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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Thanks to the 'Scheduled' Posts Feature of Blogger

500 EC credits will be given after the 20th commenter is reached. It will be drawn using randomizer.org's service.

These days, I am usuall out during the daytime and too tired during the night. However, I also do not want to kill traffic to my blog and I do it manually. How? Through entrecard! I drop at least fifty entrecards a day to at least get a 50 return. Sometimes, especially on weekends, I drop more to get more traffic back.

Since my goal is to make at least a post daily, I have to make plans for my blogs during the weekend. I have to prepare all the posts to be published for the entire week and plan what date and time I post them.

The idea would not have been possible without the support and feature of blogger for scheduled post. I am just thankful that it exists making me pulish all the posts during weekends and adjust the dates to let the posts visible in publick on predetermined dates.

I find the feature very helpful actually, On weekedays, I get to focus to my traffic only plus to blog interactions such as promoting comments for my blog or me, commenting to others.

Do you use this kind of feature for your blogs as well? I advice you, if you have less time and have greater time for some days of the week, you can utilize this very good feature.


  1. This is a neat idea to make a regular visitor to your blog :)


  2. I too have recently started using it too since i was going to be on vacation with no access to the internet or the cellphone...

  3. I have been using this since the day one of my blog. It helped me many times. Sometimes when I was on vacation and other time when my ISP was down. Also when there was power cut. I use this often but currently I don't have anything scheduled.

  4. May God Bless You! You have actually solved my problem of how to keep posting atleast one post per day. I find it difficult to even think about posting after the day's work. All i do is to Drop the Ecards and read the posts of the Bookmarked sites(Yours is one on that list:)) Now i will follow your advise and mmm let me see the readership go up ? I hope so :)

  5. It's a good idea. Because blog is my side jobs, sometimes it's hard to post everyday. Yup, we have to make a schedule to update our blog. So, it won't left behind.


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