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Monday, July 21, 2008

Earnng Online Is Real! See Mine and Make Yours Too!

When I was at home back in Italy and not doing much because of document-waiting days, all I did was explore online. I learned from that exploration. I earned from that exploration.

What I am trying to tell here is, earning online is real. But IT IS NOT THROUGH BLOGGING ALONE! Even though I earned from blogging, the sole amount I did receive is a $16 from BidVertiser. Where I earned was outside my blogs. And it was part time and i could sleep, eat, pluck my eyebrow, play or watch TV whenever I wanted. I also loved the way I earned. How? It was through writing.

Earning online is not a myth. But earning online quick, easy, fast and earning much is a myth. A hard work is needed like the rest of the good-way of earning the buck$. So guys, if your luck and fate of earning from the net is not through your blogs, don't force it. I lost my adsense and I am left with BidVertiser and Adbrite. But I do not despair. I know I can still earn from online but I have to acknowledge that my easy days in Italy was long over and maybe i would not opt to earn online anymore but to earn with my career... as a professional CPA.

So long to bloggers. Continue earnig. But as I said, don't force it. If you want some alternative ways, simply visit here or leave your message and I will be sending you where I earned this little bucks from the image you see here.


  1. We blog and we earn, but it's a challenge to succeed!

  2. Great income report! Is that from bidvertiser? My main source income is only AdSense now (about $1-2 a day :( )

  3. Well I've been banned from adsense before. But I reallize that adsense isn't the only way to earn money from internet. Now, I placed Bidvertiser ads on my blog, but I haven't earn much yet from bidvertiser, congratz to you!

  4. wow... nice info..
    but i have still to learn
    how earn money from internet..kw

  5. I am not using adsense because I am moving around a lot and lost my pin but I have adbrite, bidvertiser and chikita ads on my blogs. I eanr most of my money through writing for forums and also doing reviews on my blogs. I just got ten reviews the other day for this blog which was nice. I also earn from private investments and from ptc sites. I am waiting tomorrow for 200 bucks from isabelmarco ptc..Never give up in online earnings. I want to hit 1000 bucks a month by end of august. I also earn around 300 bucks a monthj from the berry tree and 2 solid silver coins from silversnowball a month, so all in all not bad.

  6. @ Michael Aulia:

    No Mike, all I earned from BidVertiser was $16 although I have additional earnings but it is not $10 yet which the minimum payout. These earnings i posted here are only a portion of my writings...yes, I earn from writing actually, not from blogging..

  7. @ salmonela,

    very nice theory, learning is the first step for everything. good luck and have your way to great bucks. happy blogging...

  8. thanks for the comments! yeah, those first 2 were for kaiden. he takes up sooo much time doing things, especially eating! i am not that strict. hubby always tell me that our little one got me wrapped up in his little finger!


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