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Friday, August 8, 2008

Lucky Bloggers!

500 Entrecard credits will be given to the lucky commenter after the 20th comment is made. It will be drawn using randomizer.org's service.

Today, or should I say within twenty-four hours, I have at least commented to around a pair of fifty bloggers and I do comment twice because I have two blogs. One is this blog on computer-related stuffs or webbie stuffs and the other is more on a personal ideas and blabs. These days my commenting thing seems to have plummeted.

Actually, my commenting activity was like a blessing in disguise. Before I left Italy, my traffic ranking for this blog went up as high as on th 85,000th rank as per my weekly record from ALexa because my 3-month traffic was on 500,000th place if i remember it good. However when I transferred country, I was put on hold for a while and needed to re-establish my traffic. I was without connection for two weeks and I was staying out in hotel looking for a bit more permanent place to live.

My technorati rank was zero back then. An now is my second weeks of maintaining this blog and I submitted it at pay p€r p0st yesterday and it was approved after four (4) hours of sbmission. Maybe my traffic is not that good but I guess my hundreds of links around, with my various comments have helped it in a way (i guess).

So what's in? At home, my connection is limited to blogger and I am even on the hunt for more blogger platform blogs to comment. I am just testing the waters in commenting and I want to make it as many as I can. I want to see how far this blog'stechnorati authority can go by only making comments and posts and not doing the technorati-booster tags around.

I also get to comment more on people who are frequent around in my comment section and as of yesterday, I tried to peek to some old commenting buddies and get back to them. do hope this activity of commenting on fellow bloggers will help me or will have good results to both parties. This is just an experiment though but I am planning to have more comments on fellow blogger...well, relevant and longer comments to their blog entries.

Blogs in blogger platforms are more lucky as the title goes for I cannot go outside of blogger most of the time. I only have an hour or two for outside blogger platform blogs so I get to comment back to non-blogger blogs on that short time.

Happy blogging everyone!

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  1. This sounds mean. No one wants to hear excuses. If you can't stay up with your responsibilities, you will get left behind. No excuses! If you can only get Blogger, but you need to be available to others on different platforms; then you need to resolve your own problems. A responsible business / home owner fixes pipes, pays the electric, etc ... doesn't continually apologize for water on the floors, no lights in the store, etc. And telling everyone about your problems makes you look bad.

  2. i like the contest and am much more forgiving as a student, a worker, and a blogger I realize sometimes your blog isnt your top priority.

  3. You are right^^ Commenting does affect the blog, My technorati ratings got up by commenting and after I have started commenting on several blogs my alexa ranking went up too^^

    About the domains 10year domains cost around $98 a year on namecheap but $89 with some coupons.
    For the hosting namecheap's hosting is quite cheap at $39 a year.

    I plan on hostong my http://www.prodinterios.com blog soon since I am getting a bit sick of blogger

    Peace Out,

  4. It was just recently though that i've been commenting on more blogs. It feels good when you've got comments and knowing that people really read your posts. Thanks for being a regular commenter at my blog.

    Happy blogging too!

  5. Thanks so much for commenting my blog. It makes me feel so special (I'm lonely over there, haha) I always make an attempt to comment on blogs I enjoy and most of the time I reap the benefits of it.

    Keep up the good blogging!



  6. Commenting is always good.
    Whether people rant, praise or whatever, it still helps. Even if the comments may sting a tiny bit, they help. In my old blog, I've recieved one-too-many harsh comments, but I didn't really care. I got a pretty good ranking in my ALexa.

    Cool blog, and good luck with your contest.

  7. i love giving comments and getting one as well. i didn't know it increases whatever rating there is. i am not into paid blogging as you know, so i don't pay much attention to it.

    anyways, thanks for the comments! i like how you do it twice, i feel kinda special! hahaha! it is very much appreciated, my dear friend!

    btw, not all of our stuff go with us everytime we move. most of it were given away . . . to make way for some more! hahaha!

    enjoy your weekend! the weather here seems to be confused with itself! it will rain, then the sun will shine, then rain and stop, and so on...

  8. Commenting on others blogs helps a lot. It is good for traffic. It's one of the best things you can do to gain traffic. You are right about that.

    I do not agree with what Brett said. It does not make you look bad to explain that your connection is limited to google related stuff, like blogger. It shows you care enough to explain to people that you might not always be able to make rounds.

    And as for what Anonymous Prodinterios said... well $98 or even $89 with a coupon is not cheap for a domain name, and then another $39 a year for hosting? 98 and 39 adds up to 137.

    Anyone can buy domain names for 10 dollars a year from my hosting company, and if you host with them you get a free domain name with unlimited file storage, and unlimited bandwidth transfer for only $94 a year. That's 34 dollars a year cheaper than the "namecheap" place. LOL What's cheap when they charge too much?

    Also there a lot of complaints out there about namecheap. As the guy said, "NameCheap system is one of the most error-prone database applications it has even been my misfortune to contend with." That is just one complaint of many.

    If you want a good hosting company just ask me and I will tell you who is way better.

    Good luck and happy blogging.

  9. @ Brett,
    That is all right. You are entitled to your opinion but the succeeding remarks do not feel it that way. I just don't want my fellow bloggers think i am a snob when i don't get to visit them, so i put the reason here why.

    I hope you win then. Yes, it is not that priority actually unless you can earn €2,000 net from it in a month.

    Yes, we have the same idea.. The comments here actually are 95% from blogs where I am a loyal commnetor and where I chaeck daily. Yours is listed actually. ^^

    Yes, we all notice that and I am glad we have some people around who knows how to return the favor. I just feel sorry because of Brett above where I cannot check and share my views as much as possible.

    Yes, i strongly agree. You are actually right. If you want comments, you got to give one yourself...or two..or three, right?

    @ Cinquesh,
    Yes, it is like publicity...whether good or not, the outcome is positive.

    @ Mummy SHeng,
    I explained in your post why you get two comments most of the time from me. ^^ Thank you for answering my queries too.

    @ static brain,
    I will buzz prodinterios about it. Thank you because you got the grasp of what I really wanted to convey with this particular post.

  10. I always thought that commenting on other people's blogs for the purpose of getting traffic was a high effort for little returns type of thing.

    Glad to see that you're so successful at it. :)

  11. Could someone direct me to where I can get instructions on how to publish my blog??? so that when someone does a search for the names I have there, the names come up???


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