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Friday, June 13, 2008

Paid Exchange Link to Webloglearner

Simply link to www.webloglearner.com and name it as 123 Webloglearner in your list. What do you get?

1. A free link of your site in this web site (This is the www.webloglearner domain for this blog but still in transition)
2. and ten entrecard (EC) credits
3. Free drop to your EC

What's the catch? Your blog must have an alexa traffic rank of not more than 1,500,000th place.
To see your rank, if you are not aware of it yet just see the and click the bar below. It will also help you know.

Only the first 25 linkers will be entertained today. Offer expires in 24 hours and will be reposted. Please leave comments here after you have linked stating your url to be linked and the Name you want me to identify it in my list here. Please post in EC the forum as well to facilitate transfer. Multiple blogs from one owner as long as it is qualified is acceptable.

Thank you folks.


  1. my blog is PR3. alexa rank 5xx.xxx
    if you interest, add my link on your post (anywhere) and i will add you.

  2. hi! thanks for the visit! sure lets exchange links...just let me know when ur new domain is ok na.

    Twerlermz' blog

  3. hmm, sounds interesting, girl! guess, mine is 600xxx...no PR though, lols!

  4. I think you should offer this again!

  5. I don't think you should call it PAID EXCHANGE LINK because it is against Google Adsense TOS


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