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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How Do You See the Internet?

I was once watching a game show and one question struck me. In fact, it was around four to five years ago but I still remember it good. It says about internet crashing in the recent future, around 2010. And why is that? The game show did not explained well and did not elaborated on the question even the contestant made a wrong answer for she answered 'oil/petroleum' and not the Internet! But well, who could guess?

Looking at the online world, I see its usefulness. I also see the threats and danger it gives to those who are too reckless in doing it. Personally, the Internet is something very useful to me. If I need any information, the Internet is the very first thing I rant to. I have my online library subscription (questia) for a more detailed information on something or anything. It is more reliable that personal unverified websites.

On the other side, I see the wrong side of the internet,. It is not the first time that videos online inspired crime and caused a waste of life. Furthermore, it has become a center of pornography and the likes. There are people making viruses, worms, bugs, etcetera. If one is not careful enough, the price can be expensive as well.

But for me, I do love the Internet. It is something very useful to me. I found apartment through it, made money with it, find work in it, and many more useful things.

How about you? Is the Internet good for you? What do you get from it? I would love to hear your opinion.


  1. The internet is suspose to run out of room and cease to exist as we know it according to some fool.

  2. That is quite an unfathomable statement... ^_^

  3. Well, Internet has proved very very useful to me. One very good example is blogging. How could we even think of blogging had Internet not been there?

    Cheers !!


  4. I view the Internet as a double edged sworf like anything that empowers the Human Being. A knife is there to cut vegetables but is also used to kill other himan beings. The same goes for the Internet. I can build build lives but laos destroy them.

  5. The internet is a tool. A person gets out of it what they look for. Those who seek porn, get porn and probably don't consider it the dark side of the internet either.

  6. I love your responses guys. TOo heavy for me. I never realized that your short phrases have really impact and reality.

  7. The internet can set you free if you are looking for financial freedom or can enslave you if you are sitting there chatting for ours and wating your life lol.

  8. This all depends upon the person who is using it. Internet is neither good or bad until we approach it.

  9. I try to use the internet to help my family as I am disabled and cannot work outside so this is the only option for me.

  10. This all is a matter of the Mind. If I want to use the internet for evil or good it is up to me but Governments are also responsible.

  11. I cannot live now without internet. Well I can but for the job I do I need it more than ever. So a fast internet connection is good with a fast computer.

  12. I remember the world without internet and we used to be more creative as children. For kids it can be disastrous if they get addicted and do nothing else.

  13. If we are spending more time on the internet and not enough on our health then the impact on world health organizations is going to be terrible. If we don't use balance it can be a real killer.

  14. What can we do now without internet? One good thing it has brought is that millions of people can work from home and support their families, especially i women want to stay at home and not work outside but it also has a darker side like terrorism and other ills.

  15. The World has to move forward but unless people become more civilized we will not be able to eradicate the crime being committed via the Internet. It is also good though for education and the World has gotten smaller so people can learn more about each other online.

  16. i can tell that, internet is a useful for me as i can just simply click right away those things i needed, well they are just computers and nothing will be perfect with it, if you're researching of something, it would be best not just to rely on the internet but at least try to scan some books too..

    happy weekend...


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