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Monday, August 18, 2008

Another Web Hosting Company in My List

These days, I have been thinking which web hosting company to choose as I have two growing blogs. Still confused and have no idea as to which one is better, what to make out of them and which one to start considering or should I simply stay with my first ever blogger's blogspot free hosting.

I have however stumbled with some cool web hosting services around the block and one of them is called Network Solutions. I bet what this web hosting company offers is indeed a solution to both my and your simple or ecommerce web hosting needs.

So, what do they offer and what have I discovered? I was amazed actually!

1. Network Solutions is a leader in the Web hosting and domain name industry and was even the first domain name registration service ever established in 1993. 1993? That must have been a record! A veteran I should say.

2. A reliable company with a customer service open for 24/7! That is what I am looking for actually when I am considering a web hosting company. Of course theur annual package of hosting plans give out a free domain name.

3. Flexible. I need not be intimidated with big ecommerce sites for I am equally treated if I hire the web hosting solutions of Network Solutions! Cool stuff, isn't it? That means they offer services to any kind of site, be it a simple blog like mine or a business site requiring some more funcions and flexibility.

What more can I say? With Network Solutions, the Company can really assist webbie individuals in all their web hosting needs! And I bet that includes me! Wanna see what I mean? Click here then!

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