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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mutual Fund Ideas? Visit the Pegasus Letter Then!

Do you want to know more about Mutual Funds and related stuffs? Why don't you visit the The Path to the Pegasus Letter? Today, I just read from the site about the Mutual Fund Being a Game where the ones who do not know how to paly it well, will definitely be played by the mutual fund back instead, especially by its managers whom the author of this article entitled "This is exactly the reason…" stated that only serve two good purposes:

1.They take a piss-poor product and sell it to the masses as something of quality which is even more idiotic than to assume that a stone can replace your daughter’s dead hamster as a pet.

2.Constant and consistent portfolio mismanagement and wealth destruction which the mutual fund mismanagers execute to perfection.

I find the site very good to those who have plans about their liquid assets (cash) if it's wise to invest them or what. To know better about these things, simply visit The Path to the Pegasus Letter page or start at the article I suggest you read,This is exactly the reason…"

More excerpts from the pot include the following:
Here are two reports written by individuals who have a lower IQ than that of a dead fly:

1. ‘My Financial Advisor Is Losing Me Money!’ (Money on CNN.Money.Com)

2. ‘Seven Ways to Simplify Your Investment Life’ (Yahoo! Personal Finance)

The compilation of compressed shit offered in those reports is not even worth to be printed on paper to wipe your ass with. Heck, even the time wasted to write that total piece of a brown substance found in the digestive track which is expelled through the anus is a total abuse of time itself.

Time is not a luxury and should not be viewed as abundant but rather as a high priced commodity which is irreplaceable. Each unit wasted is gone forever and just to make the game a bit more complicated no player knows how many units are available.

One has to really wonder how much crap you can pile up into one single human being (with the exception of the biggest amassment of feces the ‘Septic Tank’ himself and his BFF the ‘International Beggar’ who both have a crap-storage capability which exceeds the average semi-intelligent human five fold)?

Read More of the Mutual Fund Huicy Thoughts by Clicking Here...


  1. I don't trust anyone who lists only one-sided arguments. I prefer articles which list both sides to an issue and let the reader make up his / her own mind. TRANSFIGURE 999

  2. Well I have bad experiences with mutual funds, is that site offer something diffent?

  3. I don't trust mutual funds. I cannot risk my money at all.

  4. I don't know if mutual funds are that reliable, but every 'How do I get rich' site, says that they are a good investment.

  5. I subscribe to the Pegasus Letter. Good info but I don't know if i trust Mutual funds.


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