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Monday, June 16, 2008

The Freebie Reporter Dot Com and My Second Review

It was yesterday when I first made my review of a fellow bloggers’ site. See Featuring this Blog of Omar:The Spring of Life and My First Ever Blog Review. Today, I am making my second review of the site. I love sharing my views, actually, honest views and if you want me to tell you something about it, you are obliged to accept it. The site I am talking about at the moment is The Freebie Reporter, the readers’ daily dose of freebies. What I see upon this site?

First, slogan wise, I like it. “Your Daily Dose of Freebies”. Moreover, I like the organization where the tabs are headed by their respective relevant header topics (with proper CNAMES) that readers can go/click/navigate if they want, namely the Freebies, Coupons, Deals, Contests, Resources, and Requests, among others.

blog review, freebie reporter
What do you get in the freebies section? You can actually denote it from the titles of the posts such as "Sample of Beyond Seven Condoms” while one post that is a bit “empty” is the announcement of coupons entitled Shaw’s Printable Coupons Info in the Coupons area. For the Contests, the brief information are very useful and I have tried the links and were working efficiently.. I can get back maybe from time to time and see what I can get from those rewarding contests. The site is not very cluttered and the ads are at the right side, a good placement rather than the left sidebar area.

reviews, blog reviews, freebie reporter, webbiestuffs blog review
Overall, it was a great navigating experience that made me finish this review for quite some hours. I love to learn around as well and see what other fellow bloggers are offering and learn from them. From The Freebie Reporter I learned the importance of past loading site. This blog that i have here, The WebbieStuffs does not have this great quality of "fast loading" and it feels great to navigate without waiting. One more suggestion: It’s better if the title at the top stands out because the posts’ titles are even larger: it’s quite awkward to look at.

See the blogs is Freebies and enjoy. Take note that the above review is my personal opinion. Please feel free to add yours in the comments section.

Note: Image are clickable to see their real size but they are not linked to the reviewed blog. To see the blog, please click any of the links mentioned or Click the Freebie Reporter Here.


  1. What a kind person you are to give so much time for other, rare in this world of greed. Bravo :)

  2. Yes, I like the site too.

    I just noticed that the website title is smaller than the titles of the posts: Good observation!

    Also, there's a BOTTOM "sidebar" (one of my favorite styles). However, I think there are too many posts on the front page... I never navigated to the bottom til just now.

    As for your reviews. Both good. This one a bit better than the last. However, your images look like the reviewed website but clicking on them doesn't go to the website pictured. I think they will but then they don't.


  3. i know you are a good reviewer. :) actually, i like this site too.

  4. I do think that fast loading is important , besides customers do not have to wait long , entrecard dropper will love to drop

  5. A lot of people like that site. It's fairly popular within the EC community.

  6. I have to go check out the site now!


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