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Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Don't Want My Blog Get Left Behind

500 EC credits will be given after the 20th commenter is reached. It will be drawn using randomizer.org's service.

As much as I can, I want all my posts to have sense and not very short. I also don't want my posts stay too long and my blog would look boring to the eyes of those who pass by. To establish a blog, posts are needed and I am amenable to this. Moreover, it is quality post and not a mere nonsense post or posts for the sake of posting.

But who judges if our posts have sense or not? It does not need anyone to judge because it is our own respective blogs and wehave the freedom on our postings. However, in our own minds and hearts, we all know what is with sense and what is without sense post, right? We all know if we only make blog entries for the sake of posting, right? Indeed, we can lie to others but we cannot do it to ourselves, again, right?

This means that we judge our own posting quality. Because if we ourselves, do not believe in the sense of our respective posts, who can else believe? What I am trying to say here is, to continue our blogs, to put life in it, postings are needed.

Why this kind of post and topic come to my mind? It is because I am an entrecard member and I frequently drop or visit many blogs. I see stagnant blogs although the bloggers/webmasters are very active in dropping. For me, it is not right (at least for me). WHY? It is because entrecard exists for bloggers to promote their blogs...to support their blogs and not to blog to have entrecards.

But then again, I might be wrong because entrecard credits are salable and I have a thought that maybe, others simply drop and sell the EC credits? I have not proven this thinking though. Is it possible? I think YES! How about you? What do you think?


  1. I agree with you, I also encountered such thing when posting a new entry but sometimes people who are entrecard user doesn't only drop off there card but they also read the post that are sensible.

    If your site/blog has it's own description I guess it's better if you'll just stick to what you have written or else the visitors who read your post might get mixed up.

  2. say I also don't want my blog get left behind as I have a few blogs to manage. Posh...

  3. I'm keeping up with technology (and the internet); so, I'm behind the ideal. But the internet is like the Old West: Lawless and uncivilized. Too much information and not very well organized. Time consuming and not very useful overall. Websites come and go. It is important to me to be flexible and willing to let go, move on. "Keeping up" is a mystical process that has more to do with context than it does with content!

  4. I think blogging is how we express our opinion and thoughts. About right or wrong there's really up to us as its our post but I am sure they are people with opinion about it too. Posh? hmm... why posh

  5. A serious dropper on entrecard needs to have frequently updated, quality posts. Otherwise, the regular droppers are just dropping for the sake of dropping their cards...

  6. Yup. that why I keep on doing to increase my EC, so I can buy more books to improve my blog's posting. Tks.


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