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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Does My Laptop Nurtures a Bug?

It started last week when my Entrebar just disappeared of nowhere. I tried to re-download and re-install it but to no avail. Then, my my firefox just blew up and hwaaaa, it could not be opened any longer. I had to re-download my firefox mozilla browser and good that it was back without much fuzz. Then, I tried to restore my EntreBar but still, nothing. In short, until now, currently, at the moment, addesso, ora, or whatever term can substitute the word 'now', I want to cry because I still have not the entrebar. I find it really helpful with its lots of one-click feature.

The good thing s, my mozilla firefox is still up. Actually, these days, I have been using firefox back-to-back with Apple Safari when I do surf around. The blogging stuffs go at firefox while the rest of the on-line activities, I use the Apple Safari. Although I have my favorite opera aound and the internet explorer, with my surfing and activities these days, I cannot trust them for my use.

Now back o the topic, I just found out that I cannot really open some sites. I don't know why. Especially the sites with dot info endings. Any ideas on how to tell if you got some bugs/viruses around that do not permit you opening some sites? Any idea on how to dispose of them? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

I just thought Bugs Bunny is cuter than the real bugs!


  1. Oh I am sorry you had a bug. I will never forget when all my stuff crashed a couple of years ago when I downloaded three trojans and a bloodhound. Yacky for my computer.

  2. Sorry about that but i really can't help u with that. Luckily, i have no problems with my pc like that since. It only got infected with virus before and that's it.

    Anyways, can we xlink, sis? You've been my constant visitor and i'd love to add your two blogs to my blogroll.

    Happy weekend! (",)


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