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Saturday, August 2, 2008

YOU May DIE Laughing!

This game will make your day! It made mine! I want to share with you the happy moments. Just click play and I am sure you will love it. I am a football lady by the way and I love the game! Actually YOU MAY DIE LAUGHING!


  1. thanks for the visit!

    yes, your new look is better! glad you had it fixed.

    i do wish kaiden and i could travel!

    take care and enjoy the weekend!

  2. off topic: im glad you've fixed it. i love the layout, its so neat ;)

  3. Hi, thanks for the nice comment and for visiting..

  4. @ Mummy Sheng,
    you are welcome and thanks for your visits too. Yes, the static brain blog owner helped me.

    @ Liza,
    I am too glad too. I am also happy, inspired, proud and thankful about it.

    @ chubskulit-rose,
    thanks to you too, and you are welcome.

  5. thanks for the visit.
    yes I am entertained much. I am laughing alone in our house. but I don't like to die yet

  6. The video is indeed funny! It's more like a ballet performance than a football, huh? Lol.

  7. thanks for sharing! enjoy the weekend and thank you for the visit..

  8. After your site looking great we needed to round off the weekend with a good laugh. Cheers!

  9. I want to laugh and then die nicely lol. I would hate to have a horrible death..or a slow one for that matter.

  10. I cracked up with this. I do hope you post some more funnies. We can do with a laugh more often.

  11. I want to kill myself laughing lol. What was that? Thanks for the utter laughs and friendship.

  12. What made me have a laugh is having a laugh as I had a really bad start to the day. Thanks for cheering me up.

  13. I think we are living a dog's life at the moment so we need a good laugh. Have a great day.

  14. I hope I can live a long life before I die laughing lol but you know what? That's a great way to go from this World.

  15. There is nothing like having a good laugh and by the wya your blog is looking good nw. Not that is wasn't before but now it is nicer.

  16. I would like tolaugh more, these days I have been far too stressed. So I thank you dearly for the lauhgs and the good posts.

  17. @ fishing my way,
    You are entitled with 500 entrecard credits. Please e-mail me at my entrecard so i know which account of you to transfer the credits. I apologize for the late transfer because my home connection cannot enter EC. Your credits will be sent within 24 hours though. Thank you for commenting.

    @ nanay belen,
    i am happy i made you laugh. i laughed alone as well at this vid. hahaaha..of course no one of us wants to die yet.. what will happen to our blogs if we die? too sad.

    @ the rest of the commenters,

    thank you for visiting. you actually get each return comment (as long as your blog is blogger coz i cannot enter outside it) as a sign of great blogging connection and as a sin of my gratitude.

    You get comments back all, but for those who are outside blogger, your will come later.

  18. I don`t care for sports, but it was a great video..What is with guys doing sports and not wearing underwear?

  19. hahahahaha!!

    great video!!! love the ref!!!

  20. LOL. That's one hell of a silly naked guy! :)

  21. im back here. hope you had a wonderful weekend ;)


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