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Thursday, July 24, 2008

What Do You Get Online?

It is undeniable that there are millions of us lurking here in the vitual world. But I am just curious what the rest of you do, or what makes you stay online. I know each and everyone of us has various reasons for staying in the net. We have different length of time allotted to our online activities as well.

For me, I do the following:

1.Search for information such as health, technology, books, movies, languages, mages, etcetera;

2.I also use my online library subscription to see specific and reliable details on a certain topic or subject;

3.I log and promote traffic to my two weblogs which are WebbieStuffs and Webloglearner.

4.I write technical papers for money.

5.I post entries to my blog.

6.I research information about my new residence in a new country.

7.I watch movies and videos online.

8.I download online, especially using the service of emule.

At the moment, those are the main reasons why I stay on and each day, the laptop that I am using now stays 24 hours connected. I do not turn it off because I heard around that it is better for its health to stay turned on. I was not able to verify this information however.

I stay online for around five (5) hours each day doing various activities. How about you?


  1. I get myself online everyday
    1.to promote my blog
    2.to update my blog.
    3.to check my email.
    4.to read what's new on my favorite bloggers.

  2. 1. Check email.
    a) Catch up on news.
    b) See Entrecard activity.
    2. Check Entrecard.
    a) Approve adverts.
    b) Check messages.
    c) Transfer credits.
    3. Check G! Reader.
    a) Catch up on:
    * subscribed blogs
    * comments
    b) Reply:
    * comment
    * digg
    4) Visit my websites.
    a) Check their operation.
    b) Review my posts.
    c) Update.
    5. Return Entrecard Drops.
    6. Play:
    a) MahJong
    b) Worms
    7. Download and watch movies.
    8. Other:
    a) Download and listen to music.
    b) Download art wallpapers and
    c) Customize my computer.

    I design websites. Webmaster. And do graphic design. I monitor friends by IM (miranda). And have people over to surf, watch movies, and listen to music.

  3. I'm online not so often. When I'm online, I:
    - check email
    - read online manga
    - check blog stats and counter
    - update blog post if necessary
    - download movie


  4. There are many things I do
    Get updated to technology
    Learn new things
    Update and promote my blog
    Read good blogs and website
    check and reply my mails.
    Downloads of Movies and Music.

    I think this post is supposed to have 999 :)

  5. 4 main activities of mine:
    1. I Google a lot
    2. I also surf traffic exchanges including Entrecard
    3. Replying my Boss's mail
    4. Online betting


  6. Well, I do the following as routine..!
    1. Get up check my mail i et like 20 or 30 each day hae to keep myself updated

    2.CHeck blo traffics
    3.Promote those ares using SEO's
    4.Play my fav ames on my pc een though its a waste of time .
    5. POst entries,
    6. Go to the links in my email entrecard my usual websites i visit
    7. Sponsored Reviews check my status o payment
    8. Movies if my computer hans or play on my psp.


  7. 1.check my mail
    2.entrecard activity
    4.check my blogs
    5.paypal acc

  8. i work on my blogs everyday, i used to spend a lot of time updating and visiting blogs, but when 2 of my helpers left blogging time was cut down, i hope to get back soon though.

    1. check my mails
    2. write my paid ads
    3. post new articles
    4. visit bloggers who made comments and comment too.
    5. approve adverts


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