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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Get Your Thousand of Free EntreCard Credits Here

As promised yesterday, the next post to previous post, What Do You Use Your EntreCard Credits For?, I would be posting the list of posts that still have winnable 500EC credits with it. This is to give you the easy browsing time to reach those posts and win the 500 EC. The rule is that, as soon as the 20th commenter is reached, the commenters will be drawn using the service of www.randomizer.org to determine the winner. So at the moment, even I, do not have any idea who will be the lucky one to win all the prizes.

Currently, most posts have comments already and others are even three or lesser comments away from reaching its 20th commenter, so, sooner or later, the 500 will be given.

YOU MAY COMMENT TWICE; THRICE, or ANY NUMBER you want and it also corresponds to your entry in that post. The more comments you make, the more chances that the randomizer will hit your comment. The only requirement is, make your comments RELEVANT to the POST or to the COMMENTS OF OTHERS and one liner is not discouraged. I moderate the comments.

YOU ARE ALSO ENCOURAGED TO use the exact url of your blog in commenting for easy transfer of the EC in case you win in case your profile is closed and I cannot access your blog to inform you of your winnings.

So here is the list of posts that the 500 EntreCard credits have not been won yet: (green color indicates that a winner was just selected)

So that is it guys. You have a lot of chance and if you are real lucky, you might win all the 500 in each which means it is around 3,000 EC credits. DO NOT FORGET THAT THE MORE COMMENTS YOU MAKE, THE BIGGER IS YOUR CHANCE! To make this possible, and to not make your comments redundant, I suggest you react to the comments of others rather than focusing on the post alone.

Good luck Guys! I am ready to transfer ECs for the winners. THE SCREENSHOTS OF THE RESULT will be posted as an edit at the bottom of the post once a winner has been selected. How is the procedure? Please refer HERE


Update and Edit #1: August 13, GMT + 1:
First Winning: Weng Forsgren of Mommy's World Blog. To see the random drawing of winner for the post
My Blog is Now More Handsome, simply click here.

Update and Edit #1: August 14,, GMT + 1 @ 8:46
The 500 EC credits were sent to the beneficiry of the winner. She donated it to a friend with an EC account.


  1. My only problem with your credit promotions is that (a quote) "a 'geek' is someone who uses the computer to talk about computers". I'm tired of reading posts about posting. I still think that if the post is quality, then people will comment (though I don't get very many comments so maybe I'm 'not the one to be talking'.

  2. i'm thinking of making an ec account, since joy and ellaine have been telling me to get one. but i'm not decided yet and i don't know what illustration to put . . .

  3. Looks like you have too much of EC's in the bank. I'll have to plan a robbery. Good approach for blog promotion. Keep in mind that most of them post for EC's and not for the post.

  4. hehe, siguro ang yaman mo sa entrecredits ano ;)

    btw, i have added this one already :)

  5. I still really can't dicepher what is the use for the EC. I think I have to read everything thoroughly but I just don't have much time ... sigh....

  6. I sell mine in order to get a couple of domain names I need for new blogs and for my environmental project I will launch and I am so excited that I found my dream home in Bhutan! Don't ask ai am stark raving mad lol.

  7. i use mine to re advertise the site, im going to start using mine to get more stumbles then the next month ill work on getting more diggs.


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