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Thursday, June 12, 2008

In Few days, This Weblog Will Have a Custom Domain. But Help Me First, Please…

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I paid for a domain name for this account yesterday. I want it to be customized but I don’t have any idea on what to do yet. As per the advice of blogger, it’s better to buy the domain from them so it will be less complicated for my current .blogspot blog. And I did so.

As noted, the domain will work within 72 hours and until this amount of time expires, I cannot comprehend yet whether it would be functioning good or not. I have been reading stuffs about it since yesterday but until now, nothing has registered to my brain! I just cannot concentrate ion this! I have so many things popping up my mind!

To those who bought their domains from blogger before and with an existing blogspot account to link/forward/redirect/whatever to that domain, what did you do?

I am just curious. Or should I say, I do need your advice on this to keep me going. It is still not up (obviously by now) but I do hope in 24 hours time. That is, if I can perform the required processes (if ever there is/are). I am asking your help folks..

Any advice on this please? Thank you in advance.


  1. if you have bought your domain that means you have already changed the publication in your blogger. you do.... nothing. just blog as always. your traffic will be redirected to your new domain. oh better tell you link exchanges to change your link to the new domain name.

  2. hi there, it's the same blog i change the background. Have a great day
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