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Friday, July 4, 2008

Blogger Hurt Me But I Still Love It! I'd Love to See More Innovations to It!

I have a lot of wishes when it comes to blogger features. In fact, even I bought two domains that did not function and without the support of Blogger, I stayed behind. Why? Because blogger is the teacher for all my blogging skills, and when I am too attached to something, it is not easy to just leave.As a loyal Blogger Web Logger and as a continuing learner, there are a lot of things I love to find in blogger. This is of course aside from the very lousy customer service (if there is any) that the site has when trouble comes.

What is/are included in my Blogger Wishlist?

I would love to see blogger to have the following:

1. Various choices of layouts and skins and templates that are by blogger themselves and not those hacked ones that are having good initial layout but are not adjustable later on. More 3-column wider layouts to utilize more space at a single glance of readers.

Flexible/movable layout or page elements options.

2. The comment section of the post to be under the post itself with an option to be anonymous to the entire reader but have an e-mail field that should be necessary to be filled which can be viewed by the author.

3. Summary of posts (including the number of up to date comments) to allow many posts visible in one page as well as to increase page views of the bloggers when that 'read more' or 'continue reading', etcetera is clicked on when the summary post sound interesting. Images uploaded can be stated in the summary as well as word count.

4. Widget/code or built-in feature for post popularity (daily, weekly, monthly, all time depending on the bloggers' choice)

5. A buit-in or easy registration process with feeds and bookmarking services would not hurt if bloggers will have them.

6. I am sorry but I do have to mention again the customer service because I wasted $40 just to buy a single domain from blogger. I do hope their claim of 'automatic setting of DNS' will not cause more problems to bloggers who buy domains. There are actually many of us.

To see more what other bloggers wish for the Blogger to have, simply visit the contest on Blogger Wishlist by Amanda.. There are a lot actually.

I love blogger and I do hope it can be better and be more competitive.


  1. Congratulation for the new domain.
    Did you intend typing your blog title with 'title' prefix? It seems errornous.

  2. sorry, forget to mention, maybe the next step you should consider is changing your blog header image, seems blurry to me. Maybe the image resolution is too small?

  3. My main problem with blogger is the too plain templates. If they had some of wordpress' versions I would be happy

  4. Congratulations with your new domain!
    It's true that Blogger has some problems and a limited choice of features. But it's free. However it's
    a good place to start with blogging.

  5. widgets slow my page down considerably. Other than that, blogger works just fine for me!

  6. Thank you for your entry to the Blogger wishlist competition! I'm glad to see you managed to make your custom domains work okay now :)

    I'm still validating all entries though hope to announce the winners later today.

    Best wishes and good luck!


  7. blogger already change it's 'commenting system' take a look at my blog

  8. Umm that's horrible they charged you 40$ for a domain name. I only pay 10$ a year to have my own domain name. I then pay an additional 80$ a year for my webspace, but I am the boss of it, not blogger/blogspot/google and I can store anything I want, tons of files, plenty of space, no ads. It sounds to me like you would do better transferring to a professional hosting company when your year is up. Wordpress blogging software is really easy to use, and its easy to setup and you can do all the things you want to do with blogger but can't. If you are interested in learning more about how to own your own website and domain name without all the hassle and a much better blogging software I can help you. With the company I use they would help you transfer your domain name to them and even setup your blog. Whats really cool is with them you could keep the name webbiestuffs.com so you wouldn't lose any PR rank from google and even import all your articles and not lose a thing. The wordpress blogging software platform is really easy to use, too. Much easier than blogger in my opinion. And much nicer, too. If you want learn more about it leave me a message.

    Good luck, and have a great day

  9. I totally agree with #1 and #2 on your wish list. I would prefer more choice when it comes to templates. Having the comment form embedded at the bottom of the post is something they are working on in blogger in draft. I would like to see a similar comment form to those of most wordpress blogs that have a spot for your name, email and website.

    Happy blogging!

  10. $40 for new domain ????
    i can get 4 domain name with it.
    why you dont take any research before decided to bought domain name.
    you can still use blogger service without bought domain from them.

  11. For everyone,
    Blogger did not charge me $40. I bought the two domains for $20 but paid ten each to make them functional. Better to spend more than to lost them both and des not have a domain still, right?


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