with many figures too. How about you? I know all of us have the same aspirations. If you may help me, it would be returned in any way possible, I am a grateful person who loves to return a favor given, just tell me how and what it is. Thank you again in advance and I do highly appreciate your help.
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The Bloglearner


  1. you got great template. you earn credits while doing drops, receiving drops and adverts displayed on your blog. Try to get more drops as it may increase your ranking and credits to advertise on your blog. the credits you can buy from ebay.com, just search entrecard in ebay. you can also sell the credits for cash on ebay. the size must be 125x125. Try to resize and using paint. it is simpler or you could hire someone to do it professionally for u on shopping/forum column in entrecard itself. try to read the ebook http://entrecard.com/static/entrecard_official_ebook.pdf and im sure you will be more clear on entrecard. this is a great guidance. noticed that you run great number of adsense on this page. take note that, if you drop 300 cards a day and replying your inbox drops everyday, you might get around 150 - 250 visits just from entrecard to your blog everyday. you could earn high page impressions and indirectly you could earn more money from adsense. Note: please place your entrecard widget on top of the page and right below entrecard widget place ur adsense. make sure ur visitor don't have to scroll to find entrecard or adsense text ads. this is just a tips. let me know if u want to know anything else.

  2. ABC Bloglearner says...
    Hi Reena! What avery good healp you gave me. I can't thank you enough for this. Very detailed and have additional tips! Thank you thank you!

    I'll be in your site shortly to give you my thanks. Take care and best regards,

    ABC Bloglearner

  3. reena has told you everything ;) you do your bloghopping through entrecard. just log in to your account and start dropping, you can start from mine hehe, or you can start dropping from the campaign, just click it from your dashboard.

    having your own widget is better as reena explained. like me, i like dropping on eye catching widgets, ganun din ang iba. others use their photos, ikaw bahala, check my widgets on my site so you'll have an idea.

    try to maintain 300 drops everyday, if your isp is fast you can do it in an hour. mine usually takes up 2 hours because i read and comment on interesting articles ;)

  4. ABC Bloglearner says...

    Oh good... now I have two experts with me... So it's time investmebt takaga... galing naman ni Liz and you're too fast.. so i guess it's the connection that gives me the problem.. I shifted to wap to reduce billing of my internet here in Italy... 45 euros is quite much for a mont's connection...sigh...

    Thanks again Liza.

    ABC Bloglearner

  5. thanks for the dropped...and also..thank you for the comment. I appreciated it!

  6. Hello...

    Thanks for dropping on us. We've answered the questions on your comment in our blog. :D

  7. Hi ,
    thanks for visiting me,it would be great to exchange links with you.I have already added you.Would be great if you could retuen the favour.As for your questions , they seem mostly answered.As for increasing amount in ur paypal account, i can only click around a bit, which i have done.
    Do visit my blog

  8. ABC Bloglearner says

    Hi Guys. Thanks a bunch for all your advice and favours done. I highly appreciate it. At the moment, I am thinking that the reason why I cannot do nothing with the EC is my connection....

    Thanks Rose, Bong and ENigma.
    ABC Bloglearner

  9. hi,this is a niceblog. can we exchange links. my site is http://limferdi.blogspot.com. I've already added you to my link lists. thanks.

  10. Hi limferdi... I am currently adding you. thanks. i want to inform everyone as well that all link exchange requests are welcome. If you add my link, be assured that 100% yours will be added back.

    Take care and best regrds to everyone.

    ABC Bloglearner

  11. Well i'm okay if it doesn't against TOS. Or it does? I don't want we get problems because i know someone who get banned four times for doing this thing a year ago..hehe..

    Let me know what you think :)

  12. Well actualy he changed his account four times because his banned..hehe..

    What you were saying is make sense to me. But do u think it's ok if we do this exchange everyday?

    By the way how long have u been doing this stuff?

    Hope to hear from u soon.

    Anyway u don't have to publish this kinda post..haha..

  13. Can I know your nick name?

    Entrecard only allow us to do drop 1 on each widget in 24 hours. You can drop again after it refreshes. You need to check with EC support on the time they refresh back your drops in your time zone or for your account. Thanks for the link ads.

  14. Yeah i think that's fine.

    Anyway i know this singaporean buddy too, and know some from my country who doing this too. Actually i already did this with them several times but i took a break for a while, wanna check the situation first because i know they all newbies and i think they didn't read the TOS instead..hehe..

  15. hi thanks for the visit...u didn't fix the pop up window yet, and, ur blog always error to view...i don't know why...hope u fix the pop up kay samok oi.lol

  16. reason for cannot drop could be many.

    Can u see the entrecard widget on any site that you visit? if cannot then your browser might block it. just allow the domain name in your browser in order to see the entrecard widget.

    plus, sometimes entrecard widget won't appear due to high usage of their server. you might need to refresh the site a few times.

    if you are not log in to your entrecard account, then you cannot do any drops also. try log in first before doing drops.

    if you see any comments like
    - Thanks, Go! Go!, Alright!, Wicked!, Yeehah!, Awesome!, 300 per day!, 1 per day!... if any of these message appear, then you cannot drops also. Check our http://reenashwina.blogspot.com/2008/04/entrecard-message.html

  17. hi ABC, nice to meet you~i dunno where to reply ur msg from my chat box~so i choose to reply here ya ^^
    my blog is a chinese blog~maybe u din install the chinese font, so that u can't see what i write~
    your r from Italy ?? what a nice country ^.^ i love Italy so much~
    anyway, ur blog look great =)
    how old are you ??
    Keep In Touch Ya ^.^

  18. My monthly ad space? I am charging $10 dollars per month. Why?

  19. Hi..I'm sorry if took me quite a while to get back to you...thanks for the drop by the way. I guess a few people here have already explained how entrecard works so all i can say is just do as they say. Drop as much as you can. You see, nothing is virtually free online..you have to place an effort to earn. But I guess, this is how it has to be. Goodluck and hope to hear from you again soon.

  20. ABC Bloglearner says...
    @ Mica:

    I have tried to look at my html last night and have found out that it was caused by the layout link itself! My goodness! I tried to remove it and i do hopw it was successful. It even uses google to support th epop.. I don't know how it came there... it was imbeded in my original html! Gracious! Anyway, thanks for the constant reminder dear. take care and hope you are ok.

    ABC Bloglearner

  21. ABC Bloglearner says...

    @ Reena again.

    How helpful your tips are. But now, I think it is my connection. Ill just try to visit the blogs of those who drop their cards and return the favor they make as best as I can.. I'm a person who feels ashamed if I cannot return the favor done to me.

    take care and best regards. I am happy to have stubled upon your site.

    ABC Bloglearner

  22. ABC Bloglearner says...

    @ Wendy,

    Thanks for getting back. i though the test was Japanese because the script is little fat...hehe.. ANyway, I don't understand Chinese so it's okay in English...(^_^

    Take care and best regards,
    ABC Bloglearner .

  23. ABC Bloglearner says...

    @ Sedna and Nancy.
    Thanks for dropping by gurls.. well, I am curious about how good it is to put ads directly or to advertise or something. Anyways, still researching about it.

    And Nancy, thank you very much..and to all of you guys, expect me to get back to you for sure. i appreacite all your visits and advices.

    ABC Bloglearner s

  24. Hi,
    thanks for dropping by in my blog and for the compliment.
    Obviously a lot of bloggers gave you the idea what EC is all about and its benefits.
    Nice blog you got here btw,
    if you want to xlinks just inform me.. thanks :] c yah around

  25. ow....i have no experience lol...^^
    anyway,thanks for visiting my blog...haha...i havent go to KL yet....i am going to....^^

  26. Hello!!Thanks for visiting my page..Added you to my blogger friends..Please add me too


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