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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gadgets and Technology are Nothing If...

Today, I was in the City Hall for some bureacratic requirements of living in a new place and I do need to register and followup a lot of documentation and a lot of requirements. To be exact, there is a reception dest, a very large hall where people have enough place to breath, meet, sit and wait for your turn to transact in one of the 24 cubicles ready to serve each and everyone there who has the queue number. It is actually a smooth process where people only line up once: in the reception area to get the queue number.

Just past the view right after the entrance...

Let away the design of the city hall which is a bit spacious and relaxing qith lots of free light going inside since it is designed with an 'opnen-like' center where the lights of the sun are welcome, the thing that amazes me is the smoothness of the whole process. The city hall personnel, as well as any other government office we transact with or we call, because they can just aske for the name and various information and they know everything. This is the benefit of all the centralization of all records where one department of government passes the information to another department, share them and hola! the things are determinable, the records are there, no multiple registration, no redundancy of function and all.

People on queue for their turn to be flashed in the screen. The reception area is visible from this angle at the end left are of the image.

With today's observation, I came up to realize that indeed technology and gadgets are better. Of course these are needed to centralize the record, to facilitate all the lines of communication within each government office and stuffs like that. There must be programming needed and all those stuffs to make the work go faster, smoother, effective and efficient. Technology these days are powerful. The conditions to use it? You must have money and resources to invest on it, you know how to use it and the rest of the world also wish that you use it wisely without affecting

Those rostrum-like stuffs in the middle are some kind of documentary. It has a screen but I never tried to use it to watch or listen because of too much light It is bad to look at a screen when there is too much ligh, the screen seems invisible as well as the things that are shown.

Why I said so? Overuse, reliance and overmanipulation of technology can be useful to one side but it can also harm the rest of the world. If you think of the United States, maybe you would
understand what I mean?

Here, you can see people ccrossing from one part of the building to another. It is like an over pass actually and there are actually two people crossng at the sixth floor. Do you see?

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