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Saturday, July 19, 2008

How Good Is Your SezWho?

The moment I got the news from EntreCard (EC) about its partnering with SezWho few days back, I quickly registered with the link EC has provided. However, even though I got an email confirmation, I did not get the code to embed in my blog html. So bad!

Any of you got some ideas how can I do it and make my SezWho function? I actually love the idea and the service that SezWho offers because am a blogger who love to share ideas with the rest of the blogging community. SezWho seemed to be an aswer to my growing complains about lesser quality traffic from bloggers around the net.

I know that the instructions were not that complicated. I could follow it. It makes me confused though because my blog was originally with blogger and blogspot. Right now, it is still with blogger but i do have my custom domain now. Does it make my blog out of blogger? Maybe this is one reason?

Another thing is, when I try to download the plugin, even I am logged at SezWho, I cant seem to find any file to download at all. I am just confused and I don't have any idea how to make my SezWho function. I opened my profile many times to look for some answers but it is just hard to comprehend.

I envy those fellow bloggers whose SezWho simply functions smoothly without any trouble. I do hope mine is the same. Too bad it is not.


  1. just sign up yesterday but not activated yet. Will do it soon after heard good review from others bloggers.

    success with your sezwho

  2. Hi, I have sezwho in my blog. But it will take some time for me to understand it. But the script should be there in your email.

    Try http://sezwho.com/install_bg.php


  3. I am in at sezwho too. Anyways, Thank you for the visit and for the comment on my page..Visiting you back here and added your blogs to mine..Please add me back..God Bless!!

  4. The script is absent in the email that was sent to me, that is the problem.

  5. There is a sezwho forum for people having problems. Several people didn't get the activation code. They asked in the forums and their emails were resent. I activated the sezwho account fine and added the code. But I don't think it's linked correctly to my EC account (I haven't gotten any points for comments I've made yet). I'm working with the tech people in the forums on a solution but they haven't replied in a couple of days. SezWho is having lots of problems, it seems, but they are working hard to fix all of them!

  6. Thank you for the advice Brett. I will see that forum and I do hope my problem be solved.

    Rogue @ www.webbiestuffs.com

  7. mine worked out fine and i had no problems installing it. have you tried asking them for support?

  8. Not a fan as I think it's just another way to help the cause for EC and SW and not the blogger.

  9. Personally, I am avoiding Sez Who like a real bad rash. I don't care for the way it stores my comments, even though I don't belong to Sez who. You have fun with it, ok?


  10. I wanted to use it but my Admid said no, but i'm glad cause i hate the pop-up and that people can see every thing you wrote.

  11. Er... didn't work well for me either. Is there a problem with Blogger?

    The avators for my commentators still doesn't show up and the site takes a bit longer to load after SezWho is installed.

    Still keeping my fingers crossed on that one.


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