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Friday, July 4, 2008

Blog2U: A Blog for Me and You, Filipino!

I heard/read someone telling that Blog2U is some kind of 'racist' because it specifically favors Filipinos. Although I have to admit that Filipinos are the priority of the site, it cannot however be classified as 'racist' per se. It is simply a blog that is specifically directed to Filipinos as its "market".

What I like about this site? It has an entrecard too! Plus? I can earn more bucks and so can you if you are a Filipino.

What I don't like? Honestly, it is too 'business' for me to interact. But who cares? As long as I can earn from it, right?

But what is really this Blog2U Philippines?

As it claims, Blog2U Philippines located at www.BLOG2u.com.ph is a subsidiary of Blog2u Singapore. It is a match-making service for advertisers and bloggers.

What it offers to bloggers then? Or shall we say, Filipino Bloggers?

Since bloggers and advertisers are matched at Blog2U, Filipino bloggers may earn extra bucks. How? Simply scroll down on how Blog2U caters its registered bloggers and advertisers. Honestly, I also registered because I am a Filipino blogger in Italy that will be in another European country soon. But still, I am a Filipino!

For the rest of my fellow Filipino bloggers, they should register and insert a tracking code on their blog to be part of Blog2U. When there is an ad match, the site will contact a selected blogger or bloggers directly via email to do the necessary (display a simple banner, sponsored post or sponsored review) activity.

Q. How much a blogger gest per advertisement?

It will range from PhP100.00 to PhP500.00 subject to relevancy, popularity, traffic etc.

Q. How do a blogger joins Blog2u as a Blogger?

1) Register as a blogger at the site.

2) Go to Manage Blog.

3) Add a blog url and copy the site's script and paste in the blog.

Q. BLOG2u offers a blogger an advertisement! What’s next?

If a Filipino blogger accepts the offer, Blog2U will email the blogger a necessary details like the advertiser’s web address, a short description and a banner to be displayed at the chosen blog.

Q. How will a chosen blogger get paid?

Payment will be made via Paypal in the bloggers' local currency (A Filipino in the USA receives US dollars then or Jaanese yen if he/she is in Japan). Delivery of payment will be subjected to Paypal processing period to the bloggers' account. Are you a Filipino blogger then and want to earn more from blogging? Simply click here!

How About Advertisers? How do they benefit from or hire the site?

BLOG2u aims to help companies find a voice though this blogsphere spreading ‘Word of Mouth’ of their products and services though our bloggers enagaging them to run Sponsored Post, Sponsored Reviews and Banners to achieve that effect.

Placement of a banner at the blog’s sidebar for 30 days.

Sponsored Post
Placement of an image and text of no more than 50 words as blog entry.

Sponsored Reviews
Bloggers will review the products or services and write about their personal experience of no more than 500 words.

Want to advertise? Just tick here to begin!


  1. thanks for dropping by my blog the other day :) of course we can be friends. i will be doing some work on my blog in a couple of days, will it be o.k. if i add you to my links ?

  2. I think you are doing what YOU wanna do with YOUR site. Don't let anyone distract you with their comments.

  3. I wonder why they leave blog2u.com page like that, because for first time comer like me(that don't know blog2u), I'll access blog2u.com not blog2u.sg?

    Waiting for blog2u network in Indonesia (they said they will be there)...

  4. @achmad,
    Unfortunately, we do not own the blog2u.com domain name and that is why its like that.

    Thanks for the review!

  5. This blog isn't racist. Do what you do!

  6. blog is certainly not racist

  7. @blog2u:
    You should consider buying that domain. Maybe someday they will scammed your user using website purgatory.

  8. The blog isn't necessarily racist from face value. However, when you advertise the blog on a network of many non-Filippinos and add in that you MUST be Filippino (it says from the nation or the race) to benefit from certain contests, reviews, or gain EC credits from them, it is.

    If I had a blog for Americans, but then stated you must be White in order to gain EC credits, would you think that is racist? What about if I advertised it in completely Black or Latino neighborhoods?

    I love how some of the responces went. There was one person who even said there is NO SUCH THING AS A FILIPPINO RACIST. That in itself is racist. When you claim one race gets something or doesn't do something that others do or can do or can't do, that is racist. And if you think that isn't racist... then you are racist for thinking that.

  9. At last i could enter this site.. I tried twice but always said error and finally i'm here..LOL

  10. Heyyyyyyy, At last i could enter this site.. I tried so many times but always said error and finally I could.......thanx goodness.

    Cheers !!


  11. Heyyyyyyy, At last i could enter this site.. I tried so many times but always said error and finally I could.......thanx goodness.

    Cheers !!


  12. Hey is that true, I am kind of in a dilemma after reading this.


  13. I am here visiting you today..Stay happy!!

  14. just dropping in to say hi :) hope everything is going well for you. i finally got you added to my links :) huggggs

  15. Hi... I love to exchange links with you. Please check out my blog and tell me if you are interested. Just add my blog in your blog roll and leave me a message with your URL and link. Thanks.

  16. @achmad
    hopefully we will get a chance to purchase it. but not for ridiculous prices.

    @gary hess
    Filipino is not a race, Malay is a race. If we said only Malays could join, that would be racist. Filipino has the same meaning as American. A Filipino can also be white you know. Do you think all those Spanish looking people are Spanish? Nope, they are white and they are Filipinos.

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