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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Featuring this Blog of Omar: The Spring of Life and My First Ever Blog Review

One good thing a discovered about entrecard is, I discovered and really interacted with a lot of bloggers from all over the world. Before I joined in, my cluster maps in the left are not so scattered unlike now. I am a new member though.

Along the way, I stumbled upon this blog called Spring of Life which one can easily locate at http://omar-abid.blogspot.com/. What I like about this page is, it loads in few seconds without giving a lot of trouble. Another thing is, it looks very simple not distracting the viewers’ vision with a lot of widgety widge around. And I guess, this is the reason why it loads very fast. Definitely, it is a blog helping out bloggers to improve their blogs, either through subscription or through technorati or anything else. Some of the recent posts include The Technorati Improvement program at http://omar-abid.blogspot.com/2008/06/technorati-improvement-program.html, the technique guide on creating the icon bar and creating and getting an adsense account
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However, there are setbacks as well. It is true that it is not disturbing to the eyes, but the simplicity that it has make Spring of Life a bit boring to the eyes. At least for my own opinion. Moreover, it uses a two-column, very narrow layout, which makes you scroll scroll scroll more down before you see what you want. Additionally, which I don't like the worst is, where is that Entrecard? I cannot really locate it. I suggest you that the Spring of Life Blog to give some considerations to those who visit the blog.

This is my first ever review of a blog and I said it all. I said it honestly what I like and I don't like. You want yours be reviewed honestly? Just drop me a line.
Visit the Spring of Life Blog to confirm and see what I have reviewed and to make it as a basis if I review good or not.


  1. Hi! stopping here to say hi!!!!



  2. it takes 3 days ang transition period on switching to the new domain...but u can use both ways..old and new domain..after 3 days new na..

  3. it's another fun week..God bless you!

  4. Hi, thanks for the visit, returning the favor.

  5. hi! you know, i just enjoyed EC just today..because yesterday i got 76 visitors via EC, first time happened though becoz usually I only got 5droppers per day..and also yesterday i only dropped 4 EC..been a member for a while already.

    sure lets exchange links...i'll add you ahead..ok let me know when u added me too.

  6. Hiya, I just drop by from entrecard. The design of that blog is great :)

  7. Having a narrow layout is a personal choice and shouldn't affect your review. "Boring" is your personal opinion, only. I find the design very pleasing to the eye!

  8. I, on the other hand, also thought the site loaded a bit slowly (in addition to my last comment). 999TRANSFIGURE.

  9. thanks for those lovely thoughts! i'm lost for words!

    yeah, hubby lost a lot of weight. he stopped exercising due to his constant travel. he said he doesn't feel like going back to it anytime soon.

    so you'll be leaving italy for good, or just for a holiday?


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