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Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Never Knew I Gained Google PR3

Do you think in this blog? See down where....I got the google Page Rank 3.


Yes, I have to put that notation to not send wrong signals to my readers. The page rank that I got is not for this blog but in another blog that I did not change the domain name. If you are curious enough, simply CLICK HERE to see it. Now that I have my own blog to have a PR, for the first time, now I really got the feel of how it is to have a google PR.

Honestly, I abandoned this blog months back to settle on two blogs where I bought a custom domain. From this blog where I gained $16 from BidVertiser but that was it. No more additional earnings. It was totally abandoned and untouched. The traffic was never dead though. In a day, it still gets a considerable amount of visitors. It was actually the first blog that I have had. And the theme? Majority of the posts are critical and political.

I am really elated as I opened today, with the Mozilla Firefox browser when it was green in the PR detector. I was alerted. Maybe it is another tricks from google or from firefox that sometimes retains the PR of the previous site and shows it as the page rank of the current site. SO I wanted to make sure and I checked the Pae Ranking from outside services. Indeed it was PR3! Wow!

This means that my PR3 blog now is revived. I used to leave a notation that I have transferred that blog and I have to leave it. But now, I am coming back. Now that it has PR 3, the voices that will put there will be heard better because it will be easily searcheble. I am just too glad to have it and I gotta post in here for my elation.

Honestly, I never know when the PR started to grow. I will be maintaining this blog again but I will never change it into custom domain. Why? I will surely lose the PR! So it will stay in blogspot and it will be an assistant as to my promotion of my two custom domain blogs, ONE HERE and ANOTHER HERE.

It also give me a very strong feeling as to the factor that made that blog run into PR three (3).
  • First, it was certainly not traffic for I only have had 10-30 visitors daily since I abandoned it.
  • Second, the content paved the way. The contents were heavily keyworded into Philippines and many searches regarding Philippines can be found there.
  • Third, my exchnaging links with fellow bloggers helped. Maybe I have exchanged links for at least 60 fellow bloggers. And at the moment, I see a majority of them to have their own PRs as well, mostly like me who has PR 3.
At least now I have proven all I posted about having a PR in this blog. If you are interested to have PR as well, simply see (by clicking) my posts entitled Now that We Have PR5 so What Now? Shall We Have It Forever? and Google PageRank, I Want to Improve In It!. I lost my adsense but I still got the PR. Now I am not that disappointed losing it after I travelled.

Finally, I am just thankful. It was a passion for me to put such a content to that blog and it made me happy as well as it made my blog buddies happy. Now I almost regret I left it for I have had a lot of readers there before. Anyway, I am back. As they say, better late than never.


  1. hmmm. i have been also reading about PR before i really understand what would be important to your page / entry a content that would be helpful to your readers...

    as for your comment: hmmmm.those cloning would definitely scare everybody else

  2. Wow! Good for u. I once had a PR4 but lost it after two months. But i've enjoyed it fully - opps wise. (",)

  3. I think that personally it sucks that you loose your rating when you switch from a blogspot blog to your own domain. It is a lot to loose if you have a blog that actually takes off. I was only blogging for a short time when I bought my domain. Thank goodness it was before the ranking came out because now my blog has a ranking of 5.
    You should probably post about how you loaded your blog with search able words it might be a great tip for new bloggers and get you even more its. SEO is something that everyone want to improve upon.

  4. This is interesting, I have noticed that if you leave a blog to sit and collect dust the google spiders seem to index it much better and for some reason your search engine results improve.

  5. way to go!

    Hey how do you check pagerank?

  6. Cool! PR3 is quite an achievement. It really boosts the ratings in Google and can lead to quite a bit more traffic. My site is mostly politics and most people get there while searching political figures or looking for their images, when I got up to a higher ranking more and more people started showing up as my listings got higher up on the list.


  7. @NOva,
    You have a good PR as well. Maybe you did not notice that? ^^

    Yes, if you do many paid posting, PR do suffer. Many are complaining about that.

    Actually, losing that PR, i have been aware of, but blogging wise, not to many respect the PR or the blog if it is in blogdpot or something. SO, there must be some bargaining around...

    That's a great way to put it. Yes, blogs that stay long are actually having it. That is why when we search online, they just come up on searches..

    Yeah Bro!

    @strong moderate,
    Since this was my first ever blog, actually, I have had no idea before what these PR thingies are all about.

  8. I have a lot to learn from fellow bloggers. Looks like its never too late. Congratulations and champagne are in order i suppose. Do well my friend and gain higher and higher ranks Psst.. i might approach u for a backlink :)

  9. I used to have pr on my old blogs but when I put them in ppp I lost it and also there are no posts for me to do there. I don't know f I will ever get any pr in my new one lol. Good luck and congratulations on your pr. May you keep it.

  10. ı write a comment but delete.good for you.and good domain name.ı am turkish.haa bu arada Congratulations.

  11. That's good. But pagerank is good for initial publicity only. Then you can forget about it.

  12. Weird.. I see PageRank 0 on my toolbar :|
    Unless you've just got banned from Google or my toolbar is acting up

  13. Can u help me, how to increase our PR? now my blog is PR0. Tks

  14. wow.. PR 3 better than nothing :)

  15. Wow naman, that calls for a celebration.. Yeppers! Why did u lost your adsense?

  16. I still have a PR 0, but with some hard work and the use of your advice I'm hoping it will improve soon.


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