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Monday, August 11, 2008

Improve Your Blog and Win $100!!!

As I was browsing around, and of course doing my comment rounds among fellow ‘bloggers’ I was able to stumble on a blogger Olympic Contest. It is actually an Olympic among us bloggers and the determining factor will be the technorati and google Page Ranks of each participant. The good stuff? It is actually giving cash to those who made a great change or the biggest change in his or her blog. Is not that cool? Being Paid for improving your own blog?

Indeed the Olympics is not only in Beijing China. It is also all over the world among us bloggers. Nothing much to do about but we can gain some stuffs, and like this one, cash! Simply cool! For me, I love the idea of this contest. Very healthy and generous as well. Although I do not foresee my blog winning, I really think it is a wonderful way to improve my own blog…maybe…yeah, only maybe, my blog can have technorati and PR change. I do my best and who does not want to have $100 bucks?

The following is what the author and promoter of this generous contest is saying:

1. Register for the Page Rank Olympics by leaving a comment here with your current Google PR and Technorati Ranking. All PRs and Technorati Authority Rankings will be verified on Saturday night.
2. Write a post on your blog about this contest and the Olympic Games.
3. Link to this post in your own post.
4. Comment back on this post that you have made your own post about this contest and the Olympic Games.
5. I will link to every participating blog, and author an Olympic-oriented post referencing every participating blog. All participating blogs are encouraged to do the same.
6. Use whatever graphics you want.
7. The blog that has the highest increase in Google Page Rank and Technorati Authority at the close of the Olympic Games on August 24th Wins.
8. Prizes will be awarded on August 31st, 2008.

Gold Medal: The blog that increases the most in both Google Page Rank and Technorati Authority will win a $100 Grand Prize.

Silver Medal: The blog that has the highest increase in Technorati Authority will win a $50 Prize.

Bronze Medal: The blog that has the 2nd highest increase in Technorati Authority will win a $25 Prize.

Note: While it is very unlikely that there will be any change in Google Page Ranks during this time since Google has gone through with an update in Page Ranks, the additional link traffic that this contest will generate may have a positive impact in the next update cycle. Should no Google Page Ranks be updated, prizes will be awarded solely on the increase in Technorati Authority.


  1. Hmmm.. Certainly not for me. Even if I write really good stuff I'll not get PR1. I was dropped from PR3 to PR0 after domain change. It's still zero ins spite of getting good hits. That factor doesn't govern the PR. But still..

  2. That's a good contest indeed but i don't think i'd qualify. (",). Will check it though.

  3. thats a cool idea but how will you know how much it increases? Are you keeping track of each blog after they enter the contest?

  4. Google PR: 0

    Technorati: Rank: 4,563,002


  5. @guttu,
    actually it is the result of the change not the current state of the blog or site.

    everyone is qualified, why not?

    @contest live,
    i did post it. thanks for the info.

    @matthew, good..but i heard you joined already in the right contest page, right?


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