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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I am Back After Two Weeks Absense and I Have New Plans and Schedules for WebbieStuffs

TO my blogging world buddies, I apologize for the absense and for the unreturned visits you made as well as comments. But now I am back after two weeks of moving and settling from Italy to the Netherlands. It is quite colder here despite the supposed summer. It is still raining and with a very cold wind. It is northern Europe anyway and I cannot expect a better summer. Not like the scorching Italian summer heat.

With a new place, I have to be more responsible, more busy and I have to process and register a lot of things. It includes but is not limited to residency and stuffs like that. This means, my 300 Entrecard drops in the previews weeks have to drop as well. But I make a rule that I would drop at least 50 EC starting today to not kill my traffic. And from that 50 drops, I would make at least 10 comments and share my views and really scan/browse those blogs i drop my cards to. This would make my 50 lucky droppers from my inbox at least having some good quality returns from me.

As for the monetization part, I was shocked the other day when I had my connection in this new place for the adsense banning i got from google. I don't have the barest dea how this can happen because of my 2-week absense from the blogging/online world. Anyway, I am not earning too much with adsense anyway and I think I would let it that way No appeals whatsoever to be made to adsense team. I will just keep this blog updated with a new post at least once or twice a week plus the traffic, and more updates if I have more time.

I have a new domain and it is a custom domain that I like. Thus, I have to maximize the benefits of its existence. With WebbieStuffs at www.WebbieStuffs.com, I must make much webbiestuffs for myself and for all those who read here. So long to bloggers.

So bad, my vacation days are over. I have to face the real world again but I happen to love blogging and I have to continue it for relaxation and for online socialization purposes. To my blogging friends, especially to my quality traffic circle, I do hope to hear from you again.

Happy Blogging EveryOne!


  1. Some thing wrong with your blog title there man...there is a title tag on it...or may be you do it on a purpose?

  2. good to have you back! good luck on your new adventure there in holland! all the best!

    we went out yesterday and did a hell lot of walking! i'll post about it tomorrow. been so tired today and i haven't uploaded the pics yet.

    thanks for dropping by! take care!

  3. Hi, welcome back to the real world. Wish I could go on a vacation. Anyway good luck with your new plans. Happy blogging!

  4. Real blogging world means 2 years blogging and 2 weeks vacation.

  5. Wow! Italy to the Netherlands! That's a big move! Welcome back. I understand that you don't have enough time to drop and stuff like that, you have life to attend to! At least your priorities are in order, take your time!


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