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Monday, August 18, 2008

Isn't Google Gadgety Idea Great?

Google Gadgets have now been enabled for all layouts blogs. This new interface allows for the integration of iGoogle Gadgets directly into our sidebar, with an array of customization options for easy tweaking. Also built into Gadgets is our the robust Gadget Directory, which lets us, Blogger bloggers browse through thousands of cool gadgets and add them to our blog with a simple click of a button.In fact we can access Gadgets from your dashboard under the Layout | Gadgets tab (the tab formerly known as "Layout | Page Elements.") In short, it is like the renamed 'page elemets' but now i believe it is more flexible

Gadgets have built-in configuration for easy integration into the layout. All gadgets are automatically sized to match the width of the sidebar, and their height in pixels can be adjusted using the Gadget's built-in options... now this is one great part of it. Blogger's/google's large list of Gadgets is constantly growing and evolving. They can be browsed from the comprehensive Gadget Directory, which runs the gamut from sports updates to site counters, and flash games to local information tickers.However, these stuffs sound so fancy for me. All I put here, as an addition to my existing layout is the Newsreel...you can view it at the lowest potion of my right sidebar. At the moment, my topic of interest is on Olympic games. The language is however Italian. I do not have any idea how you view it, if it is in Italian or not.

To bring up the Gadget Directory, just click Add a Gadget from the blogger layout. However, if you are some kind of Bravo Geek and have an idea for a gadget that isn't listed yet, you may build it yourself! Google/Blooger claimed that they are always on the lookout for great ideas, and you may submit your own creation to the iGoogle Gadget Directory, and then let them know about it in their Help Group— they may just add it to our 'Featured Gadgets' Section...and THAT IS THE GADGET YOU CREATED!

Isn't Blogger/iGoogle gadgety idea great? See Here: Blogger Buzz: Spice Up Your Blog with Google Gadgets!


  1. Oh my dayz lol. I never knew about this. I will check it out and see if I can pimp out my blogs in any way. You always come up with great and useful posts. Oh and glad you want to visit Greece..it is beautiful..ine poli oreo..

  2. @WS: Pride breakfasted with plenty, dined with poverty, and supped with infamy.Why did he quoted that? What he referred to?

    Franklin (quoted) referred to PRIDE (like it was a person). To say: If you are proud you may start out with plenty but you will become poor and then infamous.

    Regarding the photo: A mixture of pride (bright colors), poverty (the living conditions), and (ironically) "infamy" (a moment of fame that reveals both plenty and poverty at the same time... the photo itself)!

    Franklin didn't say things because they were appropriate, he said things to be saying them (he came up with wise sayings for no apparent reason or "just to sound wise"). Maybe that's what wisdom is?

  3. Thanks very much for this news.Have to check it out. Can you help me? I'm looking for a widget which works as a cloud tag for my website?

  4. Wow. I totally didn't know this existed! I will definetly be trying this out in the near future! Thanks!

  5. I was able to read about this last week (not sure). But I don't have the time to explore about the new stuff in blogging. :)

  6. I really love all the gadgets blogger has. They are really cool to play around with.

  7. I noticed about this add a gadget function in blogspot last week. I also tried to browse gadgets that I would add to my blog but have to think it over since adding too much gadget would slow down my blog to load up..So it would be wise to add only the things that are necessary. It's great to have these add-ons but don't over indulge yourself


  8. hi, i have always want to ask but forgot.. how you make your blog to dot com?


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