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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Blog Is Now More Handsome!

I am really satisfied with the current state of my blog. Needless to say, it is neat, pleasing to look at, more relxing and more inspiring to maintain than the original layout that I have had. All the codes and widgets are working good and are in an arranged manner.

I have nothing more to ask except the fact that I am a bit embarassed to tell that the effort to make to make this blog more functional, better looking (than before) and more inspiring to maintain from my part was made by a fellow blogger and not by myself alone. Is that disappointing to know?

Actually, the layout and efforts to look for the template was performed by Static Brain Blog Webmaster and the kindness and help that she offered was just too enormous. And what she asked in return? Nothing much actually, only a link. Well, I can make even ten actually linking to a site with already a google pagerank of five. Yes, you heard it right, it is PR 5 and the webmaster is still so kind and humble.

I was so glad that all these days that this blog is under herconstruction, she consult me through gmail from time to time and with various updates and changes or anything that might have need my knowledge or attention. So far, all worked well, and I like the current state of my blog.

All this I am thankful to Sthe one who made it possible, to the Static Brain Blog Webmaster. Thank you a bunch. Visit her highly political and entertaining blog/website at a single click here!

Although I don't have the previous image of my previous blog yet, to those who have seen it before, may I know your opinion about the new look?

Please either comment here or vote at the survey located at the lower-right sidebar of this page. I highly appreciate your participation and favor will be rewarded in any way. Thank you guys. So what do you think of my blog's new look?

Edit: (August 13, 2008 12:40 GMT + 1)
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  1. hi, its so nice to hear from you once again into my humble page. that's great to hear that you do love and appreciate your work because that's really a big help...

  2. This one is better..hehe..

    So you're moving to holland permanently? You're not going back to italy?

  3. With all honesty, i love your new look. Simple and neat. I've always love that simple look. As they say, simplicity is beauty. Agree? Hehe.

    Anyways, thank you very much for the 600 entrecard credits. I should be so lucky to be the 20th commenter.

    Stay nice and have a nice day ahead!

  4. Thanks for the links. LOL I appreciate them.

    Why do you feel bad about the fact that you had to ask for help to fix the blog?

    That's definitely not something you should be embarrassed about though. Web design is not easy. It took me since 1995 to learn what little I know. That's 13 years of studying on my own. I am too poor to afford classes in it. I teach myself by trial and error.

    If you had seen some of my first few attempts at web pages, you would have gotten a good laugh. I made a lot of mistakes learning.

    You are learning something you didn't know, so there is no reason to be embarrassed. At least you are making an effort to learn.

    Smile and have a good day. :-)

  5. I like the new look. It is very similar to the old one. But it is color coordinated to the new background, etc. I think you should keep the new one.

    Transfigure 999

  6. took the survey here. i like the blue background. anyways, you passed out before and broke your forehead? wow, that's dangerous! i hit my head when i passed out in the bench at the church but i was okay. no lump, pain or whatever when i woke up. lucky me. :)

  7. wow! Bagong blog domain! :)
    so simple pero nice xa....

    musta na pala?
    hmm.. may ara gali ko bago nga blog...
    paki visit nman.. hehehe

  8. I have a new site: Dear... Me!; Letters to Myself. I know you will want to check it out. Maybe you could give me a "return comment" on that site! I am trying to promote it since it is new. And I would appreciate LOTS of visitors and comments :)


  9. Oh, I meant to say thanks for the link in your sidebar!

  10. @ jeff & amp,
    Yes, i highly appreciate it. Others required some fee bu this one f freee actually, only with plain heart gift to me from a fellow blogger.

    I wanna stay here and hopefully can settle here. Italy is for vacation and it is not too far. I can go there anytime. In fact i have better rights there but i am new in holland so maybe things will change.

    Yeah, I agree. I love it to be simple too and your eyes don't go crazy where to look for something because of too much crowd in a page.

    No problem with the ECs,
    I just give them out in every post so no need to thanks that much. You commented and you deserved it, you just got lucky over the others.

    @static brain,
    thanks again...well, it is because i always ask for help from so many people anytime i have troubles with blogs. Well, it is embarassing sometimes if too much is asked, you know.. the link, ah you deserve it! Though you dont need it coz you have PR 5 already.

    Thansk for all the support and for the ideas. Yeah, i would be keeping this one of course.

    @ weng,
    thansk for sharing ideas.

    I visited it already. Study hard gurl. Thanks that you located me here, yeah, new domain.

    that was when i always stay late at night coz of university and internet..plus i tried coffee which made me feel dizzy so i passed out. coffee can kill me actually.

    will surely support it. Sorry for late EC transfers..i am no EC policy at home because i can oly utilize google supported pages at home.. i check all outside google pages and visitors when i am out actually...not so flexible but of course u can count on me.


  11. I voted! Your template is definitely a 5 star! (",)

  12. i'm not sure if i see your old lay-out but your new one looks great.

    anyway, thanks for the nice comment. it was really funny hearing my friends reaction about my pregnancy. and yeah, it's ok if you don't post my previous comment yet. no problem with me. thanks again and congrats for the job well done! :)

  13. @ Lynn,
    Yeah, now there are 6 five-stars already. I am glad people liked it.

    @ Michelle,
    Yup. Even I see the difference. Actually, the layout seems similar to the old one with left and right sidebars but i think the color coordination here makes it look pleasing tyo the eyes.

    As for the comments, i will announce today in a post those unaaproved ones and from whom they came from.

  14. Your blog is very well put now. Its simple, neat and very eye pleasing :)

  15. Your blog is beautiful btw.

    I wish I knew what it looked like before so I could compare.



  16. It is having a neat look now the only negative point is the adbrite ad space . It would be better to reduce from 2 to 1 or remove it if they are not able to provide continuous content.

  17. I really appreciate the effort you are making as this will make your blog liked and remembered for a long time to come.

  18. I like the fact that you always remember your fellow posties and you have also given life to my new blog and I always look forward to your comments.

  19. I have seen so many major improvement on your blog the last few weeks that for me I rank it as one of the best laid out blogs. I am just a novice I am afraid lol, but never mind I will learn from you now.

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  21. This is to annoujce that the 500 EC was already transferred to the beneficiary of the winner. She chose to donate it to a friend.

  22. Wow PR5? nice job! I'll to install this theme in my blog. I hope my PR will increase. Tks for your information.


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