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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How I Solved the SezWho Problem

500 EC credits will be given after the 20th commenter is reached. It will be drawn using random.org's service.

I have been complaining why SezWho was not able to send me the script to enable it in my blog. I also tried the support section of Entrecard to ask how can I have the script. But still, it was not of much help. I tried the support section of SezWho itself but it looked too unfriendly for me to utilize so I let the SezWho for this blog out of topic for quite a week.

However, when I decided to add another blog to my SezWho account, a fiber of idea came to my mind on how I could solve that problem of not having my script. WHat i DID? I simply registered the blog again and lo! AN email was sent to me for the script. And now, the SezWho script is already running on this blog and for fellow SezWho members, you can find and try it when you make comments.

REGISTER YOUR BLOG AGAIN AND AN E-MAIL WITH SezWho SCRIPT will BE SENT TO YOU! This is the solution if you have not received your SezWho script in your email at first try.


  1. I haven't joined this yet as I am just getting the hang of Entrecard but I will. Do you find SEZWHO really good at all?

  2. Do you think you can fix mine?

    The sezwho plug-in occasionally shows up on my blog.
    Though I tried what you did and reinstalled the code it still did not work but anyways thanks for sharing too^^


  3. Hey friend I registered with Sez Who too but it did not appear on my blog too. What exactly do you mean registering the blog. Now if I register my blog I will have to change the name. Secondly, where does the blog need to be registered? In the Sez Who site? I am not very clear. Could you elaborate on this?

    Thirdly u mentioned about giving me 500 ECs. I did not see that. Where can I check it?

    Keep in touch Friend.

    Cheers !!


  4. Wow! I never imagined everyone has problems with this SezWho stuff.

    @ Prodinterios,
    I don't exactly understnad what you mean by 'occasionally shows up on my blog' phrase. I noticed that if I am not logged, I do not see the SezWho plugin in other blogs, try to remain logged to see the plug-in all the time.

    Just try to be constantly logged. Maybe others see it. Sorry I cannot check because your blog is not an open profile and I canot enter. What is your url?

    Hi friend. What I exactly mean is, I tried to work it out with the same account. With one account, with the same login and password, you can add your blogs (more than one) in that account. Use the same account to RE-register your blog for the script to be sent. You need not make a newaccount for it.


    For me, i just love the idea that my comments are being rated.. I just love commenting around so better with SezWho than nothing. I have not maximized its benefits yet as i have not much time. I too, i maximize the EC benefits at much as I can.

  5. SezWho for blogger seems to be a bit of hit-or-miss. While you say you have it installed, I'm not seeing it.

    BTW, if you want a set of customized icons for your sezwho, check out the shop for my offer.

    To see some in action, you can see them on any of my blogs.

  6. Hi Margaret,

    I actually removed all my html codes at the right sidebar. I am currently having problems with the sidebar because everything it contains in the right side moves down automatcally. My page actually looks so weird at the moment. I am on the process of fixing this problem. I just dunno why, I even try to delete all but still, when i add something to the right, it jumps to the bttom!

  7. I haven't had any problems with sezwho yet, but I also haven't seen any new traffic from them... or many comments.

  8. Thats great. I have been using sezwho. The difference is not much for me. If this continues I'll probably remove it.

  9. @ sly and guttu,

    i have not seen the difference as well. but for me, i just love to see how my comments fare. My problem at the moment is my messy blog layout. i dunno what happened!

  10. By the way, in case someone asks about my turned off sez who, i apologize because my blog is on the reconstruction process due to new template and layout... the script might have been not reinstalled yet by the person who repairs my blog at the moment.

    Thanks for bearing with my blog.


  11. I have a similar problem with sezwho. I signed in through the entrecard website, but never got the e-mail. As I tried to register at sezwho website, I was told my e-mail is already in use. I'm waiting right now for answer from the sezwho support.

  12. Thanx a lot. My problem with SezWho is a bit different. It doesnt recognize or register all the comments even if that site/blog is registered with SezWho. I am totally cheesed off with their selective picking of comments and giving me a low score (3.0)as of today. I must have commented on atleast 40-50 sites. Strange are the ways of this tool, and the answer i got for the ticket i submitted was" we will soon get back to you". Very cool :)


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