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Thursday, June 12, 2008

An Independence Day Tribute to Fellow Pinoys, Win Php 1000 for a Single Post!

This is just an idea that popped up in my mind. Since today is Philippine Independence Day, I want to give a thank you to all my fellow bloggers around, especially the Filipino community. I am giving out Php 1,000 for a deserving participant on this little contest I have came up to. This contest runs for a month from June 12, 2008 until July 13, 2008.

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What do you need to do and to have to qualify and grab the Php 1,000?

1. You must have a blog of any kind with a traffic ranking of Alexa of at least 8,000th. If you don’t know how and what it is, simply refer and/or click to my Alexa widget to measure your current rank. This is a very lax qualification. Check at the banner below for your rank. (If you are not qualified at the moment, you can improve your rank and join later, this is a month-long contest). You may also see my post regarding Alexa.

2. You must be Filipino or a Filipina. Residence does not matter.

3. You have to make a post on your blog about this contest and link to this specific page AND to the main blog url (http://abc-bloglearning.blogspot.com/www.webloglearner.blogspot.com, whatever you see in your adrress bar). You may post both in Filipino or English, it’s up to you.

4. Post your entry (ies) link in the comments section of this post and your nickname. One comment per entry please. Since participants are allowed multiple entries, please indicate if it is first entry, second entry, etc.

5. And lastly, add my link to your blog as ABC Bloglearner (http://abc-bloglearning.blogspot.com and/or www.webloglearner.com) whatever you see in your address bar as this blog's url (I just bought this domain and I am currently in transition period). If you add the two links, it would be appreciated more.

Simple as that right? You are blogging anyway and blogging for a fee/a little gift is not that bad, right? Or if not, if you don’t need money. You may as well inform your friends for it who you think might appreciate it and who may be in need of a little cash for snacks.

Important Notes:
I will be putting a subscription/feed widget and it’s up to you to subscribe otr not. You may subscribe at your own choice if you want to win future contests.

Winners will be selected through my own and my Italian buddies' judging criteria:

1 accuracy of following the above instructions (35%)
2. creativity (30%)
3. appeal to readers (especially to me) (35%)

The payment will be through paypal and the Php 1,000 will be through paypal conversion rate of dollars.( I have dollar/Euro?GBP accounts only. Sorry.) It will be Php 1000 but might arrive in your account as dollars and if you convert later, the dollar can either appreciate or depreciate. Winnings may be converted to 2000 entrecard credits as well, if the winner opts to. Moreover, if you want to join and you have no paypal account, you may ask me to convert it into something that we can both find feasible (i.e., phone cards that can be paid by paypal at ebay or any goods). It can always be arranged. Don’t worry for I am a negotiable person.

Although the contest ends on July 13, 2008 I still have to read all the entries and decide thus, announcement of winners will be seven days after it, which means will be on July 20. Please bear in mind that after the winner is announced on that date and after I have posted on his/her latest blog entry, he/she has 48 hours to acknowledge it from the time of my post (July 20).

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This makes it practical to subscribe then to not lose the winnings. If that winner cannot acknowledge the winning in the comments section within the specified time, it will be given to another winner and the same 48-hour rule applies. The winning entry/blog/person will coordinate with me regarding the winnings, how to send it, where, etc.

Multiple entries for a person is allowed as long as the blog qualifies as mentioned above. The more entries, the more referrals you may make and the more chances to win. Good luck everyone. The earlier you join, the more referrals, resulting to a greater winning chance.

For any questions and/or suggestions, please post in the comment section. All questions and suggestions will be answered in the comments section as well. Watch out for more cash contests to come. You may start posting now. Please suggest on how to make this contest easier if you have ideas. thanks.

Please bear in mind that this contest will only be valid if there are at least twelve (12) participants. This will encourage everyone to share the info here and share the opportunity. The winning contestant/blogger will still win Php 300 though if this contest is invalidated. So you have the choice to either keep it to yourself or invite fellow Pinoy bloggers.


  1. hi red! naku pano ba ito hindi ko na maalala pano ko ginawa, where did you purchase your hosting? basta i remeber i emailed google to ask for instructions kasi hindi ko nga maayos kung pano magredirect. tapos they replied with the instructions.

    check this
    dito lang ako nag-aral. basta alam ko me pinabago lang dun sa cpanel ng account ko dun sa host tapos ok na. sorry if i can't help you ha, di ko na talaga maalala.

  2. hello red, your requirement too hard. anyway, happy independence day.

  3. Hi Chodirin. I am very glad you gave me this feed back. If you feel this way, this means the others might be feeling this way too. May I have your suggestion please?

    This is actually a testing stage for further contests so better to know what'r the ups and downs.

    Thanks again.

    ABC Bloglearner

  4. nose bleed hehehehehe..

    babasahin ko ule ang instructions..and see if i'll be able to comprehend this time :)

  5. Hi! I'm writing a post right now about the contest invitations I received. I should have included your promo but I could not link directly to the post where you talk about your contest.

    I think there's some problem about your internal configuration. Try clicking the title of your post and you will receive an error like this:

    The site you have requested could not be found. (404)

  6. Hello everyone. this is me actually under an anonymous name (the Bloglearner) so I wont be up in the top ten commentors.

    Regarding the link, you can click it but please replace the "webloglearner.com" with "abc-bloglearning.blogspot.com" because the site is in transistion to a new domain.

    The real link and functional one, to be sure, is

  7. oh i guess i'm too late for this contest T_T too bad

  8. waaaaaaaaaa... don't think makajoin ko... daw kbudlay man sang mga requirements...not agood writer kag medyo bz man ko karon. hmmm... don't worry, i'll help you with other bloggers magconvince nga mag-join sila... july pa man mg-end and contest diba?

  9. Hi there! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I will join your contest. Expect a entry within the week. But is it ok to use my other blog? The one you commented on was the new site, I have an older one with a pretty good Alexa rank. It's on wordpress. Check it out when you can. :) --> http://myfirstonemillionpesos.wordpress.com


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