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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Do You Love Contests? Read and Win This Out!

I have recently sponsored some entrecard contests and three of them have been concluded already. That means, if you will be running some contests, do not forget to buzz me because I do love sponsoring one. What I just discovered is that in the last two contests that have been drawn by those respective contest givers and organizers, there is one particular winner that stands her way. The blog is called I Luv Contest although she used two dfferent blogs in two different contests. So what am I trying to drive here? Just read on...

Since the name of the blog is 'I Luv Contests', that means that contests are the main dishes in her blog. This person is pretty updated with all the current contests in town and as I have seen it, it paved her way: she makes it to the winning group. As they say, the more entries you got, the more winnings you will have. And that is true! She wins more than the rest because the probability of winning is much more than the rest.

So guys, if you are hunting for some contests as well, no need to worry. We have the one stip shop; the blog of sherry at http://iluvcontest.blogspot.com. See yah there! ^^


  1. OOOH..thanks for that site!! I just saw your comment about me doing a review..I'm sorry I did not get your email. If you still are interested just email me at my site:


    Sorry about the mix up!

  2. hi rogue, hmmm.. that sounds cool...

    i was trying to drop you some EC but its weird, couldn't find this drop thingy... and such, are they under maintenance?

  3. Hi Rogue,( Is that your name?)
    Good idea and you are really creative.
    BTW. Just read your comments on my post. Yah I got problem about EC, and Rose told me that you had helped her, can you help me too? :)
    I really dont know how to do it. Igno kasi wala pang alam. Thanks in advance.

  4. hey there,

    Thanks for the link, I can always like joining contests :)

  5. This is about winning matrix, the more the merrier is true if one wants to beat the odds and turn the tables. Well i am game too. if you want to sponsor any contest in future do remember me :)

  6. @megan,
    yes, i remembered but i cannot open your blog anymore. your profile is locked actually.

    hmm... my site looks okay to me and to my many droppers today. Try to refresh or click some posts and see if it is really broken or something...

    i have sent you a message already .. just send me the pics, ill do it... if you want other helps, just tell me. Okies?

    i love contests too, it is fun more than the winning..but of course we do all want to win, right?

    you bet it's right!


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