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Monday, July 28, 2008

What Makes You Blog?

I have to admit, I am just hooked! Yup! That is the right word. I am hooked with blogging and I do love interacting through blogs of fellow bloggers. I know that there is not much there in the blogging world, but i find it relaxing. Yes, i spend time for this activity that do not give me any amount of money...or should I say, does not really compensate me for the time I spent in front of the screen.

But I have to say, it is not earning that hooks me because although I display ads, I am also 'confident' that I don't earn much from them. My ads are more of formality than anything else. I even registered my custom domains and spent for them. But how blogging really helped me? Or, still help me?

For a person who loves interaction and sharing of ideas, i found my outlet. Earnings aside, because I do not earn, I meet people and got to read many ideas around. Although grammar wise and English-wise, I saw many mistakes around, I have to admit that blogging is a great way to improve the writing skills of any sincere individual.

Another good thing is, I make blogging as my learning ground. I have a dream of maning my website, not a personal one but something with deeper sense and blogging is one great and fun way to practice and to achieve my goal in the future.

How about you? What blogging has done to you? What hooks you to blogging? I would love to hear from you fellas. Happy Blogging!
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  1. The computer has become the next "car" (a technology that changed the world). I feel if I don't keep up with new technologies, then the world will leave me behind.

  2. If earning from blog is our target, we might give up blogging sooner. So, I suggest having targets like building 5 figure or 4 figure Alexa, getting higher page ranks, having higher technorati rank. This kind of ranking system can be a good drive for us to write more quality post and attract more visitors by taking part in Entrecard, Blogcatalog, Digg, etc.

    It's been a long time didn't hear from you friend. How are you?

    This is Reena from Reenashwina blog.

  3. @ Brett, you have actually reason and i agree with you. I feel the same thing as you do. I have to read...read..read..and of course try and aply...

  4. The blogs are something I enjoy doing, I really never expected to make s living! I enjoy doing it, it keeps me out of trouble (well sometimes that part of it backfires).

  5. @foolsville... yup, to make a living out of blogging makes one a bit fool i guess? I mean, it is just not possible to the masses..yes, there are earners but not a big percentage.

    @Ankit, if you are joining the contest, to gain 500EC for the 15th commenter, or to be transferred 20 EC for joining, please read the instructions. It says, write 'Monday' after the comment.. not write the word 'Monday' alone. Thanks for commenting anyway, you will get your 20 ECs by now but not the second time around without a comment, all right?

  6. I blog because i love blogging. My english is suckx but i still writting haha!
    I earn some money from blogging, and i will keep writting and writting until the end !!

    webbiestuffs : I have added your link in my blog link page for few days already, Can you do me a favor to give me a link back too ? I would appreciate your link back, Thanks guy !! =)

  7. definately the response and feedback has hooked me, definately not all the money I make.


  8. I have a blog (several) for business and another which is just a journal. I have a blog that I use to test online marketing things, like entrecard and another blog called Crash Test Dummy which I build out with everything new and neat, just to see what does not work together. That last one is my oldest and I rebuild it every 4 months or so.

  9. I blog for 3 reasons. No.1 is that I like to do some thing creative. At the moment I have a blog on Reality TV shows. I would like to do something more creative. Just that I dont get enough time.
    No.2 I would like to start earning through blogging.
    No.3 I want to become my own boss, so that I dont have to be answerable to any one.

    Cheers !!


  10. @ Lhurey,
    Thanks for dropping by. Will drop by at your end soon too.

    @ Make Money Blogging,
    I have added your link already as 'Make $ Blogging' and abut your english, i think blogging is greAT WAY TO IMPROVE THEM. iT IS A DIFFERENT FEELING WHEN YOU GET TO RE-READ WHAT YOU HAVE WRITTEN.

    @ peanutbuttertoes,
    it's great that you earn...as it sound you have had lotsa earnings dear. Congrats on that!

    @ richard,
    you must have a very good time management skills to do all these. i have had many blogs too, 12 or so but the time was just too limited. i deleted the majority of them due to lack of time to manage and maintain them.

    Wow! That is quite a dream! That means you must earn much bucks to succeed. Good luck friend. You know i am supporting you.

  11. I love to blog because it expands my mind and I can write about anything under the sin.Today I got inspred by a new template and it gave me an idea for another blog.
    I downloaded the template today.

  12. I love the interaction with people all over the world, seeing things and learning things from different cultures and insights.

    I have made several contacts and friends through blogging and it gives me an outlet to speak my mind as well. I even found a new job through a blogging forum.

  13. I am an obsessed or addicted blogger now so it is just too late for me to quit now. I guess it is better than smoking or drinking.

  14. I don't know about you but there are never enough blogsin the blogoshoere. I love to go around reading other'sblogs as well as doing my own stuff. Esrning from them has become now a secondary thing.

  15. I really want to be a good blogger as well as a good entredropper for my friends. It feels like I have made a whole new online family through blogging. Making friends is I guess the best part of it.

  16. Thanks for your comments everyone. There is the 15th commenter and thatis yanyaren. I will be checking my entrecard for credit transfer. Thanks a lot.

  17. I blog because I want to. I want all the world to read my nonsense. And take what I want to tell. I have put adsense to earn. but for last 2000 impressions I didn't got anything. So I'll remove that. Searching for some good source.

  18. To all who commented and hsraed their ideas, a big thanks to all of you. Whatever your reason for commenting, I thank you. To the fifteenth commenter, congratulations. Loads of Entrecard Credits have been transferred to your account at EC.

    I also make additional links when I reply to your comments so better state your blog url... it might help us with backlinks and stuffs.

    @ Jenai (I cannot retrive your blog url),
    I do hope I can see your blog but your profile seems closed. What do you mean by the phrase "under the sin" by the way? Just curious...

    @ Susie,
    That is great! I am happy to hear that from a blogger..A job? That is surely great!

    Actually, as I read your comment, it seems that we have the same views on blogging. I too found earnings from some forums... Online world is really helpful.

    @ Yanjiaren,
    I STRONGLY AGREE WITH YOU THERE. It can be an addiction (obviously to so many as I observe and maybe I am included), but it is a good way. It has an earning capability and unlike smoking and drinking or drugs that are all spending and bad effects... no good return!

    @ Dale Mazurek ,
    What do you mean never enough? In terms of quality, I agree with you... but I don't actually get what you mean by that when there are at least a few tens of millions if not hundreds of them (blogs)are present in the Net.

    Yes, making friends is also omportant. I am looking forward to the day I meet some of the fellow bloggers. Majority of my readers/droppers/passers are from the US of A and other Asian countries. On the other hand, I live in Western Europe.

    @ Guttu,
    I don't actually find those nonsense so nonsense. I find your posts helpfl, with sense and entertaining.

  19. I have blog for my personal record and to speak myself.It doesn't matter if I dont have readers but it would be fun if there are some reading and commenting lol.
    I became ineterested in blogging with the inspiration of my hubby the blogger hehe.
    I did not earn money for blogging, but of course I wanted to but I dont have enough time for it.

    But I learned enteracting people, and of course I gained some nice friends around the globe.


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