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Friday, August 1, 2008

I Felt So Overwhelmed

It is less than 24 hours that I have posted another "help me" call in this blog.. I just want to thank everyone who, at the best of their ability, tried to help; offered help or suggested a solution. I am very glad to know that after all, this world is not so apathetic as it seems, and even in the virtual world, friends can be found and can be trusted and be leaned onto.

With more than five people who responded, to all of you, I want to thank you. I in fact, found one who offered a help in one of the commentors and that is the very nice lady from the Static Brain Website. Although the status of my blog is still messy at this very moment, and it is not fixed yet, I thank her in advance. I want to tell you, Ms. Very Helpful and Kind Lady that this is not yet the promised feature of your blog. It will be coming after the blog is fixed so I can tell the readers here the great change and make over.

The rest of the group of bloggers who offered their kind words of advice and/or help are the following, in order of commenting at "help me" call blog post. are the following, together with their notations:
I will try and help out if I can. I see what you mean now. I think you need something really simple and professional looking. Shall I pick out some templates for you and send them to you?

Brett Mindrec:
I don't remember how I used to customize blogger. But when my sidebar (on wordpress themes) "jumps down", sometimes it helps to close (something) with an extra /div tag (in "<>" brackets). If you add code in the sidebar section of blogger, and the code is in a "block" (a single block, like the code for the entrecard widget), then you can put a /div after the code and MAYBE it won't jump down any more. Not for all of them. Maybe one isn't closing. Probably entrecard. Try just closing that one block with a /div!

Purple Frog (profile unaccessible):
Wish i could help you, i have problems with my own blog right now..I am not happy with the layout at the moment-maybe i bored with everything right now..Maybe i will figure something out when school starts on Monday..Good luck with your layout on your blog...

Static Brain, whose help offer I took:
Mail me your blogger info like login and password. I will go in and fix it. I downloaded the template you wanted (Greenery). But the only way I can help you and find out what is wrong is if I have access to the blog. If you are worried about giving me access just ask Colleen at http://sweetreflections.net what she thinks as I have helped her a lot already. I don't want your entrecard credits either. But if I fix it I would like a small article, a paragraph or two about my blog in a post, with a link to me. That would be enough credit. You can email me at iron_creek_nanny (at) yahoo.com if you want my help.

Gorgeous Mummy Sheng:
how i wish i can help you! but i'm a no-brainie with layouts! lol!

To all of you, a great hurray! Thanks for trying to help. It is already a big thingy for me. Happy blogging and let's all enjoy the glory this simple, yet gratifying, activity offers.



  1. hey just to let you know I will be busy fixing this for at least 2 or maybe 3 days probably because I am finding all kinds of broken html in your posts. There may be broken html in your ad codes too. I am having to look at every post one at a time. So please be patient. I am started on fixing it though. I just wanted you to know that.

  2. I am sooooooo glad you got the right help you needed. This is JUST the kind of thing I thought would look great. Your blog and the colourt looks peng and I love it 100 times more. I am stumbling it also now so you get loads of visitors because you are worth it. Congrats also to your frined. I will drop an entrecard on their blog now too.

  3. @ Static Brain,
    Yes dear, no problem. Even at this moment I am already more than satisfied of the way how ths blog looks. It is very peasing to the eys. It insoires me to make more of it.

    You can take the time, at least by now, it does not looks as crazy as it was hours ago.

    Thank you, thank you, and thanks a million!

    @ Yanjiaren,
    Thanks a lot dear. I don't have stumbleupon wideget yet, I have mouch lacking actually in my blog. But now that it looks better and are arranged better, I will do my best to maintain it good.

    Actually, I have been dreaming to have this kind of look in my blog... but all the best themes and templates were mostly for wordpress.. I am in free hosted blogger so I have had difficulties.

    Thanks for all our support.

  4. @ webbystuffs
    Well actually i couldn't use the template you wanted because it had problems too, so I just took the header picture from it, the nice green one, and am trying to make it work with another template. I still need to get all your ad codes and extra sidebar stuff put back, but I will get it. I saved all the codes for that stuff. Just be a little bit longer. Maybe by tomorrow I can get finished, but I am not sure. I have never worked on blogger templates before, so I am new at this. I am used to working in wordpress. Ha Ha :-) But the templates work similar so that helps. I will do the best i can, and let you know when I get done.

  5. I agree with you that there were good Samaritan's not just in real world but also in virtual world..

    Btw, thanks for sharing your insight in my blog. I hope you have a good day! :)

  6. Hi there!

    Sure, you can repost it, "What angry women can do". You have my permission. (",)

    Have a nice day!

  7. The template is nice..(made by Indonesian blogger -- he heh, good to you O-om!).
    Congrats for your new look!
    I think you should fix the feedburner icon, it looks blurry and too much stretched.

  8. @ staticbrain,
    No prblem.. I actually did not notice the difference. This is really a beautiful layout with very flexible page elements inside in the rdit mrnu. Thanks.

    Yes, actually this one is very good. I feel so good about my ne blog template and layout.. very inspiring.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas as well.

    @ < href="http://tweetartz.blogspot.com/"> Lynn,
    Thanks for the permission and for coming back here... I will get that image this evening i guess..it is saturday morn here in my place. TY

    @ AchmadZ,
    Thans for the advice Buddy! I appreciate it. Actually it is or it was not me who made this blog looks cool. It is the iwner of this blog. Check it out!

  9. @webbiestuffs
    when you said it is the "the owner of this blog" who helped you your code was broke. also I was wondering how fast the page loads for you because I have a slow connection here and I can't be sure if it is taking to long to load. Also are you sure you like it? because if you don't I can fix it, or change things around. Like a ne wtemplate if you don't like this one. If you keep this one though don't move anything below your entrecard widget or your entrecard widget. Because those things at that level and below it are too big for the sidebar and they will break the layout if they are moved any higher. I just want to be sure you like it though because if you don't we can change it.

  10. @ staticbrain,

    I sent you an email dear, about the question.

    The layout for me is okay. Only that the entrecard needs to be visible at the first fold. The size is actually adjustable. There is the 127 px widget.. actually i tried to change it already, i hope it worked because my connection at the moment allows me to see the posts only and to roam around something that is owned by google!

    I will have to go out after few hours to check it in normal connection.

    I love what you have done...

  11. Thanks a lot for visiting us in our home. It is indeed an honor to welcome you and hope you will keep checking. Your constant visit will inspire us to make some more improvements in our yard. Please feel free also to add comment/comments because that is one way for us to grow. Have a nice day!

  12. i feel the same way as some of your commentors im looking for a new template for blogger 3 colum with a navbar and a built in footer. All the ones I have downloaded have xml errors when i load, I got one to load but it is way to plain.

    well check out my new entre card site. http://ecarded.blogspot.com/ I would love to feature your blog with a 125 ad and review for free.

  13. This is great that there are people who are there to help. This entre community is wonderful. I already feel at home here and am addicted proper.

  14. I think that getting a fresh template with a simplebackround but juicy header really makes the blog look original. This is just the thing I would have dreamed for your blog. Well done for getting a perfect blog done and to Static Brain for making it happen.

  15. This is the best thing about things like Entre card. It isn't only the marathon dropping but also the friendships that we are building along the way. That is what matters in the end.

  16. @ webbiestuffs
    the entrecard things is fine now. it is small enough to work good. I do see your histats counter three times though. and something in the side bar is too big again because in internet explorer 6 your furthermost left sidebar is dropping down below your other sidebar. its the adbrite ads pushing it down. they are too wide. is there anyway you can get a narrower ad from adbrite?

  17. in fact both ad brite ads are way to big in either sidebar. for this layout anyways. if you cant find narrower ones we may need to change layouts. there are still a lot of people who use internet explorer 6. I personally use firefox and its okay in firefox 3 but it isnt in ie6. sorry.

  18. @ earn more moola, jeminvestonline, earthlingsonnet,

    thank you very much for all the ideas and support. i highly appreciate it. you are a big help. good luck and of course, best wishes.

  19. @ staticbrain,

    i sent you an email about this. ads are not important, they can be removed if they destroy the beauty of the layout and of the blog.

    i saw the blog today in normal connection but i could not see any stat counter, maybe that is why they were triplicated because i tried to make them visible...


  20. hello. hindi ako talaga ako makarelate dito dahil. 3 buwan pa lang ako natutung mag ON and OFF ng computer . Nagpaturo lang ako sa anak ko para magblog. simply lang ang alam ko. mag post, comment and bloghop enjoy na enjoy ako. hehehe weird ano? 3 mos lang ako pero yung isa kong site page rank 3 na. daig ko pa yung nagturo sa akin.kahit sablay sablay ang english ko-awa ng Diyos daming nagsupport sa akin na dito ko lang nakilala. Nakulong kasi ako dito sa bahay with my store for 18 years. Ngayon contented na ako kahit dito pa rin sa bahay


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