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Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Think I Read Too Much Online

I used to have eyeglasses due to my ortometrist's prescirption of having astigmatism. The truth is, I am a person who doe not like eyeglasses so much. Thus, whe I inquired if contact lenses were possible for me, the loud and big answer was, NO!

The problem is, I do read online too much, set aside blogging and supporting blogging buddies online. I do my research online for my job which is writing. Thus, a bit of headache here and a bit of headache here cause by my strained eyes is not very good for me. Now I left and thrown away somewhere my old eyeglasses! I don't like it actually. The reason that I do not wear a pair now is my difficulty of finding an affordable, yet beautiful selection of eyeglasses that would suit my looks, my face and my personality.

These days, that my head and eyes start to bother me again, I tried to see online for some local eyeglasses companies around but too no avail. They are either too expensive or out of style. Now I saw it online and I can purchase one online! I was surprised but it's true. It is the Zenni Optical. What made me trust this company is the fact that it is also feature in The Clark Howard Show. The feedback was amazing and I quote it:
Zennioptical.com is still giving amazing deals on prescription eyeglasses to the public. $8 is all it costs for basic prescription glasses. Clark has ordered a pair and so have others on the staff and the customer service and the products have been fantastic. Clark finally got his in and he has not had any problems with them. So if you want some cheap prescription eyeglasses that don't feel cheap, check out Zenni!
In fact I have already chosen my $8 dollar pair of glasses. Can you imagine? Only $8.00? That is amazing! If you need a pair, I can even give you a gift! Now that's another story to talk about.

The designs as I have browsed them, actually suits anyone: from oldies, yuppies, professionals, sporty individuals and of course YOU! Wjat more I can say? Browse the site around and you'll know what I mean. Simply stated, It's great glasses for less pennies!

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