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Thursday, June 5, 2008

What Can I Post This Time? Lindsay Lohan or Some Sex Scandals? And My Thanks to All Posters and Respondents to My Previous Post

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I think this question does not only hit me. It hits almost all the bloggers out there who are planning to gain, have their page or posts up when someone googles for a word or a phrase or even a sentence. And today, I never escaped this question and I want to contemplate on this. What is really the secret? I don’t think there is really a secret because all of them have already been revealed. The question is, if we have read or have knowledge why others are earning much and I or some other there (millions actually) are not earning this much? Actually, I am someone who loves to click those posts of others, be those posts personal or something copied or even an ad. I like to learn if only given the time. Yes, Time! I need time because my current work, which makes me, earn so little ($1000 only) takes all my time. It is a hard work compared to those earnings that MICA WATSON is posting for her PPP (she showed $78 yesterday!).

What I am trying to tell here is, if one is really good, and with some investment, they can really make it here online. Whatever that investment is, be it time, effort, money or back pain for hours of sitting in front of monitor/laptop, it is needed here to succeed. I know there are millions of dollars in the online community and this Internet game and I am trying my best to absorb all the knowledge I can have on them to use it for my advantage if possible. Dream, Big, as they say. However, as I said, I need also my current work, so I cannot fully give my time here and in fact, my fingers go numb for doing at least three hundred (300) pages of technical/professional/research work each month. I enjoy and learn though which is, for me an advantage. And I love also doing my current work. But $1,000 is just too little! One cannot live with this amount here in Italy! I swear! Even for me who need not spend in any other expenses because all for me here is free.

Back to the topic, why I put that strange title? Lindsay Lohan and Sex Scandal? It may even be Angelina Jolie or whoever you like. Maybe this time in Philippines, Angel Locsin is hot and in Malaysia, the oil price hike or their “petrol” price raise is all over the blog world. For those who have been blogging, I know they are very well aware of these tricks. To make the blogs be clicked and gain traffic, I once read “Lindsay Lohan is good for your traffic” and I don’t remember where I read it, maybe in technorati. Then, I have also read about the popularity of sex scandals, specifically filipina sex scandals over the search engines. So this is it, it’s so hot these days to make some very popular search words. And to tell you the truth guys? When I made an opinion post over Sex in the Philippines, my feedjit tells many came from "google search"… but it was in another old blog of mine

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When I discovered how my fellow bloggers work, I can only think with awe. Lena of Desperate Blogger told me 20 hours only a day and not 24/7! That must be funny amazing! Geez! And as for Liza the Mom, who is a very good advisor to me in many things, she told me she drops 300 Entrecards for two (2) hours! Oh my Gawd! I can only exclaim these words! You guys work well and you all deserve the earnings! There is really money out here huh! But one thing is for sure, effort is still needed: be it in tagging, exchanging links or anything else. As for me, my traffic is very little. I only get around 40-50 visits a day. I cannot put more time on tagging others and as of the moment I am using wap putting much limitations on my online activities. But if you can advice me on something, I’d appreciate it. Actually I am planning to take a domain here but my card/bank have been having problems since I am classified as “foreign” in the records and I need residence confirmation before I can use my online functions.

So what am I gonna post now? Would it be about Lindsay Lohan? Or Bitney Spears? Well, who cares about those two? I will make posts on them when I have a celebrity themed blog or website. For now, I would like to acknowledge all the helpful folks who shared their knowledge with me in a way or two, especially with my previous post Their names are listed according to the sequence of their respective posts.

1. Reenashwina
2. Liza the Mom
3. Rose
4. Bong.
5. Enigma
6. Limferdie.
7. The Soccer Mario.
8. Mica Watson and Her Adventures
9. Reenashwina.Again
10. Wendy, the Chinese Gurl
11. Sedna.
12. Nancy.
13. Twinks.
14. HL Forever

You also inspired me to feature all my commentors. I will put a widget for it. Thanks again guys. Let’s help each other and your help to me will always be remembered and appreciated.


  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog.


  2. Hello...thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment...

    I would be happy to help you with Entrecard but the link you left me doesn't work...I'm sending this message as I accessed the blog through 123...but It only gives me a small box to work with...if you could send the correct URL I will be happy to answer your questions...

  3. Hi there, just stopping by to see you. Have a great day and take care.


  4. hello 123

    i assume you're in italy. if you want to earn extra money, join payperpost, sponsoredreviews, buyblogreviews, and socialspark. theses sites pay bloggers to blog about products and services of advertisers.

    buy a domain name too. you have more advantages in available opportunities if you have your own domain. your location is also a plus. you'll have more opps than me since opss are very limited here in the philippines.

    the ads in my site pay from .05 to .20 cents per day.

  5. hi 123,

    Thank you so much for showing credits to your blog commentator and I'm happy to have 2 links from there. Noticed that none of the links works. On every link you have linked, the address showed http://abc-bloglearning.blogspot.com/2008/06/"http://reenashwina.blogspot.com

    This is the reason why it is not appearing. You should change the link to http://reenashwina.blogspot.com only. Then the link can work. Same applies to all the links that you have posted.

    Thanks again.

  6. dumaan at nagdrop ng EC. wala kase ako nung 125x125 ad pero sa ibang nakikita ko i think they are charging $0.30, per day basis ata yun. im not so sure lang.

  7. hi thanks for the visit. hope you have a great weekend.

  8. Hi all.. I don't know what have gone wrong here.. I have atleast editied th epost thirty times and still the links go wrong! I really have no more idea how ti make it right... sigh, more reseach.. Grrrr!

  9. @ azure...

    Hi thanks for getting back here and advising me what to do. Yes, i will inform you in your page. thank you very much in advance, it is actually from the post prior this one...

  10. @ Bryan...

    Thanks for dropping back.. I will be happy to visit your page again. take care and have a great weekened.

  11. @ Desperate Blogger Lena...
    Thanks a lot for the advice. Actually, i am trying to make it, just not ready yet, this blog is too new for all of them and I am waiting to have a domain first. thanks a lot and thank you for answering me.

    Actually, I have been dealing with Mars to try her blog in putting the ad... I'll see how it goes. ^_^

  12. @ Reena...

    I hare to admit it but you are right. I don't have any idea what exactly happened why this is happening. I am actually posting another article to call everyone's help.

    Thanks for the drop.. both here and at EC. I'll be strting to drop in around six hours..I'll have my connection. Take care dear. ^_^

  13. @Liza...

    Thanks for the info, Liz. take care and best regards. Ill be in your page in a short while. thanks for dropping by.


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