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Sunday, August 24, 2008

It Paid Off Actually...

Do you remember my post few weeks ago entitled Spending Time with My Babies? Honestly guys, sometimes you are just caught for not reading if you tell that I do have "REAL" babies for the two babies I referred to were all my blogs! My two blogs actually. You can see the evidence in the images that follow for my two blogs taken on various dates at various times of the day...

The improving page views since August 13 from my histats account...

What I was discussing in that blog are various changes I made to my blogs, except that this blog here, I have difficulty making the embedded comment form. I tried to follow all the instructions of Amanda at Blogger Buster blog but it was of no use. I even tried around four times but everytime I try to save the template, an error message from blogger comes out. So I would try to see what I can do with this and maybe I will be hunting out for another layout. My excuses to the friend who helped me put on this previous layout and template. I actually wish all my three blogs to look similar so readers would identify that it is mine or they are mine.

As a recap, I have made some modifications with my comment section where it is numbered. Actually, I also wanted to add a color differentiation so readers would identify if it was me commenting but that takes another time so I let if for a while because the template that I am targeting to put here already have it. I will see what I can do. I also hope that all the beautifying that the said friend have made for me would not be lost as well as the stuffs I added around.

Back to the real issue. SO what did pay off?

I was talking about the extendable summary feature that I added for my posts. This is actully the usual "Click to continue..." notation in most blogs but this notation can be customized. Mine actually says, "Read More of this Stuff, Buddy...Don't forget to leave some ideas in the comments section and I will be in your page to do the same. Happy Reading..."

What I want to tell the other bloggers who do want to have greater pageviews/reach, this is a very good idea to put the embedded extendable summary. WHy? For every reader of a post, at least two pages have been viewed. Now this is helpful to solve the bumprate and any other traffic related issues. I always wanted to maximize my page views and I have been encouraging it by paying people just to view my posts! Of course in exchange to gaining some credits such as giving them Entrcard credits.

I have been monitoring my taffic in yerms of visits and page views and since I employed this extendable summarry in my blog, the page views has more or less doubled. In fact, I have taken some screenshots of my traffic counter during various times of the day. My traffic, both page views and reach may not be that high, but I am proud of it. I am as well proud of my steady increasing traffic since I stayed in Holland. In fact, my latest weekly record per alexa is on the 190+K mark although my 3-month record is still stuck at 400+K mark. But in due time, with constant traffic, this will imrove and when I am settled with the looks and layout of my blog.

Again, I would like to thank a very helpful online friend I mentioned above. I am actually posting the previous image of my blog. I loved it and I already explained above the reason for changing into this layout.

So guys, would like to have that extendable summary as well? Simply visit the Blogger buster blog, she is packed of advices there or simply google "extendable summry" and it will come up to you.


  1. Haha..no it's nothing related with my PR ;)

    Anyway I have some of my family in holland too. What city do you live now?

  2. Thanx a ton for the input. I had also tried the embedded comment form without success. Fortuantely i saved my template on my Desktop and i was able to reload it. What i dont understand is how come the tips and tricks at Blogger Buster not working. I hope some geek can explain this for Non- Techies like me. I will give a try to " Extendable Summary" aswell and let u know since u recommended it.

  3. I'm getting a little lost on the how to :) I haven't tried an embedded comment form, although I have a Wordpress website self-hosted and am not trying too much at the moment.

    One thing I did learn from your site though is the HiStats information. :) I use SiteMeter and GetClicky.

    I'll have to read through this more because I'm sure I can learn from it!

    For the extended part - the "click for more" I'm always afraid it will make people not want to click and then lose them. Looks like that's the opposite here!

    Great info!

  4. I have a real baby..I mean he is 13 years old from my first marriage but unfortunately he lives with his dad because I haven't my own home so it is difficult to spend enough time with him. My blogs are babies too.

  5. Thank you, good advice. I haven't done the "click to continue" thing but it is something I am planning. Besides the hits you get it also organizes your front page so it won't be too long if there aren't that many posts. Another nice thing is that if someone clicks (even once) they have engaged your content and are more probable to click again (maybe even on an ad = $$$). I don't really think of my blog as my baby but I do try to grow it slowly and make sure it grows at a healthy rate :)

  6. wow, spending time with your babies really pays off! good job! :)

  7. Lol, with all the time I spend writing and laying out my blogs I can see why you would refer to them as your babies!

  8. Thats a really interesting article, but I am actually more interested in histats. The graphics look nice. I've been using statcounter since I started my blog two years ago and while it works fine, its not as flashy as histats. Have you had any problems with them? Why did you choose this counter system over anything else?

    Thanks for the info and congrats on the traffic!

  9. Dont know if my last comment was posted or not. Sorry if this is a repeat.

    I am more interested in your stat tracking program. Do you like it? I've been using statcounter.com for two years now and while it works fine, it might be time for a change. Any problems with histats.com that you care to share?

  10. What made me use histats? It is because of the very detailed, up to date and real time functionality. In a certain moment, I can see how many poeople are online viewing my site and for analytics, you see the images above that it is very good to analyse.

    The feature of histst that made me prefer it over the other, aside form those mentioned include the unique styles and once you have the account, you may lost the html code but the traffic is never lost.. it is in your account still.


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