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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

LiveWire News Dot Net is Another Way to Drive Traffic to Sites and Blogs! Hop In Now!

The other day, I discovered a great site to further drive traffic to this blog that I have. This promising site is called Livewire News, a great Social Community for bloggers, webmasters, and anyone who wishes to promote their articles or blog posts.. I was able to browse around the site and participate such as submitting an article, commenting, and most of all, I had to register to be a member.

Why I said it’s a promising site? It is because as I see it, it is still fresh in the web and members are just starting to be in. It is not saturated yet and I advice everyone to be part of Livewire News for we all have nothing to lose and be the pioneers. Why do you have to join? For a lot of reasons and I specify some of them: Technorati icon

1. It is a free site that you can submit your own site articles making your articles/site popular.

2. Once your article is published, expect a good deal of traffic to rush in to your site.

3. Make your site/blog be featured for free both in the top users area as well as in the articles you submitted or in the Latest Comments section.

4. Socialization and site/blog hopping among members are possible especially for those who submitted the article from their own blog or site and not from other sources.

5. Free traffic to your/our sites/blogs

6. And a lot more.. I suggest you visit and discover the benefits yourselves. Just click Here to Discover More of Livewire News Social Community.

As a new part of the site, I am still learning and I have seen that not all articles submitted are approved. Thus, I had concluded that only relevant and useful articles and/or news are up there.

Submitting an article takes only three little steps. After submission, it is automatically queued in the ‘Upcoming News’ section and if it gets approved, it goes to the ‘Hottest News’ area. The arrangement as I see it is based on the popularity or voting by other members and readers.

How I submitted mine and with some notations are presented in the following images. Click each of them to see clearly in real size format:

So what are you waiting for? Click any of the links and images mentioned/presented and increase your traffic! The url? www.livewirenews.net! Technorati icon


  1. The purpose of this site? Submit articles and get website visits. Socialize (in a forum area)? Am I missing something? 999 TRANSFIGURE

  2. Hey brett.. thanks for the questions. The purpose of the website is to help publicize blogs, websites, and any other hot news found on the net. You can submit your recent blog posts and other members if interested will click thru and view your page.

    Adding your links to the website helps build up your "backlinks" which search engines such as GOOGLE use to determine your blog or websites Pagerank also known as giving "link juice".

    You can comment (socialize) on any members posts.. you can also share your links with friends with a click of the mouse. Also, after submitting the article you can click "add this link" underneath your posts summary to add it to several other social bookmarking websites.

    Anymore questions please ask away.

    Hope this helps

  3. I think there are too many of these services already out there.. although another one doesn't hurt.

    Hope there's a place where we can submit our posts automatically to these services

  4. there are several websites available to use automatic submissions when submitting to social bookmarking websites. You just need to make sure you fill out all fields.. if you leave some blank, more than likely most will be discarded.

    I know of one automatic service that lists this website among its automatic submission services. I don't mind as long as I don't receive spam. Soon as that happens I will have to ban these automatic services from utilizing the website.

    Thanks for your perspective.

  5. Thanks for sharing this site...
    This will surely drive in a lot of traffic to my new blog http://prodinterios.blogspot.com

    This is quite useful more power to you and your blog

  6. Traffic is a needed entity in the blogging world, but like everything else it can be overdone. Sometimes I think that the only one to benefit from these social websites is the social website itself!

  7. I think this is a fantastic Idea. So it is a socila networking, submission of articles site, so quite a good combination. I think I will check it out tonight under your ref link. Yes I like the idea of the extra seo eightage.

  8. Hey buddy, how are you doin'? I liked your blog very much and would be constantly on the look out for latest updates.

    Keep in touch.
    Cheers !!


  9. I think this is a fantastic Idea. It will improve social networking, submission of articles on the site will definitely create a rapport amongst the bloggers.So quite a good combination. Yes I like the idea of the extra seo eightage.

  10. I see so it is similar to sites such as dig, stumble, etc? I agreed it is an Interesting combination of social networking and article submissions.

    Thanks for the info, Its nice to have another way to increase traffics :)

  11. hey there... thanks for visiting my website and commenting... this site livewire is a new social bookmarking type site and I think so far its doing pretty well.. otherwise I wouldn't have used it... :)

  12. Hey thanx for your comment Brett. Would look forward to keep in touch with you.

    Cheers !!


  13. submitting to sites like this is good since it bring in traffic and hopefully readers , the trick is to be a top user and its hard to do in a site like digg but in a newly established site like livewire it can be done.

  14. I don't agree with you. Digg is more popular and can drive more traffic

  15. what else should I talk about this site. I've already written a review on my blog.

  16. This is yet another way to get publicity. Will try, thanks


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