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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Google Page Rank: I Want to Improve in It!

Saturday again and in the last couple of days, I was not able to update this blog. This is because it’s summer time and most of the time, going out is among the top listed activities. In short, I was out! Although I had the laptop and the connection with me, I was not even able to open that laptop from the bag. I had a great time that is why.

Going back to the topic, I want to understand about this google page rank thing. I have been amaze by the power of google and I am sure, everyone else is. I have received the other week about google pagerank explanation from Submit Eaze and I was not free enough to explore what is this “powerful” google page rank. Thus, I searched from my gmail about this thing and I am lucky enough to still locate it and that I have not emptied my trash mails yet.

So I am going to share with you what I have received from e-mail about google page rank. I have learned and if you are interested, you may learn as well.

What is Google Page Rank?
As explained from Submit Eaze, “the whole concept behind the Internet is the ability for documents to provide hyperlinks to other documents. Google was the first search engine that defined how popular a particular website or document (web page) was by looking at how many other websites linked to it. It then ranked how popular this web site/page is by giving it a rating between 0-10, 10 being the most popular.” We all know about that the higher the PR, the better. But how do we attain it? All of us, I am sure, want to have an improved or at least a good deal of PR, right? I have seen the great opportunities to have it. Actually, in my case, I am zero with PR yet, I will be working to improve it this week (that is, if I don’t need to go to another place again!) together with my traffic.

How PR is Increased?
Now we are here in the most important aspect: improving our PR. Taking from the idea of my source again, there is only one way to increase the PageRank of the website: this is to get more inbound links. Before dashing off and start trying to get more links to the website however, there a few things that a webmaster should know about how PR is calculated. PR is not calculated based on a simple count of the number of the links that point to one website, it also takes into consideration the PR of the web page that provides the link to a website (like yours and mine) and how many other outbound links there are on that webpage. So the higher PR-rated web page a website/blog obtain the link from, the more PageRank will be transferred to your website! So for example, a single link from a PR6 website might be worth 30 links from PR1 websites...

Heard about Dilution?
The table is not the absolute measure howver. There's even more to it! Not only does Google take into consideration the PR of the web page that provides the link to your website, it also looks at the number of other links on the web page that provide the link, in effect the more links the page provides the more the PageRank is diluted. So, if one manage to get a link from a PR5 website then that's great, but if that web page also provides links to hundreds of other websites, then it might actually be as effective as a link from a PR1 or PR2 website.

Now I am more educated about PRs. Maybe I will download that google toolbar? Hmm.. but I do not think it is necessary. People or webmasters who have an appreciable PR are more happy to display them actually so what’s the deal of downloading that toolbar anyway? It’s a great learning about PR. I do hope people who read it or are interested in PR can find this post at least of a little help.

For the table and other related information, I acknowledge my source, What is google Pagerank by SubmitEaze.

But wait! One more thing. I quote one critic of the PR and I see the plain truth in it:

"And this is a problem. In a pure sense, the PR of a website is no indication of the quality of a website. PR can be manipulated, PR can be bought and sold and website owners, particularly bloggers run the danger of forgetting that what really draws people to the website is the quality of the content there. PR is no measure of “value” that a website brings to the Internet, it’s simply Google’s internal metric which it uses to tailor it’s search results." See for more thoughs on this PR thing. Technorati icon


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  2. I've never been concerned over page rank. Maybe if I was trying to make money it would be different.

  3. Good luck with improving your PR. I'm sure that your PR will start to increase. But it takes a lot of time and effort. Keep it up!

  4. Page rank is like the cumulative of a lot of time and effort. (Similar thoughts as the previous commenter)

  5. hopping here and reading. good luck in improving your PR. happy weekend! :)

  6. Thank you for sharing this! I just lost my PR with my first blog. I'm making my two other blogs.. Hope to get a higher PR!

  7. Great! I should have read this earlier!

  8. I lost my PR.. Will I get it back?

  9. Thanks for the tips. My Page Rank is Terrible.

  10. Good luck with the Google PR trek!

  11. Nope.. i didn't fave the dutch but i fave spain, who will send italy home tonight..hohohoho..

  12. There used to be page rank contests. Some famous ones where lots of tricks were tried. Their results show that the best way to get links from other sites is 1. To ask. And 2. To return the favor. 999 TRANSFIGURE

  13. This was very informational about Google Page Rank. I will try to increase my rank.

  14. I bless you with joy and prosperity..have a great day!

  15. So if I comment on your blog and it has a good PR does that bode well for my blog which is quite new?

  16. This was very informational . and please do keep posting about SEO tips

  17. This table isn't good! I have blogs that have PR5 and PR4 without having such backlinks

  18. Thanks for sharing, but mypagerank.info's loading is so slow to slow up...

    0 Results from Google?

    Hey whats wrong!...

  19. I don't trust PR now. It's good for sites which are just started. once you establish then you don't need it. I suggest for izea realrank. It's good but slows down pageload. :(

  20. x( I hate PR, but I need it for joining monetizing programs. Any suggestion to increase it?


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