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Thursday, July 17, 2008

What Do You Find or What Are You Looking For In A Browser?

After those hot blog posts regarding the Firefox 3 Browser, I got so curious what is in the browsers that make people really crazy over them. I do hope I can get some opinion about those reasons.

For me, nothing much really matter or maybe am I too ignorant on browsers to notice the differences? I have to admit I used them interchangeably and I do have all of them in my laptop. But most of the time, I stick with Opera, even in the mobile phones because I find Opera really good with an automatic saving feature of the last pages or websites visited even the PC or laptop shutsdown without notice.

I do use Safari of Apple as well but it is quite heavy, yet, it is a powerful browser too. For me, firefox is not something so special, but I also use it. Internet Explorer is overused (in my opinion) and I encounter a lot of problems with it. Even with the lastest version.

How about the rest of the blogger world? I wish to hear your opinions. Or is it too heavy for the memory of my laptop/PC to have all the browsers around? For me though, Opera is the best.

What's your fave browser?


  1. IE is my first browser that i use, but its to slow and lots of bugs.
    Now i use firefox as my main browser, the benefit is more faster and nice looking for me.

  2. IE, was my first too, then I jumped over to NetScapes years ago, but found FireFox about year ago and that seems to be what i'm fixed with... Although I have the new "O" and IE as back up's...


  3. Dropping by to say Hi... hope you are doing good ;0

  4. Hi, still on my first browser. It is difficult to make a judgement. It will take sometime for me to decide. Thanks

  5. It depends on what you use the browser for. If you use it just for browsing web sites, then you want a browser that is light-weighted, quick to load, fast to browse, and stable :)

    As for me, I love Firefox because of its extensions. A click to open the FTP extension to upload files to my blog, an extension to see straigtht away a site's pagerank and alexa rank, an extension that displays my internet usage, an extension that ...... blah blah... there are just too many of them :)

  6. Firefox has adblock plus. All of your advertisements disappear. It's beens said that advertisers are "mad" at Firefox and adblock! And no other browser has it (or am I wrong). A person gets spoiled to the many addons! And then can't seem to function without them ;)

  7. Happy Friday to you..Visiting here again!!

  8. I prefer Firefox myself. Once I start using software that works well, I stick with until I no longer find it useful.

  9. Hello-
    I think its like the news, whatever your parents watched, it seems like you seem to have on at the dinner table. Same thing here, its what you are used to. I always used AOL until I had some problems w/ them, now i use firefox which is second to none. -a fellow ECer

  10. ie my first browser, and i change firefox very fast and many add ons plugin make a simple surfing.


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