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Friday, June 27, 2008

Quality Traffic Circle, Who Wants to Be In?

I ahve to admit EntreCard has boosted my trafic making my Alexa jump from 9 millionth place to 1 millionth place. in fact, I expect it to be less than a millionth place when i turn one month with Entrecard. Why I say so? My weekly traffic per Alexa is in 200,000 range and I expect it to further improve as i work hard with EntreCard and other means of improving my traffic. Technorati icon

What makes me sad about this stuff is the fact that what i get is only the "COUNT" of traffic and not the "WEIGHT" of traffic that I get. What I want to say is, my reach in a daily basis ranges from 180 to 250 or even better. Reach is similar to what we call unique hits but my page views is so little, from 250 - 350. This is a sad reality that despite the amount of traffic, there is no quality of traffic.

What i do to make it better? I try to encourage fellow EC members to click on the title of my posts and I promise to transfer to them some corresponding amount of EC credits. Or, encourage them to make some comments to at least click one internal link from my blog. Of course, for a minimum of 50 EC credits to be transfered to those who are kind enough to respond to th call.

Now here i am, with my quest to quality traffic, and to those who have the same aspirations as me, i wish to create a small group. What we do? Help each others' blog by making quality traffic. As of now, I will be e-mailing those fellow members I already have encoutered or have acquainted with if they are interested. For now, I need fivemore members and that makes us six in total, but if anyone else is interested, feel free to post your intention below as I will be looking for others to make you complete a small circle and later on, we can shuffle the circle to make other circles members bw with other members who have the same aspirations as them.

What are required of the circle member?

1. A blog registered with EntreCard.
2. A zeal to have quality traffic
3. A selfless aim to help fellow bloggers who have the same zeal as him/her.
4. A time to make quality comments and participation.
5. An intention to be in the circle
6. Honestly and respect to and from each other
7. have a sense of commitment

What are the benefits?
1. Reciprocated effort
2. Quality traffic
3. Minimum of fifteen (15) page views everyday from other fellow circle member (3 each)
4. Minimum of fifteen (15) comments everyday
5. Reciprocated acts such as stumbles, diggs, technorati favorites, etc.
6. if you have technorati, this can improve your authority and this generally improve your backlinks.

What to do to be in?
1. this is a new idea and for now, i have not made anyone to pledge to join yet but when i do, it will be in this post.

2. Members will not be more than six (6) thus, it is controllable (although I stated above that i can help others make their own circles)

3. Every day, each member MUST visit/click at least three internal links and making relevant comments/reactions both to the post and reactons of other commenters

4. If you wish a certain post to be commented, simply e-mail the other mmebers about it or if you want some of your posts be favorited or stumbled or digged, simply ask others and make a reciprocated act at he same time.

5. I have my comments tracker as well as -mail notification for comments but for other potential members who do not have, i suggest you make at least an e-mail notification to easily respond to the favor done to you.

This little idea has nothing in purpose but to be of mutual benefit of each member. i do hope this will be a success. We all make efforts and these efforts are reciprocated. It does not hurt, right?

"Do unto others what you want others to do unto you!" Technorati icon
EDIT 1. Participants Data/Profile
June 28, 2008 18:29 GMT + 1

1. http://entrecard.com/details/50781
That is me of course. Call me Rogue. My blog's url is

I am just trying my best to co-exist in the blog world and to give and take to and from fellow bloggers.

That is Chris (well, he commented here as Christopher Reed actually). He is the livewire news guy at
I met this webmaster few days back and I have noting to say except that I am a trying member of his site. Please do join. I met this blogger at entrecard.

3, http://entrecard.com/details/51454
This blogger prefers to be called Soccerfire. This person's blog is at
No comments except that he made a reasonable number of participation int his blog even weeks back. I met this blogger at entrecard.

4. http://entrecard.com/details/33630
That is Liza and the blog url is at

I know Liz months back and when it comes to commenting, there is no question. She is an earning blogger. She is also a nominated blogger for blog of the week, so if you visit her site, i suggest voting her blog in the poll.

Happy hopping guys. Technorati icon

Edit/Update 2: June 30, 2008, 16:39 GMT + 1

Our fifth memebr added:
5. http://entrecard.com/details/45973
Mario of "FOOTBALL: Just Love The Game" and the blog's url is:

He is a Spain fan in the European Championships and although I am with Italy, we are still blog buddies. Click here to see Mario's Soccer Blog

Moreover, Liza cannot be that activ these days due to reasons I sent you in e-mails. Technorati icon


  1. Sign me in and I will do my best ;D

  2. Quantity turns to quality over time. It takes time to make friends. The best thing you've done is encourage comments. To comment a person has to click on the title and read the post first. I can't commit to a circle of friends with only 15 clicks "guaranteed" considering the time I'd have to put into it. Sorry. Maybe this could be automated (a webring or centralized blog / forum with points and "karma"). Just some observations :) 999 TRANSFIGURE

  3. Thanks for inviting me, I really want to join, I do :(

    Unfortunately just like brett, I don't like to promise things that I'm not sure I can commit to..

    Reading 3 posts * 5 members a day + comments are too much for me at the moment..
    It's a good idea though. We need to find a way to increase the quality of Entrecard's traffic

  4. You chose a beautiful picture to illustrate this post, BTW. Bravo!

  5. Hello, thanks for dropping by at ChatnChill. I do have the related widget on my blog. It is the Related Articles by Labels on the orange side bar.

  6. i'm in! kaya it takes time for me to do the 300 drops, i stop for a few minutes to read the posts.

    btw, MLC is nominated for the Filipino Blog of the Week, if you have time, please drop by and vote. thanks in advance ;)


  7. 15 comment a day is a very big quantity if you want it with quality especially for those who don't have much time :)

  8. I'm afraid that I cannot make such a commitment :(

    Thanks for the invitation anyway.

  9. Hey buddy, thanx for your thoughts, but I tell you one should definitely try these exercises for a healthy living. There are other exercises which I have mentioned about.

    Keep posting friend. :o)

    Cheers !!


  10. Thanx for appreciating the posts friend. Keepposting. :o)

    Cheers !!


  11. You actually have a point there
    It also did the same to me
    from a blog with about 3unique visitors a day into around 20plus unique visitors a day..

    Entrecard changed my blogging life

    - The Hideaway

  12. Idea looks great. But it may not put great impact on traffic. Atleast i think so. Best of luck...

  13. This is an interesting idea; I wish I can be a part of it to maintain quality traffic but I can't commit. I travel too much, (as you should be able to gather from my blog which is about my travels) and when I do, I'll be unable to surf, reciprocate drops, or read posts or comment.

  14. thanks rogue! i appreciate the vote and for adding me ;)

  15. hey liza added you to my pageflakes page: http://www.pageflakes.com/supermanpi/

    I'm trying my best to make it to as many of the members blogs here to make comments.. I can't guarentee I will make it to all.. but I will try my best with the time I have.

  16. Not a bad idea i think..maybe i'll give a try.

  17. Hey thanx a lot for your suggestions, though I did not cleary understand it. I would appreciate if you could be a little more elaborative as I am new in the world of blogging.

    I might be sounding like a dodo........

    Keep in touch ....cheers !!


  18. Please do let me know which URL & name do I need to send it along the post.

    Also, from now on, I will make a practice of commenting on your latest posts so that you just need to look at your latest postst for the coments.


  19. thank you so much for the kind words rogue. it's still pr2, i think the one you saw was the one on my side bar. i haven't updated it, i don't feel like, lol. ;)

    happy monday!

  20. This is a good post, but like brett up top, this is a huge commitment. I would like to join, but can't.

  21. still not to sure what you have to do, i'll have to re-read it but hey if it can help bring in good readers then i'm all in.


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