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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Beat that Technology Blog!

We bloggers, often have so little time spending into the blogs of others. We tend to be very centered in our own blog or blogs. Of course that is very obvious and a very reasonable fact. Why? We have a lot of things to do with our own blogs beautifying, posting, submitting SEO directories, linking and many more activities. We, bloggers, sometimes miss the more fun stuffs in the blogosphere, and that is to enjoy our fellow bloggers' work and blogs.

The facade of the blog....

Although I am not referring to everyone when I said that, I have to really insist that at least 90% of us all spend more or all of our online times on our blogs alone without minding much what is going on around in the blogs of others. Naturally, there is still the 10% who are happy to read their admired bloggers and of course, maybe, with my estimate, there is another 5-10% margin of error to my estimate.

Today however, I discovered the beauty of a blog. It is actually a technology-related blog and it is owned by a passionate blogger, Michael Aulia. It is actually in the heading and title, stating the owner and the theme of the blog. I actually go around this blog for it is very unline mine. I tend to make very long posts and this one, more on interesting briefs.. short articles with very interesting contents. Take for example the post on virtual actors and actresses: it is not too long post but all is there. In fact, this post really caught my attention... how about you? Are you interested to be a fan of hollywood virtual actor or actress?

The images you see are virtual... Click the image to see the real post on it...

Moving on, I still walked around the blog and see what I can get and learn. And lo! There are entrecard guides as well as guides to new bloggers. It can be found in the head tabs. The links provided are useful to all newbies on blogging as well as entre card peeps around.

The blog has actually a lot of feature I envy. Thatis why I continue to just roam around the site and see what it has to offer. As the images sugest, there is the "Featured Posts" section that keeps on rolling the featured posts (of course) and under the posts/comments, there is the "Related Posts" section which is pretty helpful. For commentors with SezWho, the sezwho of this site, as well as CommentLuv is enabled. Not to mention the "Top Commenter" section featuring the site's fans. The entrecard is very visible and placed at the top most area giving ease to droppers.

The features I like are encircled or encased in a blue lines

Of course, as a person and a blogger, I have some suggestions to Michael. The title of the blog should at least stand out over the post titles. Maybe it can grow a little (just a little) bigger. Moreover, I see the 125 px ads at the right side very dominating. They are too big and tend to overshadow the posts. Aisde from those suggestions, I just find this blog very entertaining and useful. Visit Michael Aulia: Technology and Reviews HERE!


  1. "Are you interested to be a fan of hollywood virtual actor or actress?" im more interested to be the actress lol. is Emily really a virtual actress ? she looked real. your review is honest, yeah i rarely give comment to others, but the blog that you recommended is interesting and fun to read, especially to people who love hi-tech. thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey, great review with screenshots :X

    Always love to meet with new people, especially other bloggers. Hope to see you around too, Natshiz

  3. What you wrote is absolutely correct. When i do drop the cards i do it as if some race is on to complete the 300, least paying attention to the content of the site/blog. Well its not entirely my fault either. There are some sites/blogs that do make you stop for a while and force you to read, by sheer content power. Very nice of you to review Mike's blog. It is really a nice blog and it is one of the sites which makes me stop and take a breather :)

  4. It's funny you should talk about how time consuming blogging can be. I too have been thinking lately that perhaps I should slow down a bit and check out some other neat blogs. It's definately paying off, because your blog is full of neat and intersting things, which will really help me tweak my blog.

  5. i find his articles /blog interesting.. i mean the concept of your title and the content in it should be more direct that way, your readers won't be bored in just reading plain text...

  6. Wow you are really technically endowed and what great screen shots. I wish I can learn to do that too. I hope you can teach me lol.

  7. Thanks. You should have seen me on my first days of blogging. Struggling with my English writing skill (I was scored 5/10 back in an English IELTS/TOEFL test 10 years ago :D)

    A reader encouraged me that it's the content that people are looking for. If you are understandable, that's good enough.

    Oh well :) Good luck to you all too in blogging and keep the passion burning!

  8. I wish I knew half of what you know. Great site and I love coming by to learn more each time. Fun and interesting!

  9. Wow! There is quite a conversation going on in here.

    Thank you for appreciating this post as well as Mike's blog. How can ou be a virtual actress? The things can't be undone. You are a HUMAN NOW! ^^

    @ Michael,
    Am glad you like it. Well, what is the use of the review if it won't drive traffic to you and make people aware of your cool site? ;)

    That dropping disease do not only hit you. It happens to too many people. But I am more interested in making backlinks and making my blog. EC is on the side. I have also seen your review of this post in SU, I can only review your blog if you give more importance to it by posting. Your last post is dated July. That is not a good indication. :-t

    Thanks for that note. Actually it is fun reading around. I wish I have more time to make comments too. I love making it to beautiful posts to encourage the blogger... And I don't give 'How Tos' here. I suggest you visit bloggerbuster blog.. She is a genius when it comes to blog (blogger).

    Oh Novs. Thanks for visiting Mike's blog. I am happy that this post is helpful to the owner of the blog. ;;)

    Hey girl! You already know that I am sure. Screenshots? There is no mystery in there... :-/

    Hey! You are funny! I never took that exam yet since my direction was Europe and not Austalia or the US of A. I am curious now how would I fare in those exams...

    Thank you for coming then. I love your full of health tips blog too. ^^ Be there in a sec.

  10. Virtual actors and actresses? I don't think so. My eyes easily get tired from facing the computer too much so i don't think i'd like that one.

    Let me visit this site that u've recommended. Looks like it is a really interesting site.

  11. girl, this might be not related in your entry.. but just want to answer your ? in my entry.. hahaha... i just copied the same way sa kay lynn... hahahaha.... well, i'm not that old though i'm on my late 20's na rin. pero way too different when you see me personally, uhmmm..lets just say that mostly would think i'm a teenager.. nakaka flattered diba?

  12. @Lynn,
    I think the virtual actors and actresses can be viewed on theaters and wide screens as in movies. The same concept as the movie "Simone" i think. ANyway, hmmm.. i think you just stay so much in front of your screen.

    I got it gurl.I just published it so I can answer you. No worries, Ganda. :p


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